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Our vision and values

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Our vision and values

At learndirect we want to help people reach their goals and β€Œour vision is simple:

Inspiring people to realise their potential

We want people – whatever their background and wherever they live – to think learndirect when they decide they want to improve their lives, whether that’s through learning new skills or getting a job or getting a better one.

We want companies – small and large – to think learndirect when considering how to provide training and improve the skills of their staff.

We want governments and other organisations – both in the UK and further afield – to think learndirect when they want to implement new training schemes for industry or employment programmes for individuals.

We are 100% committed to helping all of our customers achieve their goals and this is underpinned by the values of our organisation:

  • Passionate: we show pride, enthusiasm and dedication in everything that we do for our learners, our customers, ourselves and each other.
  • Agile: we positively embrace and respond quickly to change through a flexible, proactive workforce that seizes opportunities.
  • Courageous: we challenge the norm; continuously improve and create opportunities through our entrepreneurial thinking and sound commercial approach.
  • Empowering: we trust and inspire people to do their best and believe in themselves. We are open to a diversity of ideas, approaches and points of view.

By living and breathing our values, each and every one of our employees look to make our vision a reality.