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12 Days of Christmas – The Access Edition

13th December 21
This Christmas, why not turn your ‘New Year, New Me’ pledge into something that will change your life forever? There’s nothing more rewarding than a career you thoroughly enjoy, and our Access to Higher Education Diplomas can get you on the fast track to requalifying for jobs in a host of exciting and dynamic sectors. 
Read on and find out just some of the many ways an Access course could help you transform your life in 2022!

1. On the first day of Christmas my Access course gave to me... A Midwife Delivering a Baby

Did you know there is a national Midwife shortage? The NHS alone has stated they need at least 2,500 full-time Midwives to meet the demand. With our Access to Higher Education Diploma (Midwifery), you can satisfy the entry requirements for a midwifery degree that is approved by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). 
Our Access to midwifery course is the first step in your journey to working in a role that allows you to witness one of life’s wonders up close.

2. On the second day of Christmas my Access course gave to me... Two Teachers Teaching

Becoming a Teacher positions you to help shape the minds of the children and young people who will one day be the driving force in our society. Not only is it a highly rewarding role, it is one that is also in great demand. 
Within education, the government have struggled to meet their recruitment targets for the seventh consecutive year. So, if you want to help the next generation thrive, there will be plenty of opportunities for you to explore once you qualify as a Teacher. 
Our Access to Higher Education Diploma (Education) provides an alternative to A Levels within the teaching pathway. You’ll learn about the developing child, psychology of learning, development of education and the acquisition of language. As well as safeguarding and managing behaviour in the classroom.
By completing our Access to teaching course, you would be able to study for a Bachelor of Education (BEd) degree with QTS, after which you can qualify as a Teacher and work in an array of exciting roles.
Study Education Online - Access to nursing and midwifery - access to teaching course

3. On the third day of Christmas my Access course gave to me... Three Healthcare Jobs

Studying a course in healthcare is an excellent way to enter careers that are rewarding, dynamic and at the forefront of innovation. If you’re considering a career in healthcare, you may be wondering what the benefit is of studying a broader healthcare course over those that are more specific.
The Access to Higher Education Diploma (Health Professionals) provided by learndirect introduces you to the broad scope of healthcare services on offer today. This is because, unlike other college level courses in healthcare, an Access to health course gives you the ideal foundation to work toward a large number of healthcare professions.  
This is perfect if you know you want to work in healthcare but haven’t made your mind up on how just yet. By studying everything from cell biology to human reproduction, dementia, mental health and illness, you can discover the areas that suit you best during your access to healthcare studies. 
After this, you can go on to study for the degree that will help you meet your chosen career. 

4. On the fourth day of Christmas my Access course gave to me... Four Computer Grads

To work in the computer science field is an attractive prospect for several reasons. You can help drive technical evolution and earn an excellent wage for your time. There is also a huge skills shortage and demand for technologists, so there are many job opportunities available from applications developers to AI professionals. 
With technology becoming an increasing feature of our lives, this area of employment only continues to grow. You can take advantage of the many prosperous career opportunities on offer within this cutting-edge sector by becoming a computer science graduate. 
Our Access to Higher Education Diplomas in Computer Science helps you on the way to doing just that. It stands in place of 3 A Levels, so you will be able to meet university entry requirements. Plus, the Access to computer science course teaches you the key components of the computer science industry so you can start building your technical knowledge before your undergraduate degree. 
Find out more about what you will learn and where your career can go as a Computer Scientist here

5. On the fifth day of Christmas my Access course gave to me... Five Old Books

English is an incredibly important language to learn and study for worldwide communications. It’s also fascinating to analyse its foundations and how it has evolved over time.
By studying English, you can learn to read past the written word and recognise subconscious influences. As well as learn how to approach situations from various angles, all of which are valuable skills to take into any career.
If language, literature and reading a myriad of old world-renowned books appeals to you, but you don’t want to take separate courses, an Access to Higher Education Diploma (English Studies) combines the teachings from both branches of English studies.
This Access English course allows you to gain a well-rounded knowledge of both language constructs and literary analysis, so you’re better prepared for degree level study and future employment opportunities. 
What’s more, Access to HE Diplomas are an A Level equivalent qualification. Giving you the Level 3 knowledge and skill you need to apply to university, without years of study.
Online Courses - access English course - Free English - access course funding

6. On the sixth day of Christmas my Access course gave to me... Six World Protectors

There is so much we can learn by studying the land we live on. Whether you’re passionate about preventing climate change, want a career in agriculture or want to help create a more habitable environment for wild animals, you need to understand the balance of natural life before you can protect our natural world. 
By studying an Access to Higher Education Diploma (Land Based Science), you will learn about the interconnectedness of nature and how the slightest changes can have a cascading effect. All of which will provide you with the grounding you need to go on to further studies at university and embark on a variety of careers in land based science.
Find out more about what learning the lay of the land can help you become in our Access to science course.  

7. On the seventh day of Christmas my Access course gave to me... Seven Builders a-Building

In 2020, almost 77,000 job vacancies listed an ‘engineering degree’ in the job specification to gain employment. In fact, anyone working their way to becoming an engineering graduate will be pleased to know their degree is currently the most in demand in the UK.
This is because Engineers are involved in building everything from robotics to sophisticated electronics, machine learning and mechanics. Basically, they build everything that is required to advance our future. With advancements in society showing no signs of slowing down, neither does the demand for qualified Engineers. 
If you want to fill your 2022 with ingenuity and innovation, you can take the first steps towards a career in this field. Our online Access to Higher Education Diploma (Engineering) will introduce you to the key concepts of engineering, which will be perfect preparation to begin that coveted degree. 

8. On the eighth day of Christmas my Access course gave to me...Eight Nurses Nursing

Do you want to change your career to something more meaningful? One that perhaps puts the needs of others above all else?
By becoming a Nurse, you can provide care for patients as they overcome challenges with their health. Helping them return to wellness – physically, mentally and emotionally – and supporting their family members throughout the process.
The NHS in England has a current shortage of over 38,000 registered Nurses, so there’s certainly ample opportunity for you to find employment once you qualify. Plus, our online Access to Higher Education Diploma (Nursing) can help you fill one of these positions in much less time. 
Being completely online, our nursing diploma could help you potentially be on the way to studying an NMC approved nursing degree within a year. This is because the average completion time of an Access course with us is between 9-12 months!
Study Nursing Online - nursing courses near me - nursing diploma - access to nursing course

9. On the ninth day of Christmas my Access course gave to me... Nine Social Workers

If you have a driving passion to help others, then becoming a Social Worker should be on your career radar. Yes, it takes hard work and dedication to become qualified, but once there you will spend your professional life helping at-risk individuals in your local community. 
Whether their issues are related to mental health, ill health, poverty, disability or otherwise, you will support individuals with identified needs and improve their lives in a highly focused way. 
You will need a degree in social work to become qualified, but you can take the first steps from home with an online social work access course. Our Access to Higher Education Diploma (Social Work) gives you the ideal foundation knowledge to help you hit the ground running. 

10. On the tenth day of Christmas my Access course gave to me... Ten Leaders a-Leading

By choosing to study business management, you will make yourself a highly desirable candidate for a variety of leadership roles in business. If you want a job that is dynamic, challenging and allows you to align your career with your interests, then becoming a business management professional would be an excellent idea. 
Our online Access to Higher Education Diploma (Business and Management) provides you with the perfect knowledge base to get started. From management styles to macroeconomics and market conditions, you will learn essential components of business that you can build on to a degree. 
So, no matter if you want to become your own boss and start your own business, or you want to pursue a senior position in an already established enterprise, this business access course will give you the skills needed to succeed. 
Business Management Course - business access course - access course to business management

11. On the eleventh day of Christmas my Access course gave to me... Eleven Social Scientists

If you want to change your future but you’re not sure in what way, you may be feeling defeated at the first hurdle. 
Deciding now what you want to do for the rest of your life isn’t a choice that should be taken lightly, but if you’ve not had much experience in the areas of work you think you might enjoy, it’s hard to know what the reality will be. 
Thankfully, there is a degree that qualifies you for an exciting range of careers, so you can study now and find your feet, then choose your career path later on.
No matter if you’re fascinated by criminals, how people’s minds work, the way the world is run by politics, or how society acts as a whole, a social science degree can qualify you to work in many roles associated with human behaviour.
You can become a Social Scientist by starting out with one of our Social Science Access to Higher Education Diplomas. Find out more by visiting our Access to Higher Education category today! 

12. On the twelfth day of Christmas my Access course gave to me... Twelve Psych Careers

Did you know that psychology is one of the UK’s fastest-growing degree level subjects, and the fourth most popular overall? This is because the widening application of psychology is allowing for greater opportunities for both study and employment.
Psychology explores the mind to understand the abstract concept of the human condition. While you may be familiar with it being used to identify mental health needs, you may not be aware of just how diverse the study of psychology really is.    
To date, there are at least 56 recognised divisions in this field of study! The careers stemming from them are just as diverse and multifaceted. You can combine an interest in art, animals’ music, crime and even aviation with a career in psychology! 
Find out how by enrolling on one of our online psychology-related Access to Higher Education Diplomas today!

Start Learning Today!

So, if you’re ready to transform your life in 2022, our online Access courses are a quick, effective and affordable way to get you on the path to a career change. 
Being vocation focussed, our Access courses give you the ideal foundation knowledge for a host of exciting and dynamic careers. Plus, being solely online, they allow you to get the qualification and understanding you need for university-level study. 
With one of our Access courses, you will be fully prepared for the next step in your education and on track to your ideal career. No matter if that’s becoming a Nurse, Midwife, Land Based Scientist or Engineer!
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