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Should I take A Level Psychology?

Posted on 04/11/2020
Should I take A Level Psychology?

Psychology explores why we behave the way we do. It helps us to understand the human mind and gives us insight into the motives behind our actions.  

Through the work psychologists do we have gained a greater understanding of how the mind functions. Because of this, we’re able to identify and build awareness around mental disorders.

By better understanding disorders, such as obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), we can help people overcome the challenges they bring.

Psychology can help explain why people react differently in the same scenario. As well as explains why certain people are more prone to developing mental disorders.

The insight you’ll gain from your A Level psychology can help you better understand the people around you. As a result, this will make you more compassionate and give you real-life skills to apply in everyday situations.

So, if you’re interested in building key psychological knowledge then A Level Psychology is a solid choice.

What you’ll learn

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A Level Psychology develops your understanding of the key elements of the subject.

Throughout your studies you’ll explore many aspects of psychology such as social, cognitive and developmental psychology. This allows you to gauge what part of psychology interests you most should you wish to carry on your studies.

Social psychology analyses social groups and how they’re structured. It focuses on exploring social norms and what that means for the individual's perception of normality.

Cognitive psychology studies how the brain influences our perception and interprets our surroundings.

Developmental psychology covers psychological changes that occur through key developmental stages.

You will build upon this knowledge with modules on psychopathology and biopsychology. These modules help us understand the causes behind mental disorders and what effect biological factors can have on the mind.

Throughout your A Level course you will:

  • Explore obedience, how our interactions with people shape our notions of conformity.
  • Examine the cognitive process behind memories and thoughts and how that affects how we perceive the world.
  • Discover the changes that are made from birth up until adulthood and their importance.
  • Explore causes and potential treatments for mental disorders such as schizophrenia, OCD and brain abnormalities.
  • Investigate how biological factors, such as hormones and the nervous system, can influence the brain’s functions.
  • Analyse established psychological theories and examine case studies to get to grips with key psychological ideas.

When you have completed your modules you’ll be ready to take your exams and receive your qualification. Once qualified you’ll have a strong understanding of the core principles of Psychology to build on at higher education and beyond.

Why study A Level Psychology

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Studying A Level Psychology allows you to gain a solid understanding of key concepts and theories. It will explore the fascinating human mind and expand your awareness of why we behave how we do.

A Level Psychology could be the first step towards an exciting career as it helps you prepare for university study.

Your A Level will develop core skills that universities and employers alike desire. These include:

  • Independent thinking
  • Critical analysis
  • Strong research skills

A Level Psychology alone is not enough to get you onto a higher education course. However, you’ll learn highly relevant knowledge that psychology degrees will look for when accepting applications.

Should you choose to continue your studies then you could find yourself in a fulfilling career as a qualified psychologist.

Your A Level Psychology will explore the subject so that you’re able to decide what elements really interest you. Whether that’s working as a counsellor, clinical psychologist or forensic psychologist, it’s up to you.

The expertise you will possess as a psychologist can be useful in a range of sectors including mental health, social work, education, business and even sport and fitness.

Studying your A Level online course from home

Usually, A Levels are taught in a classroom environment. However, when considering returning to education, you don’t have to attend a bricks and mortar institute to get qualified.

Distance learning providers offer the same exact qualification as their bricks and mortar counterpart. This is because A Levels are regulated by Ofqual no matter who provides them.

Ofqual maintains the quality of learning for A Levels nationwide no matter where you enrol. So, you’re able to return to education from the comfort of your own home.

When you enrol at a physical college you need to attend classes to progress with your course. Getting the time off from work or finding childcare isn’t always easy so you might miss out on your lessons.

With distance learning, you’re able to study around your other commitments. There isn’t a need to rearrange your schedule, simply learn whenever suits you best.

What’s more, you won’t have to wait until term time begins to start, you can start immediately after enrolling. This gives you a better chance to prepare for the A Level exams which are in May/June.

There’s also a dedicated tutor who guides you throughout your learning. They’ll offer you constructive feedback on your assignments and offer any extra assistance where needed.


Whatever your plans are for the future, studying A Levels is a good start. They are a nationally recognised qualification favoured by universities and employers alike.

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