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Healthcare is an essential service and a treasured aspect of human life. There are talented doctors, caring nurses, analytical counsellors, expert therapists, dedicated social workers, hard-working foot health practitioners, and many other carers that all, thankfully, see healthcare as more than just a job. They offer their time and their expertise to improve the quality of our lives.

If you believe you have what it takes to make it in the healthcare industry, or you already work on this sector and want to develop your skills, an online course could be your ticket to success. You have a wide choice of regulated, RQF courses, that offer qualifications that are widely recognised in the healthcare sector. RQF qualifications may require work experience or a practical element, to help you build hands-on skills. Happily, work placements can be completed alongside your online learning.

We also offer ‘Lifestyle’ accredited courses that provide a useful introduction to a subject, and helpful top-up knowledge, for people already in the profession looking to enhance their knowledge and boost their careers.

With learndirect online learning you can also benefit from a flexible schedule, discounted fees and support from our professional and experienced tutors.

Discover the right career for you, browse all the healthcare courses and choose the one that will help you achieve the career you want the most.

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The Regulated Qualifications Framework is an Ofqual initiated scheme, a nationwide recognized accreditation. The RQF scheme was put in place by the government to encompass and replace the more traditional training standards such as the NVQs, and later QCFs. By choosing to study an RQF you will have a qualification that carries meaning and recognition to future employers.

Most of our lifestyle courses are ABC accredited. ABC Awards is a leading national awarding body, offering Ofqual-regulated qualifications. With a comprehensive portfolio of qualifications in topics ranging from animal care to yoga teaching, you can be sure to find one that suits your interest.