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Why Social Media Marketing Jobs are in Demand

20th June 22

How many times today have you used a social media app on your phone? Do you ever go a day without checking your timelines? For most of us, having a social media presence is ingrained in our everyday lives, and the same goes for businesses. With our digital world constantly evolving, the marketplace has got that much more competitive, which puts social media marketing jobs in high demand. 

If you consider yourself to be a social media wizard, then why not use those skills and make a career out of them! Given how much we rely on digital platforms in both everyday life and business, jobs in social media marketing are very much needed. Continue reading to learn why these jobs are in demand and how you can get involved in this exciting ever-evolving industry! 

What is the Job of a Social Media Marketer? 

If you’re wondering whether a social media marketing job is right for you, consider the purpose of the role and the typical tasks that are involved in the position. Essentially, you will support a company’s marketing efforts by using social media platforms to promote an organisation’s brands, products, and services. 

There are plenty of different social media platforms used in Social Media Marketer jobs, including: 

  • Facebook 
  • Instagram 
  • Twitter 
  • LinkedIn 
  • TikTok 

In a marketing context, these platforms are used to engage with current customers, attract new ones, and promote a new product or service. The role in marketing and social media jobs is varied, but some of the tasks you may be required to do include: 

  • Develop and implement an overall social media strategy 
  • Keep updated on trends, best practices, and laws regarding social media 
  • Work closely with designers and copywriters to produce social media posts 
  • Respond to user enquiries and messages via social platforms 
  • To better optimise future engagement, keep social media metrics monitored 

Why Social Media Marketing Jobs are in Demand

Why is Social Media Marketing in Demand? 

If you are keen to pursue social media and marketing jobs, then you have an opportunity to tap into this demand. There are a handful of reasons why companies are in need of social media experts, and we have outlined those reasons below: 

All Things Digital 

It is not an exaggeration to say that we as a global community rely on digital technologies every single day of our lives. For example, our mobile phones are more than just devices to make calls. They are handheld bank accounts, satnavs, Personal Trainers, and entertainment systems.  

Paying with cash is becoming a pastime, while transport systems, retail and medical services are becoming reliant on technology. In fact, almost all corners of our modern world contain some sort of technological function. 

With almost every element of our lives partially governed by technology, it makes perfect sense that there is a demand for social media marketing jobs. The competitiveness in the market is that much higher given that businesses can directly engage with customers through various platforms, all of which are accessed with a swipe of a finger. 

A social media marketing job role is crucial in this sense as plenty of different demographics use various platforms for different reasons. A social media expert will be able to tap into this usage, attracting key customers. 


Digital marketing is made up of multiple facets, so having skilled professionals in a marketing team is key. An array of skills is essential when it comes to jobs in social media marketing. Not only will you need to be visually creative and have a good eye for copy, but you must also have a forward-thinking and strategic mindset. 

These skills are crucial across the digital marketing spectrum, and when working within social media marketing, you will be engaging with your demographic at each stage of the customer journey. This is because social media reaches out to potential customers, existing customers, and previous customers. 

Digital Marketing Online Courses Social Media

More Traffic and More Conversions 

As mentioned, businesses are fighting for attention online, and while digital marketing helps to maintain a loyal customer base, they also need to be attracting customers outside of that group. This is where social media comes in!  

Social Media Marketer jobs play a significant role in bringing inbound traffic to an organisation’s website, reaching customers outside of the loyal customer base. Social accounts and posts act as a gateway to a company’s website and present opportunities to capture a new lead or bring in a new customer. 

The end goal is always conversion when it comes to digital marketing, and a social media marketing job role increases opportunities for this. Not only can you help drive traffic to a company website through social media activity, but you can also humanise the business, giving it a voice that customers can relate to. 

By personifying a brand, you have a better chance of building trust and helping form long-lasting relationships with customers. 

How to Get Jobs in Social Media Marketing 

You may use social media in your personal life, but to make your way up the ladder of marketing and social media jobs, you need the knowledge and skills, which you can learn through courses. If you are at the beginning stages of your marketing career, then learndirect can help you. 

With us, you can study for an internationally recognised qualification in the form of the CIM Level 3 Foundation Certificate in Professional Digital Marketing (VRQ). This qualification is accredited by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), an Ofqual regulated provider with members in 118 countries around the world. If you don’t know who they are and you have questions, we have already answered FAQs

Course Facts 

  • Study 100% online 
  • Learn about marketing principles, including the marketing mix, and digital fundamentals, such as how to develop digital communications campaigns 
  • Exam and assessments included 
  • Ideal for aspiring and entry-level marketing professionals 

Social Media Jobs and Careers

Course Options for Existing Marketing Professionals 

If you have worked in marketing for one year, at least, or you have completed the CIM Level 3 course, then the ideal way to enhance your skillset is to continue learning! You can do this by studying the CIM Level 4 Certificate in Professional Digital Marketing (VRQ), which can propel you towards senior roles. 

Course Facts 

  • Learn in your own time through online study 
  • Explore applied marketing, digital marketing techniques, and how to plan campaigns 
  • Exam and assessments included 
  • Targeted at individuals hoping to gain advanced knowledge of marketing 

Start Pursuing Social Media Marketing Jobs Today! 

One of the many great things about choosing learndirect is that you can study CIM marketing courses online, from the comfort of your own home and in your own time. 

So, if you are keen to pursue social media and marketing jobs, then we can help you kickstart your career! All you need to do is call one of our Course Specialists on 01202 006 464 or reach out to us online to discuss your options. For example, you may be interested in our CIM Level 3 and CIM Level 4 courses in Professional Marketing. Alternatively, click below to discover more about how to achieve your career goals.  

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