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How Do A-Level Resits Work Online?

20th June 24

If you don't get the grade you need in your A-Levels or iA-Levels online with us, you can always retake the exam.

To do this, simply inform your tutor and complete the resit form that will be sent to you via Atom. You will need to provide your identification and a recent photograph.

The resit comes at an additional cost, and you must purchase and register for it before the cut-off date.

The cut-off dates for A-Level and iA-Level exam applications are:

  • July 31st for Autumn exams (not all subjects are available in Autumn)
  • December 31st for Summer exams

Please note, the resit process is the same as the process for booking your original exam, so it should be straightforward. If you need any assistance, you can contact your tutor via your online learner portal.

We wish you the best of luck with your resit! Remember, students who retake their A-Level exams typically go up one grade on average, so you have a good chance of doing much better the second time around.

Feel free to contact our team online below if you have anymore questions, or call them on 01202 006 464.

How A-Level Resits Work Online Through learndirect

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