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FAQ on Distance Learning: Your 5 Biggest Concerns Sorted

27th November 18

Going back to studying can feel like a daunting prospect. Students all worry about the same things before they take that leap and do their dream courses online.

We have grouped together the 5 most common concerns in this FAQ on distance learning:

Q1: Will I do the work?

Q2: Will I find the time?

Q3: How will I manage family commitments?

Q4: Will I get the help I need?

Q5: Can I afford it?

Q1: “Will I do the work?”

A: Good news. Research has shown distance learners find new motivation later in life

Motivate Word Cloud

We have all been there, too. Maybe you lacked motivation in school. Most of us did. Chances are you are at a different point in your life now. Research has shown that distance learners are more motivated. Learners who go back to education are more motivated by their own goals.

Plus, there are other motivators for distance learners too: the chance of a better salary, more responsibility or improved job prospects. Maybe you can start that business you have always dreamed of but never got round to doing. When education is an investment for your own future, you will find you go out of your way to complete the course at a pace that suits your lifestyle.

Investing In Yourself Written On Screen

Q2: “Will I find the time?”

A: You can study at your own pace

Time Management Word Cloud

We all know that life can get hectic at times. The advantage of studying a distance learning course is that you can set the pace yourself. Let’s say you do an online course to become a teaching assistant. You have a certain amount of modules to follow, but it is totally up to you when you do them. You can even take a pause if you want and pick up where you left off. When you have those quieter spells, you can work through modules more quickly. There is no set start date. It is totally up to you. That’s the best thing.

Q3: “How will I manage studying and family commitments?”

A: Distance learning fits in with your family and your life

Woman On Phone With Baby Sitting At Computer

Education is for everyone. Long gone are the days when you are left out of learning because of your background, your location, or your impossible-to-juggle family commitments. You won’t need to worry about childcare when you can sit on your sofa or at your dining room table to do the work when the kids are in bed. You can wear your pyjamas if you want to. What traditional classroom allows that? You can still work nights, shifts, unsociable hours and slot in an hour or two a week of studying when you can.

Q4: “Will I be left on my own to do the work?”

A: Not at all, you will receive support from staff and students

Woman Studying Online

Many distance learners fear isolation, but we have found ways to overcome this. Easy-to-use technology has transformed the distance learning landscape. The use of social media in education means that you can connect with students and tutors from any distance. There are tonnes of student forums online. Here at learndirect you can connect through a tailor-made student platform and join in on webinars.

Our tutors work round the clock anyway, to give you feedback as and when you need it. You won’t feel alone.

Q5: “Can I afford it?”

A: Yes, we have flexible payment plans so you can invest in your future for less

Piggy Bank

The best thing you can do for you is to invest in your future. So invest in your education, it will pay off. It is simple and easy to make that move into your dream career and earn more money without spending a great deal. As thousands of our graduates will tell you, you can trust that learndirect is committed to taking your career forward.

To help you fulfil your potential, we offer a range of payment options to suit any budget. You can take out a 0% payment plan with a low deposit of £9.99 and pay in small monthly instalments, pay for your course in full or spread the cost over a 11 monthly payments, visit the payment options page for more information. It is always worth checking for deals and discounts with our career advisors too so that you can get the best price for your course.

Feeling reassured? You’re only a few clicks away from changing your life. So go for it and enrol in an online course.

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