Marketing collateral amnesty to ensure ESF compliance

To meet the requirements of our European Social Fund (ESF) contracts all of our marketing collateral is being reviewed and updated to make sure we’re compliant. All centrally developed and compliant materials will be available via the online marketing toolkit – you and your teams should use this as the primary source of support materials to promote learndirect products and services.

Any other, locally produced, materials you’re currently using and wish to use in the future need to be sent to the learndirect marketing team for approval.  We’re operating an amnesty on locally-produced marketing materials until 12 February 2016.  You need to send all materials you’re using to promote learndirect products and services to for review.   If materials prove not be compliant, the marketing team will provide feedback, advising if they need to be pulled from use and proposed next steps (e.g. adding to a backlog for re-design).  Any requests for new materials should be submitted to