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Why A Levels are Important

Posted on 13/10/2020
Why A Levels are Important

A Levels are advanced level qualifications that act as a gateway to higher education at university. Studying at A Level is usually where people find real joy and fulfilment in their learning. This is because you have the power to choose the subjects that interest you and will set you on the path to your goal. Whether that be a career you are passionate about, undergraduate studies or both.

By studying A Levels, you can unlock doors that may have been previously closed to you. Shaping your future in ways that may otherwise not have been achievable. Many careers require you to have a university degree in a relevant subject to be able to apply. A Levels or equivalent level 3 qualifications give you the UCAS points you need to study at the undergraduate level.

Besides their pivotal role in accessing higher education, they also give you the essential skills you need to flourish academically and professionally. Choosing to study A Levels is choosing to enhance your life and abilities in more ways than one.

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For Work

Whether you decide to go onto university or not, A Levels will remain highly beneficial. In instances where they are not required as a minimum for a role, by having A Level qualifications, you are demonstrating your ability to apply yourself to achieve success.

Not only that, they equip you with tools that will be essential to your working life. For instance, analysing information and thinking critically, to build and present well-structured points of view that you can communicate verbally or in writing to your colleagues or senior team. These skills and many others will all be explored and practised regularly within your A Level studies.

Many professional careers impose strict A Level benchmarks, as well as degree requirements. With the competition that can be experienced in the job market, it is always wise to investigate what subjects and grades are required in your preferred line of work. By studying the relevant courses and gaining the highest grades possible, you will position yourself as a strong and capable candidate for the job.

Since many undergraduates try to gain employment in their desired field prior to graduating, A Levels are also useful to determine their ability before they qualify.

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For Higher Education

A Levels or equivalent level qualifications remain crucial to enter university. With most requiring specific A Levels, particular combinations of A Levels or alternative level 3 qualifications.

While it is important to study the relevant subjects that allow you to get on to your course, enjoying your subject matter is just as important.

A Levels allow you to channel your passion since you can choose to study subject specific qualifications. This means you can focus your energy into excelling in your areas of interest. Studying topics you are passionate about makes you less likely to view the work as a chore, hopefully resulting in a better mark.

You can also study the subjects that will be most beneficial to your career. Putting you on the pathway geared to get you to your end goal. So, if your aim is to become a midwife, A Level Biology will help you prepare for your midwifery degree.

Not only that, as they are accepted and recognised worldwide, you can continue your education anywhere you like. If you dream of living and studying abroad, performing well at A Levels can help you get there.

With competition to study at degree level showing no signs of slowing down, A Levels and equivalent qualifications continue to be the key to unlocking this level of study.

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Are A Levels the Only Way to Get to University?

Not anymore. Access to Higher Education Diplomas have been designed to provide an alternative. An equivalent level 3 qualification, they open the door to university to all.

These diplomas are catered to the degree you wish to study, and the pathways can be quite specific. So, you do need more of an idea of the career you want to be in before you start.

For example, those wishing to become secondary school teachers won’t necessarily get there with an Access to HE Diploma in Education. This diploma is aimed to help you study a Bachelor of Education, which is more focussed on primary teaching.

As you need a degree in the subject you wish to teach at secondary level, aspiring secondary teachers would be better off studying the diploma closest to their chosen subject. Then studying this subject at degree level before getting their PGCE.

The benefit of Access to HE Diplomas is there is only one course to take instead of the 2 or 3 A Levels typically required. For those looking to qualify in later life, this can save you considerable time.

They can be completed over two years but when studied online, you have the flexibility to work through them quickly. Many students qualify within a year.

If you’ve been out of education for a while, your Access to HE Diploma will let you practice your study skills again. Giving you the academic ability and subject specific knowledge that will help you succeed at third level study.

Recognised by employers and the majority of universities, they are becoming an increasingly popular option for mature students. Just be sure to check with your chosen university that they are accepted before enrolling.

It is also worth noting that an Access to HE Diploma gives you the maximum of three A grades. So, if your university course is extremely competitive and requires you to have A*, this might not be the best route for you to take.   

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Studying your Access to Higher Education Diploma or A Levels online removes the feelings of anxiety or worry you may have around going back into education.

Learning at home, away from the classroom and at your own pace allows you to take a calm and comfortable approach to your studies. Often making them more enjoyable.

If you’ve made the decision to take the next step in your education, you should consider the flexibility that comes with distance learning. Whether you have work or family commitments, you can still get the qualifications you desire.

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If you have more questions about these courses, get in touch with a member of the sales team or check out other related posts in our blog.

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