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FAQs – A-Level Courses

If you’re considering A-Level study, chances are you’re looking to advance your knowledge in a bid to meet university entry requirements to access a gated career. This is because A-Levels are the traditional steppingstone to degree-level study.

Learners who finish school-led compulsory education have the option to continue their studies in subjects of their choice. Through A-Level study, you can focus your learning only on the subjects that interest you, or the ones you need to reach your career goals.

In carrying such weight, decisions around A-Level study shouldn’t be taken lightly. The choices you make now can have a huge impact on the life you lead from here. Should you make the wrong choices, righting this wrong will not only cost you more money but also valuable time.

To help you decide if A-Level study is right for you, we have answered a list of common A-Level FAQs below.

What Level Course Is A-Level?

A-Level qualifications are set at Level 3, which is the next level up from secondary education (GCSEs). For this reason, Level 3 qualifications make up a large percentage of the entry requirements for studying a degree at university.

How Long Are A-Level Courses?

In traditional education settings, A-Level courses are studied over two years. However, if you study distance learning A-Levels, you can complete them much faster. Most students of distance learning A-Levels have them finished within 12 months as you can complete the A-Level modules at your pace.

What Grades Do You Need to Do A-Levels?

If you want to study A-Levels at a traditional college, you typically need a minimum of 5 GCSEs at grades C/4 or above (if not equivalent qualifications). However, there are no entry requirements for distance learning A-Levels.

Online A Level Courses

How Many A-Level Courses Can You Take?

You can take as many A-Level courses as you wish to, though, we wouldn’t advise overloading yourself. Plus, you only need a certain number of A-Level qualifications to progress to university.

As some universities ask for three A-Levels in their entry requirements, learners in traditional college settings would typically complete three different A-Level qualifications in their time at college. There are many degree courses though, that only ask for two, so check the university entry requirements to see exactly how much A-Level study you need to complete before applying.

What Uni Courses Can I Do with My A-Levels?

Some universities are very specific on the combination of A-Level courses and grades learners need to secure a place on their degree level courses. Others aren’t so much, and there are certain degree programmes that don’t specify particular A-Level subjects at all.

A few examples of uni courses and the A-Levels they look out for are:

Art & Design Degree

  • Art and Design A-Level course
  • A-Level Photography course

Business Degree

Dentistry Degree

Nursing Degree


A Level Courses learndirect

What A-Level Equivalent Courses Are There?

A-Level courses aren’t the only qualifications set at Level 3, there are numerous types of courses you can study that will provide you with an A-Level equivalent qualification.

These include:


Can You Do a Foundation Course Without A-Levels?

If you want to go to university, another option if you haven’t completed A-Level study would be to complete a foundation degree in your chosen degree. While full undergraduate degrees have set entry requirements, a foundation degree does not. So, learners without formal qualifications and those with work experience have a good chance of working their way towards a full degree eventually.

You usually have to study a foundation degree for two years to work your way up to the level of knowledge required for a full undergraduate degree.

What Adult A-Level Courses Can I Study?

There is a host of subjects available for A-Level study, catering to learners of all interests and ambitions. With learndirect, you can study A-Level courses in:

We also provide these subjects in IA-Levels, view all our A-Level courses on our website.

A Level Courses Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Study Part-Time A-Level Courses?

Yes, you can. Most colleges offer A-Levels on a part-time basis that are simply studied over a longer period. There are also evening A-Level courses available, however, distance learning A-Levels offer the utmost flexibility for learners with busy schedules.

Can You Study Online A-Level Courses?

Yes! Distance learning A-Levels are the best way to make your A-Level study work around your schedule. With no classes to attend or college timetables to adhere to, you work through your A-Level course when it suits you.

This is perfect for learners who only have free time at specific points in the day that would typically clash with classroom-based courses. It’s also perfect for learners who would struggle to travel to a campus, or those who just prefer to learn at home.

Whatever your situation, online A-Level courses will work around it without issue. Read our blog for more on the benefits of online study.

Are There Any Free A-Level Courses Online?

No, there are no free A-Level courses available, however, our online A-Level courses have flexible payment methods that make your learning more affordable. Simply spread out your course fees over a manageable timeframe!

Is It Too Late to Change A-Level Courses?

Not at all! If you have enrolled on one of learndirect’s online A-Level courses and have realised it isn’t for you, simply contact our student support team to switch to another course. Please note, this may incur an admin fee.

Study A-Levels Online!

By choosing to study A-Level courses online with us, you will become privy to a broad range of benefits as a learndirect student.

These include:

  • Home Study – No need to leave the house or pay for travel expenses, simply log on and learn from the comfort of home
  • No Classes or Term Times – Start your A-Level course whenever you’re ready and reach your goal of university level study faster than would be possible otherwise
  • Flexible Payments – Financial concerns are a thing of the past with our flexible payment options
  • Tutor Support – Get help when you need it and receive constructive feedback from professional tutors who are experts in their subjects

Find out more about our online A-Level courses now by calling our Course Advisors on 01202 006 464 or contact us online.

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