Our revised focus for Supplier review meetings

As part of Ofsted preparation, the learndirect Quality Improvement team are taking a revised approach to their Adult Skills monthly supplier visits.

Rather than undertaking a full review, they will focus on different aspects of the learner journey to gain assurance that we’re providing an excellent service for our learners.

For April, the focus was on Induction and where possible we completed observations of induction sessions and provided immediate coaching, support and recommendations to enhance the quality of delivery and learner experience.

We’ve also been keen to ensure that key messages around Personal Development Behaviour and Welfare (PDBW) are embedded within inductions to develop learner’s awareness from their earliest contact with us.

Our findings from April are:

  • Messages regarding PDBW are present in supplier inductions however some testing of understanding is needed to ensure learners are fully grasping the concepts of safeguarding and questions that arise relating to Prevent.
  • There is evidence that suppliers have reviewed their induction presentations and that these also include a thorough overview of learner welfare topics, policies and procedures that will impact the learner whilst on programme.
  • Staff are well qualified and are familiar with the delivery materials which contributes to an engaging session for learners.
  • Some suppliers have included a quiz at the end of their induction to test understanding and identify areas that may need additional work to embed knowledge effectively.
  • Some suppliers have found it challenging to ensure understanding of PDBW for ESOL learners during induction. They are therefore ensuring that the themes continue to be fully embedded throughout ESOL programmes.

The focus area for May’s review meeting will be Exit Reviews.  Specifically, we’ll be looking to provide assurance that effective reviews are taking place and that we are able to identify PDBW needs mid-programme to support retention, engagement and achievement.

If you have any questions about this, please contact your Quality Improvement Manager.