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Education Secretary Announces ‘Opportunity for All’ to Boost English and Maths Skills in Schools

19th April 22

In March 2022, Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi announced that children in UK schools will get the help they need in Maths and English as part of the Schools White Paper - ‘Opportunity for All’.

Directed at parents, the aptly named ‘Parent Pledge’ aims to target children who are identified as needing help with numeracy and literacy. The focus then is on tailored support through various methods, including small group tuition, to enhance their level of understanding.

Parents will then be kept informed of their child’s progress, making schools accountable for their actions and the steps they take to make sure each child meets their potential.

This comes after only 65% of children achieved the expected standard in Key Stage 2 for reading, writing and Maths in 2019. By 2030, the government aims to drive this figure to 90%.

In a follow-up statement, Zahawi said: “We know what works in schools and we are scaling up to ensure that every child can expect interesting, enriching lessons. Parents rightly expect a world-class education for their children and that is what we will deliver.”

The UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson also commented: “By making sure every child receives excellent teaching which helps them reach their full potential, we will spread opportunity and futureproof our mission to level up the country.”

These weren’t the only promises to the public to come out of the Schools' White Paper. The government also aims to introduce a unanimous, minimum school week of 32.5 hours by September 2023, up Teacher starting salaries to £30,000, invest at least £100m into the Education Endowment Foundation, and much more.

Boost Your Own English and Maths Skills with Online Courses

Inadequate numeracy and literacy skills aren’t just an issue plaguing the younger generation, there are a vast number of adults who struggle with English and Maths related challenges every day.

Whether it’s crafting an email for work, articulating thoughts or organising finances, confidence in Maths and English is essential for navigating day-to-day life.

If you, like many other adults, left education without a sufficient level of mathematical or numerical ability, there is something you can do about it today.

learndirect is the leading UK online course provider, with a vast array of accredited and recognised courses to help learners achieve their goals.

Should you want to retake academic English and Maths studies to get a better grade than you did the first time around, and deepen your understanding, learndirect’s online GCSEs and A-Levels in Maths and English are ideal.

Whereas if you want to better your numeracy and literacy abilities quickly to overcome everyday challenges, learndirect’s Functional Skills Level 2 courses can boost your confidence in a matter of weeks while giving you GCSE grade equivalents. This is also perfect for learners wanting to quickly meet entry requirements for university and other higher-level learning programmes.

Get Involved in Education Yourself

With the plans in the Schools White Paper rolling out in the years leading up to 2030, there is plenty of time for you to get involved in this levelling up of the education system yourself, should your passions lie in teaching the next generation.

As a Primary School Teacher, you could give pupils the foundation knowledge of English and Maths they need to support their learning in all other academic subjects. As a Secondary School Teacher, you could take their understanding to an advanced level, by honing your focus on teaching these topics at GCSE.

Whichever option you choose, learndirect can help you meet the entry requirements for university through online GCSEs and A Levels, and alternative qualifications like Functional Skills courses and the Access to Higher Education Diploma (Education).

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