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What are the Best Distance Learning Courses?

13th November 20

In taking online courses through distance learning providers, you are put in the driver's seat of your education. Online learning provides complete flexibility as you decide when and where it takes place. Plus, a wider range of online courses are available, so you can study almost anything you like.

While this gives you lots of choice, that can also prove to be a bit overwhelming. Many students ask us what the best distance-learning courses are. And there really is no hard and fast rule to this. What is better for you may not be best for someone else. What you want to get out of it and what you want to achieve will determine the online course you should take. 

Everyone has a different goal. Knowing what yours is will determine what type of online course is right for you.

Whatever you’re hoping to achieve, online courses are an excellent way to gain the skills and qualifications you require. No matter your age, current level of qualifications or capacity for additional study. There is a course to suit that can help you reach your goal.

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If You Want a Professional Career

There are many fascinating and fulfilling professional careers available. Many of these require a certain level of skill and knowledge, so they aren’t open to everyone. These professions are only accessible to people who have gained the required qualifications.

Examples of popular careers and what you need to study to qualify for them are:

Climate Change Analyst

An increasingly popular career choice as it becomes more prominent in science and politics. It, therefore, has a scientific approach (collecting and analysing raw data) and a political one (helping to create law and policy).

To become a climate change analyst, you typically require a degree in environmental science. A-levels in maths and science-related subjects like physics and biology are often expected. As well as a minimum grade C (4) pass in GCSE (or equivalent) English and maths.


The type of teacher you aspire to be determines the qualifications required. Though, all roles require GCSEs in Maths and English at Grade C (4) or above.

Aspiring primary school teachers need to have at least 2 A Levels for acceptance on to a Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) course. Or they can study a preferred undergraduate subject before studying a PGCE (post-graduate certificate in education).

Would-be secondary teachers can also take the latter option. The undergraduate subject typically being the subject they wish to teach. They too can then go on to study a PGCE. Often the A Levels they study must be related to their chosen field of study.


Whether you aspire to be an entrepreneur or work your way up in business, qualifications will help. Not only do they evidence your learning, but they also teach you valuable skills and knowledge.

To grasp the mechanics of business and it’s expenses in organisations and the wider economy, A Levels in economics and accounting will help.

Where business studies teaches you how to operate a business. In terms of managing teams, demonstrating leadership and setting the focus of the business. Through business studies, you learn to identify objectives, develop strategies and understand the difference between the two.


To become a building services engineer, a building surveyor or a construction manager, there are related degrees you can study. The numerous courses in building services, surveying and construction management often require you to have A Levels (or equivalent) in maths or physics (or both). Other useful subjects are those that are science or technology related.

learndirect - Distance Learning Courses to Help You Get Qualified

If You’re Looking for a Hobby

Having a hobby is a wonderful way to stay active, engaged and a great way to socialise. However, if you don’t have one, finding one can be a little overwhelming through sheer choice.

You may have always wanted to try something, but the idea of being a novice is putting you off. Online courses provide an excellent training ground. You can learn all you need to know to start your new activity with confidence.

Some popular courses people study to learn new hobbies are:

Interior Design

You can indulge your creative side and turn your eye for design into a full-time hobby. By studying an online interior design course, you’ll learn ways to create stylish yet practical spaces with a professional finish. You may even decide to turn this hobby into a career.


Those with green fingers can learn everything that is involved in creating beautiful floral displays. Each module in this online floristry course takes you through a different area of floristry. Upon completion, you can create stunning bouquets for your home, or even as a new business venture!

Basic Camera Handling

Many people try their hand at amateur photography. A basic camera handling skills course gives you the know-how to take incredible images on any camera device.  


Great for keeping your body and mind healthy, yoga is an excellent hobby. Though, for those who’ve never tried it, going to a class full of ‘Yogi’s’ can be intimidating. Taking an online yoga course can teach you all you need to know before you begin. If you get into it, you can learn to teach it and study how it impacts health.

learndirect - Online Courses to Help You Find a Hobby

If You Want to Upskill

Degrees and other qualifications play a big part in helping you land your ideal job. Though, you can continue to add skills to your CV and further increase your value to employers.

Whether you’re looking for a promotion or to learn helpful skills, you can expand your skillset in your spare time. Acquiring new skills can be empowering. They can motivate you to make a career move and allow you to command a higher wage.

There are many skills that can help people in various industries. However, some of the most pragmatic and in-demand skills in the workplace are:

  • Coding / Programming Skills
  • Digital Skills
  • Reporting / Analytical Skills
  • Design Skills
  • Public Speaking Skills

Possessing additional skills is essential in today's workplace. Especially with an ever-changing digital landscape. By taking the time to invest in yourself, you become a more desirable prospsect. Helping you to stand out in a crowded job market and making yourself available to new opportunities.

learndirect - Online Courses to Help You Upskill - Public Speaking

Find Your Ideal Online Course

No matter your ambition, there is likely a course that will help you achieve it online. What’s more, is that online courses are often much quicker to complete. So you can be on your way to reaching your goal in less time.

learndirect is a leading UK distance learning provider. From Functional Skills to Access to Higher Education Diplomas, we have an online course to suit your needs.

You can learn more about the different courses we offer in our blog. Or view the ones we have available by clicking the link below to visit our website.

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