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Interesting Roles Working with Animals

16th February 21

If you’re an animal lover then there’s no reason why you can’t combine your passion with your career. Of course, these jobs require more than just an affinity for animals. You’ll need to show a genuine interest in the betterment of animal welfare and have up-to-date knowledge of current legislation.

Should you possess these characteristics then you’ll just need to discover the right role for you. Whether that’s working at a veterinary practice or a safari park.

Some of these professions may not require any qualifications but most do. That being said, it doesn’t matter what your previous experience or qualifications are, it’s never too late to switch paths.

You can get back into education and retrain for a career with animals at any point in your life. Read on to learn about some interesting roles working with animals that could be the right match for you.

Animal Veterinary Assistant

Veterinary nursing assistants are an integral part of a veterinary practice. They support veterinary nurses and vets with the general running of the practice. As well as aiding with routine and emergency healthcare treatments.

You’ll be responsible for sterilising all surgical equipment, cleaning cages and administrative tasks. In addition to this, you’ll be tasked with looking after a variety of animals that are under your supervision.

Depending on where the practice is based dictates what type of animals you’d see daily. Whether that’s wildlife and livestock or small domesticated pets. You’ll also educate pet owners on how to properly care for their animals to improve the pets’ quality of life.

As a veterinary nursing assistant animal welfare is your top priority. Therefore, developing your knowledge and expertise in this area is essential to secure employment. Usually, veterinary practices will ask for candidates to hold the Veterinary Nursing Assistant Level 2 Diploma (RQF).

Animal Hydrotherapist

LD | Interesting Roles Working with Animals | Animal Hydrotherapist

Hydrotherapy for animals is growing in popularity, increasing the demand for qualified animal hydrotherapists. Hydrotherapy is a low-impact treatment which can be hugely beneficial for recovery post-op. As well as serve useful for a host of neurological and orthopaedic conditions.

Hydrotherapy clinics use state of the art aquatic treadmills to support their patients in leading happier, healthier lives. If you already work in animal care this could be a new skill to support the work you’re doing. Whether that’s animal behaviouralist, vet or veterinary nurse.

However, it’s a completely respectable career in its own right. Those who complete their qualifications learn how to run their very own hydrotherapy clinics should they choose to.

The Level 3 Diploma in Small Animal Hydrotherapy will give you the necessary skills to qualify as an animal hydrotherapist. Through the course, you’ll learn about gait analysis, first aid, the tissue healing process and much more. As well as how to start your own hydrotherapy clinic.

Pet Shop Welfare Officer

Pet Shop Welfare Officers look after a range of animals from aquatic animals to reptiles and small mammals. They’re also tasked with the responsibility of educating the public on how to properly take care of their pets. Ensuring they understand proper housing, appropriate forms of enrichment and correct nutrition.

If you have a passion for animal welfare this position combines current animal legislation with pet care best practices. It allows you to work directly with pet owners within your community and better their pets’ quality of life.

You can assist potential pet buyers in finding the perfect match to suit their needs. Factoring in how much time they have, if they have children, what their budget is and more.

To secure this type of role in a pet store it can be beneficial to complete the Pet Care in Retail Level 3 Award. It is a legal requirement all pet stores have an employee with these qualifications. Therefore, you’re giving yourself the best chance of employment should you hold this qualification.


LD | Interesting Roles Working with Animals | Zookeeper

Zoos do a lot more than exhibit exotic animals to the general public. They generally have a hand in supporting the conservation efforts and breeding programmes of many endangered species.

Educating visitors on current affairs with regards to animal welfare and inspiring them to support the cause. If you’re passionate about animal welfare and conservation then this career is for you.

You’ll fight for what you believe in whilst working alongside some of the most amazing animals in the world. To help your application stand out it’s best to complete a qualification. Competition is fierce for roles as a zookeeper

The Zookeeping Level 3 Diploma is a comprehensive course that allows you to delve deeper into the world of conservation. Expanding your knowledge in how to care for large animals in a zoo or safari setting. Whilst also developing your understanding of current animal welfare legislation.

Once you’re qualified you’ll have gained the necessary expertise to confidently work in zoos or safaris.



Whatever career you’re interested in, learndirect can help you realise your ambitions of working with animals.

learndirect is one of the UK’s leading online learning providers. We have a broad range of veterinary science and animal welfare courses available.

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If you’re ready to get qualified for a career with animalsget in touch with our advisors or browse below.

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