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What Are the Benefits of Online Learning?

11th December 20

As we move into an online world, it’s only natural that the way we learn makes that shift too. Distance learning is becoming increasingly popular, but there is still a lot of speculation about online courses. With many people unsure what the benefits of online learning are compared to the classroom environment.

Online learning offers convenience, reduced costs and a personalised experience. A regulated and accredited course studied on or off-line gives you the same qualification. Plus, the amount of work you put in is just as much. However, when studying in an online format the learning experience is vastly different.

It opens up a host of benefits that just aren’t possible within traditional education settings. You take the reins and decide where, when and how you will complete your course.

No rushing around to get to campus and no swapping shifts to make time. Online learning removes the restraints of education as you knew it previously and provides many more possibilities.  

Now anyone can achieve their learning goals and change their lives for the better. Whether that’s moving into a new career, getting a promotion or enriching your life with new skills and interests.

No matter your reason for pursuing online education, you’ll discover many of the great benefits to it once you start. Read on to find out more about what you can expect.

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Flexible Learning

Having all the course materials readily available online means there’s no need to have a teacher deliver them to you. So set classes and timetables aren’t required. This gives you the freedom to complete the work any time of day or night.

Accessible for Everyone

The flexibility offered with online courses makes continued education possible for everyone. Juggling school with your job and other commitments it completely doable when you can study around them. You won’t have to leave the office early or arrange for someone else to collect the kids from school.

Just log on when it’s convenient. You can still spend time with your loved ones and pay the bills. There’s no need to sacrifice the things that matter.

More Affordable

The costs of studying are cut considerably when you choose to learn at home. Aside from your computer or laptop, there’s no need to buy books, stationary or pay for transport to get to class. The digital resources provide everything you need at your fingertips.

What’s more, providing courses online removes the need for expensive facilities, teachers and other associated costs. This all influences the price you pay and online courses, as a result, tend to be much cheaper.

There are also flexible ways to pay for your course, so you can make payments more manageable.

More Choice

The reduced cost of providing courses online not only makes them cheaper, it provides more variety.

Physical schools need a certain number of students to sign up to make the course worthwhile to run. So, they often only run the most popular subjects.

Online courses cost less for the provider to purchase and require little ongoing expense. This means they are free to run a wider range of subjects covering more avenues and interests. These are available to students indefinitely whether 1 or 1000 enrol.

It also means you don’t need to travel around the country to study the course you want. Instead, your education can come to you and you can study hundreds of fascinating programmes from home.

It’s Up to Date

The benefit of online content is it’s much quicker to update. When changes are made to the course content, there’s no need to wait for new edition books to be printed. With most online providers, any changes that are made are automatically updated within the learning area. Giving you access to the latest materials and techniques.

Complete Studies in Less Time

Whereas traditional courses begin at the start of the academic year, online courses begin the minute you enrol. So, there’s no waiting around for months to get stuck in. There are also no term dates or holidays to slow your progress. You are free to work your way through the course as quickly as you like.

This often means you can complete your course much faster than the allotted timeframe. Shaving off time that could be spent in your new job or on the next stage of your learning journey.

The only thing you’ll have to bear in mind is any exam dates associated with your course. While many of these are delivered online, they may only be provided at certain points within the year.

Removes Anxieties Associated with Classroom Learning

By removing the rigid structure of timetables and deadlines, you can freely study at your own pace. While this requires you to be organised and set personal goals, it takes the heat off. You can work through the modules as quickly or slowly as you like.

If something doesn’t make sense, spend more time researching and compiling notes. If you’ve blitzed through that topic, move onto the next. There’s no need to rush or slow down to keep pace with others.

Plus, if you have a question to ask, you can contact your tutor directly. You don’t have to worry about raising your hand in front of others. Distance learning encourages a comfortable and enjoyable learning experience.

learndirect - study comfortably from home - no need to enter a classroom

Less Environmental Impact

Online learning provides a great opportunity to reduce environmental impact. Without the need to travel to a physical campus, less fuel and natural resources are used. There also isn’t as much wear and tear on local roads and vehicles.

Not to mention how a digital mode of learning reduces the negative impact of materials used in education. Fewer textbooks and desks are produced and there aren’t as many school buildings producing emissions.  

You Still Receive Support from Qualified Tutors

While you might be by yourself when you study, you aren’t alone in online learning.

Each student is assigned a dedicated qualified tutor who provides support and guidance should you need it. You can reach out to them at any point with questions or concerns you may have. They’ll also provide you with detailed and constructive feedback on each assignment. Helping you to see how you are performing and where you could improve.

Gain Skills that Impress Employers

Juggling a job, family and education isn’t easy. It takes organisation, determination and tenacity. You have to plan ahead, set your own structure and manage your time to keep to personal deadlines. Motivating yourself and remaining proactive, while adapting to changing circumstances. As well as the technical ability developed by studying on a digital platform.

The skills you’ll gain by successfully studying in your own time are both admired and desired by employers. By discussing how you achieved success in your studies they will no doubt recognise your abilities.


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