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What are some Careers dealing with Animals?

4th February 21

There are plenty of careers dealing with animals that can cater to various people’s interests. Whether you want to work for an animal charity, veterinary practice or even start your own animal-related business, there are plenty of animal jobs. UK residents are able to achieve this feat at any stage of their lives no matter their previous experience or qualifications.

Although some careers may require higher education and degree-level learning, that isn’t always the case. There’s a range of available options for those who wish to get into the animal care sector without attending university.

You’ll still need to prove your ability and gain a certain level of expertise to be employed in animal charity jobs, animal welfare jobs, and animal shelter jobs, for example. However, the time it takes you to get qualified will ultimately be a lot quicker. Fast-tracking your progress and allowing you to work in an area you’re passionate about sooner.

What’s more, should you change your mind and wish to attend university after entering these roles, then you can. These qualifications give you a solid foundation to build on with further study should you ever feel the need.

Kennel and Cattery Management

Kennel and catteries take care of dogs and cats when their owners are unable to look after them. Whether that’s because of work commitments or holidays, these services provide a location to ensure the safety of their pet. 

You’re also able to find work in kennels or catteries within an animal charity. These focus more on rehabilitation and rehoming pets that are fit for adoption. In this role, you’ll need expertise in animal legislation, as well as behavioural knowledge. 

Managing a kennel or cattery doesn’t require a degree, however, a comprehensive understanding of dogs and cats is essential. You’ll be responsible for providing the correct accommodation and enrichment for these animals and meeting their dietary requirements too. 

By studying the Level 3 Kennel and Cattery Management Diploma you’ll gain the necessary insight needed to effectively provide care, ensuring the physical and psychological well-being of animals under your supervision. 

In addition to this, you’ll also gain an understanding of how to run your very own kennel or cattery. Expanding your expertise in animal care whilst also ensuring you have the business acumen to succeed should you want to. 


LD | What are some Careers dealing with Animals | Zookeeping | Vet Nurse | Veterinary Support Assistant

Some vacancies for Zookeepers don’t require any formal qualifications at all. However, the most effective method to secure employment would be to get qualified. For jobs involving animals, it is important to show your employer that you have the skills needed to ensure the animals are healthy and happy.

Certain animals require specialist care, which in turn, requires expertise in the field. Completing the Level 3 Diploma in Zookeeping will give you exactly that. This qualification includes modules in:

  • Animal management
  • Disease prevention
  • Animal welfare

Some of these qualifications also have practical elements so you’re able to learn directly from experts in preparation for jobs involving animals. You will gain work experience to go alongside your qualification whilst you apply for vacancies. Helping your resume stand out amongst the crowd of potential applicants. 

Being a Zookeeper is a physically demanding role that allows you to interact with some of the most remarkable animals. Not only will you provide care to a range of species, but you’ll also play a part in their conservation. Zoos often participate in projects to grow populations of endangered species and reintroduce animals back into the wild, making this one of the most rewarding jobs involving animals. 

Veterinary Nursing Assistant

As a Veterinary Nursing Assistant, you’ll work alongside other veterinary professionals to care for a range of animals. That could be small domesticated animals such as cats, dogs, rabbits and guinea pigs. Or you may even work with large livestock and wild animals as a Veterinary Support Assistant, depending on where your practice is located. 

In addition to this, you’ll aid in the general upkeep of a veterinary practice, sterilising equipment and performing administrative tasks as well as educating owners on effective animal care for their pets. 

To become a fully qualified Veterinary Nursing Assistant you need to complete the relevant Level 2 Diploma. This is a regulated RQF qualification that is held in high regard by potential employers.

Through the modules, you’ll gain an understanding of animal welfare, psychology and behaviours. You’ll learn how to properly handle and restrain animals for treatment, as well as how to provide basic healthcare treatments, giving you the perfect preparation for a role as a Veterinary Support Assistant.

Should you wish to advance your career then you have solid foundations to build on to become a Veterinary Nurse.

Dog Grooming

LD | What are some Careers dealing with Animals | Dog Grooming | Vet Nurse | Veterinary Support Assistant

Dog grooming as a profession is a lot more important to a dog's well-being than some might think. For certain breeds, getting regularly groomed is essential to maintaining good health. They may need regular ear cleaning, claw clipping, teeth cleaning or even expressing anal sacs, as well as ensuring their fur is well-kept and matte-free.

You’ll also be able to inform your clients on how to properly manage their dog in-between sessions and analyse the dog for any signs of infection or disease that you may need to notify the owner of. 

These animal jobs, UK residents, offer flexible hours and the option of running your own business should you choose to, all whilst spending the day with a range of adorable pups. 

Dog grooming requires a lot of discipline and understanding of techniques to execute them properly. A course in dog grooming gives you the knowledge you need to skilfully operate as a Dog Groomer. 

You’ll develop your expertise and learn about the different cuts suitable for each breed, as well as the health and safety and animal legislation you need to adhere to when opening your own business. 

Once you’re qualified you’ll be one step closer to combining your love of animals with your professional life, achieving one of the most important jobs to do with animals.

Getting Started

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