Pre-employment programmes

Providing learners with the opportunities to enhance their skills to secure a job or progress into work-based training

Our pre-employment (PET) programmes are designed to help businesses recruit, train and retain the right people with the right skills so they can be effective in the workplace from day one.

We can tailor our approach to the roles you’re recruiting for, the challenges of your sector and the values of your organisation.

We work across a number of sectors and disciplines, including:

• Business administration
• Contact centre operations
• Customer service
• Financial services
• Health & social care
• Hospitality
• Retail
• Warehousing & storage

preemploymentTypical programmes comprise pre-screening, job application support, skills development and job matching. Coaching and mentoring support can also be provided.

Our programmes are delivered using a blended model, incorporating online materials and coaching, tools such as email, SMS as well as face-to-face sessions:


With pre-agreed messaging, we will work with you to promote your vacancies to prospective candidates. We will use a range of techniques dependent on your business, your industry and the vacancy.


We use a range of tools to assess candidates’ suitability for both the role and organisation. With tailored interview scripts, we would look to establish preferences and suitability for specific roles, for example customer facing or in support functions.


Designed to prepare candidates for your business, helping them develop the skills they need to prepare for, apply for and behave in your workplace.


To support candidates in their journey into employment, we will rescreen them to check they are on the right pathway and are developing the skills they need for your business.

Into-employment support

Our job coaches will support your new staff in preparing for starting their new roles, from identifying the right equipment for the role to advice and guidance on appropriate attire for the workplace, or transport options.

In-work support

We will continue to support your new employees once they’ve started with you, providing ongoing mentoring and coaching, and also identifying other work-based learning requirements.

Based on your requirements, we can offer a range of short courses which include confidence building, stress management, time management, communication and presentation skills, workplace behaviour and collaborative working.