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What are the Pros of Healthcare Jobs?

14th May 21

Over 1.9 million people within the UK work within the healthcare industry. 1.7 million are employed by the NHS. This is inclusive of both public and private healthcare sectors, including Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics and more.

The necessities of the industry introduce a huge amount of employment opportunity. From healthcare jobs as varied as dentistry to physiotherapy, sports science to mental health, and midwifery to radiography.

Public Health England predicts that by 2027 the NHS will need 190,000 additional healthcare jobs, UK residents. The field is ever-changing and there are around 350 different job types available. Nevertheless, each role is essential.

Management staff, Healthcare Assistants, Surgeons and Administrators all play an important role when providing end to end care to all patients.

Healthcare is an industry that accepts all levels of skills and experience. It is a huge option for so many. It is one of the most flexible ways to make a difference in lives, whilst having the career fulfilment that so many seek.

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Positive parts of working in Healthcare

Jobs in healthcare sector departments attract people from all walks of life, and regardless of the role they play, they are united by a desire to help. However, commitment to helping others isn’t its own reward. Working in the healthcare sector can be a satisfying experience in many different ways.


One of the main rewards of working in healthcare is knowing you’re making a difference in people’s lives, regardless of the specific industry. It is fast paced, and you will face new challenges every day. Despite what healthcare jobs you are in, you will be helping someone's health in some way.

Role Diversity

There is a broad spectrum of career specialities. Healthcare is an industry that encourages and allows you to try out a range of areas, before choosing your final path. Even then, there is the freedom to switch specialities.

Having a wider range of experience increases your skill set, knowledge and improves the way you handle certain situations. Most healthcare jobs, UK learners, offer their staff the opportunity to cross-train in other areas, increasing the opportunity to find your main interest.

Exploring other areas also allows for flexibility, adaptability and makes you desirable for progression. There is always further training to undergo, and you can take healthcare courses to progress.

Work-life Balance

Healthcare is undoubtedly one of the most flexible industries to work in, depending on the healthcare job. This is fantastic for people who seek a good work-life balance. Due to most healthcare facilities requiring staff 24/7, it allows staff to schedule their work around their personal life. Whether this be around children, or people who work whilst studying.


Another reason that people love working within healthcare is the benefits. NHS employees take advantage of a great range of benefits, including:

  • Childcare
  • A transparent pay structure
  • One of the UK's greatest pension schemes

If career progression is what you are seeking, the NHS is the place for you. Supporting employee development is one of the NHS’ top priorities in their values.

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Roles within Healthcare

Wherever your interests lie, ensuring you are qualified to the correct level will boost your chances of being hired for your favoured role, whether that be private healthcare jobs or healthcare jobs NHS-based. Whilst entry-level roles are available, the majority of roles do require a degree, or further study.

If your goal is to complete a healthcare-related degree but do not have the relevant qualifications to apply, there is another route for you, and that is through online healthcare courses. Access to Higher Education Diplomas are industry-specific, replacing A Levels.

Access to HE Diplomas are entirely online, so flexible learning is encouraged. Learners take on average between 9 and 12 months to complete their Access to Healthcare course. Therefore, by completing the Access to HE Diploma, you could be applying to university as soon as next year.

With so many options of jobs within healthcare, you can gain the knowledge and skillset you require to progress:


During your Access to nursing course, you can explore:

  • The roles and responsibilities of a registered Nurse
  • Different approaches to health
  • The history of the NHS
  • Human disease and prevention

This online healthcare course will lay down the foundations of the bases you would need to become a Nurse, you would be ready to tackle a related degree. This degree will enable you with the correct skills to provide care to people of all ages.


Start preparation for your role as a Midwife, by expanding your knowledge on all stages of human reproduction. From growth and development to post-natal care. You will learn more about pregnancy and have a wider understanding of the birthing process to better support new parents during your online healthcare course.

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Sports Science

Extend your knowledge of all areas of Sports Science, including:

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Strength and conditioning

You will be better prepared for a successful career in all thing’s sports science, equipping with the necessary biology, anatomy and sports knowledge to study your degree.


Providing you with the necessary skills for not only a career in Radiography, but also:

  • Sonography
  • Biomedical Science
  • Microbiology
  • Dentistry and more

Radiography covers core scientific and medical principles, as well as how to handle radiation and hazardous materials safely. As a key part of healthcare, it also teaches you how to provide the relevant support to patients in your care as a Radiographer.


Dental Nurses provide vital support to not only Dentists but also patients. Studying a NEBDN National Level Diploma in Dental Nursing will teach you about:

  • Oral diseases and their treatments
  • Restorative Dentistry
  • Child dental health
  • Pain and anxiety control

During these healthcare training courses, you will learn about helping patients through their fear of the dentist chair, a rewarding part of the job.

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Foot Health

Promoting awareness of preventing and treating foot disorders and providing information on how to set up your own practice as a Foot Health Practitioner, the Foot Health Care Practitioner (RQF) Diploma Level 3 is perfect for anyone looking for a rewarding career in the healthcare industry. Combining online studies with 5 days of practical training, this healthcare training course solidifies your learning and skills to become a Foot Health Practitioner.

How can I get into Healthcare?

There are positions available within healthcare at all education levels. Whether it be entry-level, or degree-level, making healthcare one of the most desirable industries to seek employment.

For those who are not sure where they want to specialise yet, there is still plenty of opportunity within the healthcare sector.

For a more detailed, wider knowledge of the sector as a whole, Health Professionals would be a perfect place to start. This online healthcare course will teach you about:

  • Anatomy
  • Biology
  • Genetics
  • Social Policy

It offers a broader view of the healthcare industry, so that you can decide later, your speciality. This online healthcare course offers you the freedom to apply for a place on a variety of healthcare-related degrees.

For those heading further down the path of medicine, a diploma offering you specific units on biology, chemistry and physics would be an ideal place to start. This Medicine and Healthcare diploma can lead onto career paths such as Medicine, Dentistry and Paramedic Science, as well as Radiography and becoming a pharmacist.

Study Healthcare

learndirect is the UK’s leading distance learning provider, offering you the opportunity to study the online healthcare courses you need to kickstart your career in the Healthcare Industry.

Our nationally recognised Access to Higher Education Diplomas are designed by subject matter experts to help you get onto a university healthcare program. Call 01202 006 464 to get started, or contact us online.


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