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Should I Study A-Level Biology?

1st October 20

To comprehend the complexity of living things, how they relate to one another and their environment is truly astounding. Consider that we are merely the current stage in the formation of life which began some 4 billion years ago. This gives you an idea of where your studies can take you with A-Level Biology.

If it weren’t for living things, the mineralogy and geology of Earth would be vastly different today. Many of the rocks and minerals that make up the Earth’s surface are derived from organisms. Chalk and limestone being the remains of shellfish and similar sea creatures, while flint is a product of sponges.

Through Biology you are studying life itself. This coupled with evolution gives us the context we need to examine ourselves and the larger environment we are part of. By exploring the existing theories and principles that make up these complex living systems, we gain a greater understanding of how they can be created, sustained and destroyed.

Biology is fascinating, unique and largely undiscovered. We know so much about the living world around us yet so little at the same time. Take your curiosity further and by studying this enthralling branch of science.

learndirect -A Level Biology - Mineralogy and Geology of Earth

What Does the Course Involve?

If you have studied Biology at GCSE, many of the concepts will be familiar to you. You will be able to build on that knowledge throughout your studies. However, this A-Level course is structured to allow anyone to study and achieve their qualification.

You’ll cover many subjects like genes and health, development, plants and the environment, the natural environment and species survival.

On completion of your A Level Biology, you will understand key concepts like the principles of genetics, molecules, natural selection and evolutionary theory. How society makes decisions about scientific issues and how the scientific community assists the economy and society.

There will be three exam papers to test your knowledge of the materials covered in the course. The format will be a mixture of both short and extended responses to questions.

Extended responses provide you with the opportunity to demonstrate your ability to construct and develop a continued line of reasoning. This must be coherent, relevant, substantiated and logically structured. Whether they are written in English or the form of extended calculations.

Exams will be held at the end of each year in May/June. You have the option to take these online or in an exam centre most convenient for you.

With your completed A-Level you have the option of studying higher level education at university or applying your skills in a career.

learndirect -A Level Biology - Living Systems - Butterflies

What Modules Are Covered on the Course?

A Level Biology delves deep into an array of fascinating subjects. The ones you will study are:

Biological molecules – Study of the molecules present in organisms such as carbohydrates, lipids, nucleic acids and proteins.

Cells – The structure of cells and viruses, methods to study them, how cells arise from other cells, transport across cell membranes, cell recognition and the immune system.

How organisms exchange substances with their environment – A deeper look into why multicellular organisms require transport systems to supply their cells and remove waste products

Genetic information, variation and relationships between organisms – Assessing the differences between species and individuals in terms of DNA, genes, chromosomes and genetic diversity among other factors.

Energy transfers in and between organisms - Understanding the need for continuous transfers of energy to sustain life.

Organisms respond to changes in their internal and external environments – How stimuli can change an internal or external environment and the way organisms respond.

Genetics, populations, evolution and ecosystems – A closer look at the factors which make up the theory of evolution.

The control of gene expression - Identifying the process cells use to control which genes in their DNA are used to create functional products like proteins.

learndirect - A Level Biology - Cells DNA and Genes

What Can You Do with a Biology Qualification?

Biology is classed as a STEM subject, showing employers and universities that you have strong scientific and academic capabilities. Being such a highly respected qualification, taking A Level Biology will give you access to many degree courses and careers. 

It makes an excellent base for degrees in healthcare and biological sciences. And can complement those in sports science, psychology and sociology among others.

A Biology qualification can open a variety of career opportunities too. Employers who typically recruit graduates for biology-related jobs include:

  • Universities and clinical research organisations
  • Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies
  • Private hospitals and NHS trusts
  • National/global health conservation and environmental charities
  • Scientific and technical consultancies
  • Outreach organisations

learndirect -A Level Biology - Jobs Available After Study

Why Study Your A Levels Online?

Alongside your subject-specific knowledge of biological systems and concepts, you will gain a host of practical and technical skills. Those which will be attractive to employers in all sectors.

Communicating your ideas clearly through report writing and presentations will demonstrate your analytical thinking ability. The level of research you undertake to do so successfully, showing your capacity to work independently.

Understanding experiments and explaining findings coherently develops your scientific method and scientific communication skills. Along with your mathematical and problem-solving techniques.

You also gain more general skills, such as IT and computer literacy, data analysis, decision making and project management.

Our online courses are aimed at those who need to fit their studies around an already busy schedule. Whether it be work or personal commitments, studying A Levels in a bricks and mortar college isn’t an option for all. That’s where distance learning provides flexibility, so you can complete your course around your lifestyle.

With course materials delivered through a variety of mediums, you’ll find the topics engaging. As our courses are aimed at a mature audience, you’ll also find they have been tailored to be more relatable to you. The materials live online in our portal. So if you ever need to look back on a previous topic, everything is there ready for your use.

You are given two years to complete the course, though you can also work through the content as quickly as you like. This means, depending on when they enrol, most of our students complete within 9 months and are onto the next step in their education.

Enrol and begin your course on the same day. There’s no waiting around for the next term to start. We also have flexible payment methods to help you spread the cost. Just speak with one of our team should you wish to explore this option.

A Level Biology is an excellent steppingstone to future studies and an exciting career. Expand your knowledge and nurture your passion by enrolling on this online course with learndirect - the UK’s leading distance learning provider. Find out how by clicking the link below to the full course specification.

learndirect - A Level Biology - Study Online

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