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What Dental Nurse Courses Can I Study Online?  

It’s no secret that the healthcare sector is crying out for qualified professionals to help them cater to the medical needs of the public. In helping people return to health and live a long and happy life, these careers are incredibly rewarding, but there just aren’t enough people to fill the opportunities available.

One such role that is in growing demand is that of a Dental Nurse. Like other healthcare roles, Dental Nurses are pivotal in the maintenance of a patient’s health. Not only do they facilitate the prevention of debilitating and potentially life-threatening oral health conditions and infections, but they can also be a part of the restorative process that can transform an individual’s confidence through life-changing reconstructive dental treatments.  

It’s no wonder then that a career as a Dental Nurse is a popular choice, and with recruitment sites reporting a 72% increase in the Dental Nurse salary on offer, it’s a great time to get qualified.  

Thankfully, studying Dental Nurse courses is more convenient now than ever before. With the advent of distance learning providers, it’s now completely possible to complete your studies through online training courses. So, there’s no need to search for ‘Dental Nurse course near me’ anymore! Read below for some of the many Dental Nurse courses you can study from home to advance your career.  

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Courses to Become a Dental Nurse 

If you want to become a Dental Nurse and kick-start this career, you need to study a recognised Dental Nurse qualification. Previously, these were only available in classroom environments, but now, you can complete training online courses that combine home study with work placement assessments.  

learndirect, the leading UK online course provider, offers the NEBDN National Level 3 Diploma in Dental Nursing. This Dental Nurse training course is an internationally recognised qualification which follows the General Dental Council (GDC) framework. As such, it permits you to register with the GDC once you’ve completed the Dental Nurse qualification. This is essential to work in a professional dental setting as a Dental Nurse in the UK.  

A great benefit of this trainee Dental Nurse course is the fact you have to complete a work placement to put your learning into practice. Besides providing an avenue for practical assessment, your work placement enables you to start building your Dental Nurse network, ahead of applying for post-trainee Dental Nurse jobs.

In completing your Dental Nurse course online, you won’t have to worry about the logistical nightmare that can often be associated with on-campus study. Find out more about this recognised diploma in dental nursing and how it is delivered on our website.  

CPD for Dental Nurses 

Once you qualify as a Dental Nurse, you need to complete Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to maintain your GDC registration. This is because your knowledge needs to evolve in line with the changes and advancements in the dental profession.  

Each dental professional, depending on their role, has different CPD requirements to meet. This can cause confusion, and it often leaves new and aspiring Dental Nurses wondering ‘How many hours verifiable CPD for Dental Nurses?’  

Currently, the Dental Nurse CPD requirements are at least 50 hours in a five-year cycle, and at least 10 hours in any two-year period. Luckily, there are numerous ways you can complete verifiable CPD for Dental Nurses to make this process more convenient, one of which is online CPD courses for Dental Nurses and other dental professionals.  

These dental CPD online courses include: 

Medical Emergency CPD for Dental Nurses 

Gain life-saving skills and complete the GDC stipulated 2 hours of basic life support CPD each year through our online Basic Life Support and CPR course. 

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Infection Control CPD for Dental Nurses 

Top up your knowledge on the best ways to keep your dental practice safe and sterile through our online Cross Infection Control CPD course.

Endodontic Course for Dental Nurses 

Learn how to assist with root canals and explore the latest theory in endodontic treatments in our online Endodontic Dental Nursing CPD course.

Fluoride Courses for Dental Nurses 

Gain the skills to apply fluoride varnish to adults and children receiving treatment at your practice in our online Fluoride Varnish Application CPD course.

Dental Nurse Impression Course 

Take on additional responsibilities by learning how to take dental impressions safely in our online Impression-Taking CPD course.

Safeguarding for Dental Nurses CPD Course

Recognise the indicators of abuse and the best ways to keep your patients safe from harm by studying our online Dental Safeguarding of Children and Vulnerable Adults CPD course.  

By completing the core CPD for Dental Nurses and other dental professionals online, you can maintain your GDC registration comfortably around your job and personal commitments. View these and the other dental CPD courses we provide online on our website.

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Dental Nurse Post-Grad Courses

Getting qualified as a Dental Nurse doesn’t have to be the last stop on your career journey. There are many ways you can climb the ladder in a dental practice, and for Dental Nurses, you can align your career with different interests.  

Post-registration dental nursing courses enable you to gain an additional skillset that allows you to take on other responsibilities full-time in your role. Not only will you be able to provide a broader range of services, but Dental Nurses with post-graduate qualifications can also command a higher wage.  

As with our other courses, completing these Dental Nurse post-qualification courses online makes furthering your knowledge and career more achievable. So, you can keep upskilling without having to make lifestyle sacrifices. 

With learndirect, you can study a: 

Dental Nurse Oral Health Education Course  

Help prevent dental disease in society by teaching your dental patients and the public at large about the consequences of a poor diet, bad habits that can affect their oral health and how a poor dental hygiene regime isn’t enough to combat the problems they can face. 

By studying our online Oral Health Education course, you can help prevent dental issues before they occur. During your studies, you will explore everything from current issues in the dental hygiene field to general health and disease, patient assessment and treatment planning. 

On completion, you will be qualified to deliver oral health advice and support to patients with varying needs, educating both patients in your practice and other groups out in the community. 

Dental Nurse Radiography Course 

With our online NEBDN Level 4 Certificate in Dental Radiography course, you will learn how to take top-quality diagnostic images while minimising radiation exposure, a process that contributes to the determination of the root causes of numerous dental problems.   

In equipping yourself with this skillset, you will take the responsibility of diagnostic imaging off the Dentist, which alleviates their workload but also makes the patient experience more efficient overall. 

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Dental Nurse Fluoride Application Course 

We all know prevention is better than cure, and a desirable skillset directly related to the prevention of dental health problems is the application of fluoride varnish. As a beneficial treatment for both adults and children, Dental Nurses trained to apply fluoride varnish are always in demand.  

With our online NEBDN Level 4 Certificate in Fluoride Varnish Application course, you can learn this specific application method from home. You will also come to have an in-depth understanding of the treatment, so you can confidently explain it and its benefits to your patients. This will help them to feel at ease during the procedure and enable them to give you their informed consent ahead of the treatment. 

Study Dental Nurse Courses Online 

The above are just some of many of the dental science courses you can find in the dental faculty on our website. While it may be a new concept to you, there are simply so many benefits to embracing the world of online education.  

With learndirect’s online dental science courses, you will benefit from: 

  • Home Study – The theory elements of our dental science courses are all completed online, from home, or wherever suits you best 
  • No Classes or Term Times – Start your dental science course whenever you’re ready and reach your goal faster than would be possible otherwise  
  • Flexible Payments – No need to panic about your course fees, simply spread them out over a manageable timeframe 
  • Tutor Support – Receive support when required and constructive feedback from professional tutors who are experts in their field 

Find out more about the Dental Nurse courses you can study online with us and how they will advance your career today! Simply call our Course Executives for more information on 01202 006 464 or contact us online

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