Supplier Consultation process 2015/16

Purpose of Consultations

Against a backdrop of increased challenges around changing demand, increased requirement for flexibility, cost reduction, risk management and customer service our supply chain consultation strategy will help ensure that our supply chain is a source of competitive advantage for meeting both short and long term goals. Consultations will seek to improve performance, identify and mitigate risks, and manage existing issues.
Consultation will be open and transparent.

Opportunities to Consult

1. Annual Supply Chain Conference and Dinner

Opportunity to network with learndirect and other suppliers, and to have surgeries with
learndirect Operations Directors.

2. Annual Supplier Satisfaction Survey

Chance for suppliers to give feedback on systems, communications, data and operational delivery. In addition, our learner satisfaction surveys will continue to be a source of feedback.

3. Regional Supply Chain Meetings – organised by the Supply Chain Managers

  • Local meetings to review performance and local issues.
  • Consult on national agenda items at these meetings

4. Strategic and Operational Consultation at National Level

Consultation to be conducted on an ad hoc basis as required. Suppliers are invited to consult on emerging operational risks and changes.

The Forum is a means of consulting with Suppliers on key strategic areas such as new initiatives; topics affecting our sector; changes in Skills Funding Agency (SFA) / government policies and improvements to learndirect delivery.

Invitations to the consultation to be issued to all suppliers. Places will be limited, we will ensure at the meetings that there is a mixture of suppliers across the division including representation from the various contracts and sizes of suppliers.

Groups to discuss and examine specialist areas may be established as and when required.