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Are Online A Levels Any Good?

5th November 20

A Levels represent both an opportunity to learn and to advance your career. They allow you to study the subjects you’re passionate about in great depth. After which you will get a nationally recognised qualification for your trouble. This can either help you to get a better job or get into university.

A Levels are recognised by employers and universities alike both in the UK and abroad. They allow you to explore subjects of interest in real depth, before studying them further at university or using them to progress in your career.

A Level study adds significant value to your CV as A Level qualifications indicate students have achieved a high standard of learning. As such, A Level study proves learners can confidently proceed into further study and that they have developed skills valuable to the job market.

Whether you are looking to progress to undergraduate study or you’re hoping to move up in your career, achieving A Levels will help. Recognised and valued worldwide, each A Level is worth up to 56 UCAS points. The points of which provide access to UK universities and higher education colleges.

Typically offered at brick and mortar colleges and sixth forms, taking A Levels online allows you to study the same course, but with the flexibility and benefits that come with studying at home.

learndirect - Are Online A Levels Any Good? - distance learning A Levels

A Level Online Courses are Flexible

Whether you’re a first-time student or revisiting a subject you need for university. Anyone can study A Levels online and reach the next step in their plan. Achieving your goals without committing to a college timetable.

Not everyone has the time or freedom to commit to full-time A Level study so, while traditional colleges are a perfectly acceptable route for education, they don’t cater for everyone’s circumstances.

Not only are some unable to study in a classroom, many simply don’t want to. The thought of going back to school is a source of anxiety for some.

Whatever your situation or background, through distance learning A Levels, you can study when and where you wish. There are no classes or timetables, so you are in control of how and when you learn. No more swapping shifts so you don’t miss a class and no need to arrange a babysitter.  

While students have two years to complete the online A Levels, they can also work through the course materials as quickly as they like since they are all immediately available online. Having the option to complete at your own pace provides a genuine opportunity to submit a university application sooner than you would otherwise be able to.

What’s more, there’s no need to wait until September to start. Enrol on distance learning A Levels at any point of the year and start learning. Despite exams taking place once a year in May/June, should you effectively plan and structure your A Level study time, completing within a shorter timeframe is possible.

There are also a number of flexible ways to pay for your A Level study course.

learndirect - Are Online A Levels Any Good? They Are Flexible - distance learning A Levels

A Levels Require Discipline

With the level of flexibility offered with home learning comes a great deal of responsibility. It is completely up to you how well you do in the course and how quickly you achieve the grades.  

You’re in charge of setting goals and deadlines to make sure you are ready for your exams. And you’re the one who needs to motivate yourself to keep up with the course content. There won’t be any mandatory assignments or mid-term tests to keep you on track, or a teacher making sure you’re doing your work. It’s all on you.

It’s not always easy to keep on top of things yourself. Setting out a structure around your available time and sticking to it will help. Plus, giving yourself smaller goals to work towards throughout the A Level study course can make the overall coursework look more attainable. This should help avoid the issue of not completing within the two-year timeframe and having to re-enrol. Which is a time and money expense you really wouldn’t want.

learndirect - Are Online A Levels Any Good? They Require Discipline - distance learning A Levels

A Level Online Courses Provide the Same Qualification

The course materials covered in an online A Level are more or less the same as one offered by your local college. All recognised A Levels go through the same Ofqual accreditation process. So, as long as your distance learning A Levels have the Ofqual seal of approval, your qualification is no different.

A Levels are extremely valued by employers since they demonstrate your ability to understand complex ideas and apply them either through assignments or exams.

Through your A Level study experience, you will develop skills like information analysis, critical thinking, how to construct and deliver evidenced arguments and points of view, along with excellent written and verbal communication skills. These skills help you stand out among the competition when applying for work. 

learndirect - Are Online A Levels Any Good? Same Level 3 Qualification - distance learning A Levels

You Learn at Your Pace

Online learning allows you to structure your own learning to a more enjoyable pace that caters to your needs. By working at a speed you are comfortable with you remove any fears of falling behind the class, instead simply focusing on the content of distance learning A Levels and taking it all in.

If you find a topic difficult, you can take more time on it, perhaps contacting your tutor to discuss it further. If there’s a topic you’re a whizz at, you can spend less time on it and move on to another.

You can gauge how you are doing in your A Level study course from the feedback you get from your tutor, and allocate more time to modules that need more attention. Maximising efficiency and removing the anxiety that is often associated with classroom learning.

What’s more, the A Level study course materials are aimed at mature learners, so you’ll be studying topics designed to be more relevant to you.

Learn with Dynamic and Engaging Course Materials

When you enrol on our distance learning A Levels, you receive instant access to the entire course materials in an online portal. These have been designed to cover the content in clear, manageable chapters, with learning activities to challenge you along the way.

You’ll learn through a variety of mediums, such as video, audio and other visual means. This ensures the course materials are engaging and diverse. As they are always available, there’s no fear of missing what the teacher said because you couldn’t take notes quick enough. You can take your time and take it in.

Through distance learning, you get the same quality of education as you would in a physical college with the benefit of working in your own time.

Receive One on One Tutor Support

Each A Level study student is assigned a highly qualified and dedicated tutor, with proven expertise in their subjects. So, as much as you are studying alone you are not alone.

Should you need it, you can receive one-to-one academic support by email. Simply reach out to them with your questions and they will be happy to help.

For all non-subject related queries, you can contact our friendly student support team.

learndirect - Are Online A Levels Any Good? Learn at Your Pace - distance learning A Levels

One of the other advantages of studying your A Levels online is the number of A Level study courses available.

Where other colleges must have a certain level of interest in a course to run, distance learning providers have more flexibility since there are fewer costs involved in running courses.

This means online course providers can invest in many more and run them indefinitely. Giving you a much wider variety to choose from.


Online courses allow you to not only learn from home, at your own pace, they also teach you to study independently. Which is a skill you’ll certainly need to succeed at university.

learndirect is a leading UK online course provider. Click below to choose from our range of fascinating A Level study subjects and be on your way to higher education or a promising career.

learndirect - Are Online A Levels Any Good? They Are Just Like Traditional A Levels, Just Taken Online.

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