Merlin re-accreditation

In the past week learndirect went through its re-accreditation against the Merlin Standard.

The Merlin Standard assesses how well organisations manage their supply chains in terms of developing, recognising and promoting sustainable excellence and positive partnership working. The assessment took place across all areas of our business (eAssessment, ERS and Apprenticeships), all supply chains and third tier suppliers were in scope.

Around 40 Interviews with learndirect staff took place and feedback was gathered from over 45 suppliers working with learndirect. We would like to thank all our suppliers who took time to complete the survey in advance of the assessment and those who took time out of their busy schedules to talk to the assessors.

We received an overall grade of Good at 82%. The range for good is 70% – 84% and we were only 3% off being excellent!

Achievement of this accreditation is excellent news and will support us in bidding for DWP prime contracts.  The areas identified for improvement will feed into our self-assessment and improvement plan for next year.