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Access to Higher Education and Employment

10th July 20

Designed to prepare learners without A Levels for undergraduate study, the Access to Higher Education Diploma provides an alternative route to university. 

Access courses, as they are otherwise known, are a recognised A Level equivalent qualification. Therefore, Access courses offer anyone who doesn't meet the traditional requirements for university the chance to study an undergraduate degree. 

The Access to HE Diploma is an online qualification. This makes it an accessible and truly viable route into education for people with existing work or personal commitments.

In 2017, 23,660 students took their first step towards accessing university later in life by enrolling on an Access to HE Diploma. 94% of these went into full-time study after completing their Access course.

The Access to Higher Education Diploma certainly lives up to its name, but Access courses do more than get your foot in the door of your chosen university. 

Research has found that 93% of graduates who went to university with an Access to HE Diploma are in employment or further study 6 months after their degree. 

Not only will an Access to HE Diploma get you to university, but it can help you move into a fulfilling career too. 


Your Diploma, Your Future 

Access to Higher Education Diploma programmes have been expertly designed to offer you a blend of subject-specific knowledge and skills. These will equip you to achieve your academic and professional potential. 

Your Access to HE Diploma will help you in two ways: 

  1. It will enable you to go to university, gain a degree and qualify in your chosen industry.
  1. It will equip you with skills that are crucial to your future in the profession of your choice.

As such, an Access to HE Diploma provides the foundation upon which you will build your studies and future career.


Qualifying as a Professional

There are many professions that you can only enter with a degree. These include midwifery, nursing and teaching, to name just a few.

Professions require a specific skillset and level of understanding that can only be gained through specialised, higher education training. 

An Access to Higher Education Diploma, therefore, gives you the opportunity to achieve the career you’ve always wanted to have. Access courses can also put you on the path to postgraduate education, which is vital for some careers in medicine, healthcare and social work.

Embarking on a new career may seem daunting, especially if you’re making the change later in life.

However, Access to HE Diplomas have been designed entirely with your future in mind. That’s why there are dozens of Access to HE Diploma pathways, tailored to your specific interests and career goals, to choose from.

From midwifery to medicineeducation to social work, each Access to HE course pathway will equip you with the industry-specific knowledge that is essential to your future career. 

For example, if you enrol on an Access to Higher Education Diploma (Midwifery), you will be introduced to the key concepts behind working in midwifery. This includes everything from the role of the Midwife to the science behind human reproduction, growth and development. 

Having such understanding will also give you the confidence to hit the ground running when you begin your undergraduate studies.  

Wherever you want your education to take you, your Access to HE Diploma will ensure that you’re ready for the next phase in your professional training.

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Stand-out Skills 

As well as enabling you to achieve the qualification you need for your ideal career, an Access to HE Diploma will also help you stand out in a competitive job market. 

That’s because the skills you will develop via your Access course studies and build on through undergraduate study are vital to your career. 

Obviously, there are the subject or career-specific skills an Access to HE Diploma will teach you. But there are also a host of employability skills to be gained from your studies, which will be desirable to employers in every industry. 

Just by taking the initiative to enrol on your Access to HE Diploma will demonstrate to employers that you’re a self-starter, and someone who is driven and willing to work hard to develop. 

Opting to study for an Access course qualification later in life, especially if you’ve been out of education for some time, requires self-discipline, ambition, motivation and a whole lot of hard work.

Studying your Access course in your own time also requires strong time management skills, as well as a solid work ethic to ensure that you’re on track for success. 

These skills and qualities will prove to employers that you’re serious about your career, no matter what the challenges. 

An Access to HE Diploma will also equip you with:

  • Excellent communication skills 
  • Strong organisation skills
  • Problem-solving capabilities

An Access to HE Diploma will not only help you qualify for your perfect career, but it could help you secure it too. 

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Unlocking Your Degree 

The Access to HE Diploma has been designed to make pursuing your next steps as straightforward as possible. 

Delivered 100% online, the Access to HE Diploma can be studied at your pace, around your existing commitments. There will be no strict deadlines to meet so that you can enjoy a stress-free learning experience. 

As long as you complete your Access course in 2 years, you’re free to qualify for university on your terms.

Even though you’ll be the master of your studies, you won’t be alone. You will receive all the support you need to succeed in your online Access course from a dedicated higher education specialist from the minute of enrolment.

Upon completion of your Access to Higher Education Diploma, you’ll be fully prepared for academic study and life at university, ready to pursue the career you’ve always wanted.

To find out more about the Access to Higher Education Diploma, check out the range of courses we offer below. To enrol on your Access to HE Diploma and start your journey to university, call a member of our team on 01202 006 464 today! 

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