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What is Involved in a Dental Nurse Course with Placement?

6th June 23

It is a requirement of dental nursing to begin working as a trainee Dental Nurse in a dental practice for at least 16 hours per week within three months of enrolling on a dental nursing course.

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What are some of the tasks you will do as a Trainee Dental Nurse?

Working as a Trainee Dental Nurse you will complete a variety of roles, with the primary emphasis being on supporting Dentists during procedures and appointments. As well as working closely with Dentists, Dental Nurses are responsible for interacting with patients, easing any anxiety ahead of appointments, and advising them on oral hygiene.

It is a fulfilling and varied role, including preparing fillings, sterilising dental instruments, keeping patient records, and ensuring the workspace is clean. Dental knowledge and a personable approach are the main attributes you need to thrive in this position. Plus, once you qualify as a Dental Nurse, you will be able to progress by gaining additional qualifications.

How Do You Become a Dental Nurse?

You will require an accredited qualification to become a Dental Nurse, and through learndirect, you can study a Dental Nurse course that is approved by the National Examining Board for Dental Nurses (NEBDN). The NEBDN National Level 3 Diploma in Dental Nursing, equivalent to Level 3, covers a realm of topics set out within the GDC (General Dental Council) Scope of Practice. As an accredited Dental Nurse course, UK learners will need to apply for a role as a trainee Dental Nurse working for at least 16 hours a week (although most dental practices will prefer you to work for more).

During the course, you will learn about various oral diseases, treatments, and restorative dentistry, among many other topics. This dental nursing course will teach you everything you need to know, giving you the skills and techniques required to perform competently as a Dental Nurse. Much of the role involves providing support and help to patients who feel nervous in the Dentist's chair.

dental nurse setting up radiography machineThrough a combination of summative and workplace assessments, including a Record of Experience (RoE), you will be on your way to achieving an accredited dental nursing qualification. Some of the topics covered during the dental nurse course, UK learners, include:

• Dealing with Medical Emergencies – While most patients that come into the surgery will have pre-booked appointments, some may require emergency assistance. During this unit, you will learn how to cope in emergency situations as a Dental Nurse, and the treatment process

• Professionalism and the Role of the Dental Nurse – You will need to be aware of the professional and ethical responsibilities of a Dental Nurse, as well as up-to-date legislation. This part of your Dental Nurse course will cover these elements

• Child Dental Health – In your career as a Dental Nurse, you are likely to be involved in procedures for child patients. To confidently assist, you will need to know how to demonstrate patient management skills, as well as how to prepare the workspace for various procedures, including restorative and orthodontic treatments

• Oral Disease – This section of your Dental Nurse course, UK learners, will focus on various oral diseases, including oral cancer. As well as learning about the diseases, you will also understand how these diseases can affect the oral cavity

To achieve your Diploma in Dental Nursing equivalent to Level 3, you will have to pass three assessments, including a written exam and a practical exam and provide a sufficient portfolio of evidence related to your in-practice experience.

Consider an Online Dental Nurse Course; UK Learners

dental nurse looking at x-rayMany people assume that to achieve an accredited qualification in dental nursing, you have to go to college, but learndirect offers you an alternative avenue. As the UK’s leading online learning provider, we have helped more than 4 million students achieve qualifications in their chosen fields. The benefit of studying online is that you can tailor your study schedule to fit around your daily routine.

For example, if you are a parent to young children or have other commitments, you can still successfully achieve a NEBDN Diploma in Dental Nursing equivalent to Level 3 with learndirect. This is because you choose when to study as opposed to sitting in a classroom. However, you need to be aware that one of the requirements of this course is to secure a job working as a Trainee Dental Nurse as soon as you can.

You are required to complete a Record of Experience, which needs to be overseen by a professional that is GDC registered. If you do not have a placement arranged or you are not currently working as a Trainee Dental Nurse, we can find dental nursing vacancies near you and help you look for a job.

What Happens When Working as a Trainee?

Trainee Dental Nurses will be supervised while working at a dental surgery. You will be required to carry out a range of clinical tasks related to dental nursing. This process can be completed either at a dental surgery you already work at or at a placement that you have arranged.

The Record of Experience (RoE) needs to be completed at this stage, and it should contain a portfolio of evidence highlighting your competence as a Dental Nurse when carrying out clinical tasks.

What Can You Do for Dental Nurse Career Progression?

Once you have qualified as a Dental Nurse, you will be required to complete 50 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD), as set out by the Enhanced CPD Scheme 2018 under the General Dental Council (GDC). Undertaking additional courses will ensure that you stay up-to-date with dental practices and maintain a high level of competence in your job.

You might like additionally to broaden your knowledge but studying a post-registration course. You will need your GDC number or enrol on these. Popular choices include the NEBDN Certificate in:

• Oral Health Education

• Implant Nursing

• Radiography

• Orthodontic Nursing

• Fluoride Application

Get in Touch Now to Start Your Dental Nursing Course

If you are keen to start your dental nursing journey, then get in touch with learndirect today to begin a nationally recognised course. As soon as you enrol, you will have access to our online platform with course materials so you can get started instantly!

It is entirely up to you when you study, allowing you to tailor your learning schedule.

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