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International Students’ Day: How Access Courses Can Help You Fulfil Your Academic Ambitions

16th November 21

International Students’ Day, among many things, celebrates the power that comes from multiculturalism and internationalism in learning and education. It represents an outcry for equal opportunity in academia that echoes our own.  

learndirect is driven by providing each person with the opportunity to learn and gain the education that will enable them to reach their goals; whether you’ve come straight out of school, you’re juggling work or childcare with your studies, or you’re an empty nester looking for something to do with your free time. Our students take many shapes, and each is as entitled to their learning experience as the next.  

To help celebrate International Students’ Day, we want to show you how an Access course can help you achieve your academic ambitions. No matter if you want to start a career in mental health, fight crime, protect the vulnerable in society or have a hand in shaping our future.   

three students sitting on steps looking at laptopWhat is an Access Course? 

First things first, it is important to clarify what these Access courses entail. Many people have heard of Access courses but aren’t completely clear on what they allow them to do.  

An Access to Higher Education Diploma is a direct access course that enables you to study a degree without A Levels. This is because Access to Higher Education courses provide you with a Level 3 qualification.  

As such, they are often referred to as a university Access course, because they put you on the fast track to university-level study. Rather than go back to college to study multiple A Levels over several years, you can complete Access courses online, quickly, from home.  

What’s more, Access courses tend to be vocation focused, so instead of studying broad-ranging subjects, you will get the knowledge you need for more direct career paths.  

Explore some of the most popular learndirect Access courses below! 


Access to Nursing Course 

If you are looking to start a selfless career that puts the needs of others above all else, an Access to nursing course will help you get qualified for a highly rewarding and in-demand role.  

Nurses are needed in almost every avenue of healthcare. By studying an online Access to nursing course, you gain an understanding of just how diverse nursing roles can be. You will learn how Nurses help people return to wellness – physically, mentally and emotionally – and support their family members throughout the process. 

Find out more by viewing our Access to nursing course in more detail.

four students standing outside looking at tabletAccess to Midwifery Course 

If you want to secure one of the thousands of full-time midwifery roles currently advertised with the NHS, an Access to midwifery course will help you study the necessary NMC approved degree. You will study everything from human reproduction, growth and development to the roles and responsibilities of midwives in your Access course. All of this will help get you prepared to support families through one of life’s most astounding moments. 

Access to Science Courses 

If you’re fascinated by the miraculous discoveries uncovered by scientists, you can study our Access to science courses that will enable you to examine life’s mysteries in greater detail. Whether you want to explore natural phenomena in the Natural Science Pathway, or areas for advancement in health and medical science, our science-related Access courses can help.  

Access to Teaching Course 

Working as a Teacher is incredibly fulfilling work for those who want to help shape our future. By teaching the children and young people who will one day lead society forward, you can help them make educated decisions about the lives they choose to lead.  

With our Access to teaching courses and a Bachelor of Education (BEd) degree with QTS under your belt, you can work as a qualified Teacher in an array of exciting roles. 

Social Work Access Course 

For anyone with a driving passion to help vulnerable people, becoming a Social Worker is a career they should explore. In this role, you will spend your professional life helping at-risk individuals with issues related to mental health, ill health, abuse, poverty, disability or otherwise in your local community.  

If this interests you, our social work Access course will allow you to study an essential social work degree.  

students walking in university corridorPsychology Access Course 

With over 56 recognised divisions in the psychology field, starting a career in psychology is anything other than one dimensional. While you will explore the mind to understand the abstract concept of the human condition, this can be applied to anything from art to music, aviation and criminal behaviour.  

You can explore this fascinating area of study and the many enthralling careers they lead to in our online psychology Access courses.  

Access to Healthcare Course 

The healthcare profession is vast, to say the least. So, you may know you want to work within it, but knowing in exactly what discipline can be hard without any form of prior experience. Luckily, our Access to healthcare course provides you with the ideal foundation knowledge for a large number of healthcare professions. 

That way, you can study now and decide what career you want once you’ve got a better idea of those that are available. Alternatively, if you know exactly what healthcare career you want, we also offer access courses like our Access to radiography course, which is very career-specific.  

Engineering Access Course 

Engineers are literally involved in everything that relates to building our future. From robotics to machine learning, mechanics and sophisticated electronics, their skills are essential for societal evolution. So much so, engineering degrees are currently the most in-demand in the UK.  

If you’re fascinated by ingenuity and innovation, you can start working towards an engineering degree with our engineering Access course.  

four students sat at desk looking at computer screenBusiness Access Course 

Whether you want to be an entrepreneur or help drive someone else’s business towards success, you will need to know how businesses function before you can achieve success as a business professional. This is why our management and business Access course aims to give you the best head start, by teaching you everything from management styles to macroeconomics and market conditions. 

With this knowledge, you can begin working in business or further your knowledge and employment potential by completing a business degree.  

Social Science Access Course 

People who study social science gain knowledge and transferrable skills that are desired for many interesting professions. So many businesses, organisations, governments, education and healthcare institutes benefit from understanding why humans act the way they do.  

This is why studying a social science Access course and a related degree can lead you on to careers in criminal behaviour, politics, psychology and business. It’s the ideal option for any student who wants to leave their options open in their career! 

Study a learndirect Access Course 

You can study so many fascinating Access courses from the comfort of home with learndirect. As the leading UK online course provider, our aim is to make sure as many people as possible have access to higher education.  

When you become an online student with learndirect, you will have access to a team of professional tutors. This gives you the freedom of online learning but with the support that you would receive if you went into class.  

The above are just some of the diverse Access courses we offer, explore these and more on our website or by discussing the Access course options available to you with our Course Executives. They can run you through the many Access courses available, the careers they can lead to and help you determine the ones best suited to your academic goals.  

Call them now on 01202 006 464, contact them online or click below to view our entire range of Access courses. 

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