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learndirect works in partnership with leading providers of training courseware. We provide the expertise and technology that helps publishers develop their courses on our platform (ATOM) and enables them to both provide and market digital content to our learners.

Digital Marketing Institute

A digital specialist, The Digital Marketing Institute offers the most widely taught set of certification standards in digital marketing and selling for learners, educators and industry. With over 18,000 graduates across 100 countries worldwide, the Digital Marketing Institute have trained more professionals to a single education standard than any other certification body.

All Digital Marketing Institute certifications are reviewed and validated by the esteemed Industry Advisory Council (IAC), comprised of the world’s largest and most influential brands. The Council works to set the skills agenda and address the global digital skills shortage. By providing expert review and recommendations on a regular basis, the IAC ensures that each certification is designed and refreshed to equip professionals with the latest and most in-demand digital skills needed to thrive in today’s digitally driven economy.

Armed with a Digital Marketing Institute certification, graduates gain the digital knowledge and skills to drive success in their career and organization. 

Engage in Learning

We create courses with specialist practitioners and customer partners based on experience, real situations and current thinking. Visuals don’t decorate, they illustrate. Interactions aren’t page turners, they engage, provide insight and practice.

Choose when you want to learn, complete courses in one go or bite-size sessions. If you pause your learning, your progress is saved. A simple interface and clear signposting to make navigation instinctive.

Every element of our courses has to pass the “So What” test. What will learners be able to actually do as a result? Learners equipped with immediate and practical tools and techniques for more productive meetings, punchier presentations or improved customer satisfaction!

Essential Skillz

Eurotalk Language Courses

Have you ever despaired of learning by repeating apparently meaningless phrases parrot-fashion? So have we! In order to transfer the information you're taking in from your short-term to your long-term memory, the content has to mean something to you. Repetition alone is rarely enough.

It's like going to a new place for the first time when someone else is driving. You're far less likely to remember the route if you aren't behind the wheel because you're not 'involved' in the same way. But, if you're the driver - and particularly if you're asked to take the same journey again shortly after the first trip - your memory will be greatly improved.

This is because new experiences, which form part of our short-term memory, are transferred to our long-term memory by the acts of involvement and repetition and this is why EuroTalk eLearning tests you on what you've learned with quizzes. These help you understand the context and practical meaning of your new language and, by repeatedly asking you to recall what you've learnt, strengthen your long term memory.


Filtered is an online training platform which personalises learning material for each user. By asking each user questions about their profile, aspiration and proficiency, the platform’s machine learning algorithm is able to pinpoint skills gaps and filter out material that the user doesn’t need or already knows. This minimises time spent training, maximises the impact of learning and increases productivity.

Filtered make training as effective as possible by ensuring learners only digest material that's relevant to them. Their unique and award-winning approach uses adaptive technology to remove content that's not applicable to their role and aspirations, and to provide data driven learning recommendations to get learners to where they want to be - optimally productive in their role.

By asking each user questions about their role, proficiency and career goals, they are able to map such key indicators to competencies and create a personalized and prioritised learning path of just the most relevant learning assets.


  • Over 500,000 users worldwide
  • 26% greater improvement than traditional elearning
  • Personalized learning paths in 30 seconds with globalfilter
  • Responsive layout to learn on any device, anytime, anywhere

Gopas IT training

GOPAS is a provider of highly interactive self-study courses for Office Computer Skills training. Courses on Microsoft Office, ECDL and Windows are available in English, Arabic, French, German, Czech and Slovak localisations.

The courses are flash based and feature a pre-assessment that will map out what subjects need to be covered, and a final assessment which must be passed in order to 'complete' the course. HTML versions are due for release in 2018.

Courses comprise of a series of lessons and a final test. Each lesson includes an interactive tutorial based on a simulation of the application, a supplementary exercise and a brief quiz for reinforcing and verifying the learner’s acquired knowledge.

Tutorial instructions are displayed in the same window as the application and are simultaneously read aloud. The tutorial also includes the tasks that the student is required to complete in the simulated application in order to complete the lesson.

Exercises consist of a series of assignments to be completed in the real application in order to practice the skills covered in the tutorial. This training usually includes a source file and another file that shows the correct result of the exercise.

KAZ Keyboard Skills

Anywhere businesses or organisations want to teach employees to learn to type, you'll find KAZ typing tutor. KAZ keyboard training software offers ease of deployment, super-fast results and proven track record with small and global businesses plus government departments world-wide, making it the smart choice.


KNOWHOW2 maximise your return on investment for each course by designing it so its serves both initial training and post training needs.

If you are new to a subject you are taken step-by-step through each lesson building your knowledge in a simple but informative way. For more experienced users, you can access the courses like a reference tool by utilising the 'just-in-time' training features which allow you to jump directly to specific topics of interest.

Each lesson contains assessment tests containing multiple choice and interactive questions so you can ascertain your current skill levels and identify areas where you may require further training.

Learn iT! Anytime

Learn iT Anytime are experts in the creation of instructional-based online training. Far from simply offering a streamed training video (or “traditional” e-learning), the Learn iT courses are designed to deliver a learning experience, and not just to 'watch someone do it'. Learn iT, the organisation behind the Anytime range is a classroom-based IT training business who recognise that in live training the tutors talk about why you would want to do something, together with real-world applications of the software, and the hidden power-tips. Good tutors also offer frequent recaps to tell you the important points to remember. So Learn iT challenge why these elements are almost always missing in video learning and they put this right… they don't just show, they teach.

In live classes, the tutor explains concepts, shows you how, reviews the important points, and asks you to try it yourself, right? That's how Learn iT Anytime videos work. They even pause themselves while you give your new skills a whirl.

When you learn something new, you have to practice, right? Sometimes new students are at a loss for what they should do to build retention. That's why there are practice assignments, to advise you what to try by yourself. It's like homework that you'll like! Plus, you don't have to turn it in.

Some students like written material to support their learning experience. All students appreciate cheat sheets. Online access to supporting document material is all inclusive.


Since it was launched in 2000 learndirect has helped over 4.5 million people get the skills they need for work and to progress in their careers and is one of the largest integrated providers of courses and qualifications, training and employment services in the UK.  learndirect was one of the first providers to build their own learning platform and develop a range of e-learning materials, particularly specialising in basic and core skills. learndirect has a large team of curriculum specialists, pedagogical experts, instructional designers and content developers and prides itself in producing great quality e-learning for those seeking to improve their basic skills.

learndirect have built ground breaking English and maths assessments, diagnostics and e-learning content which take learners from entry level 3 to Level 2 which have resulted in 700,000 learners achieving maths and English test passes.  In addition, learndirect have specialised in the build of exemplary employability e-learning, helping learners write CV’s, apply for jobs and be successful at interview.  They have produced a huge wealth of e-learning for employers and employed learners looking to improve their skills in areas such as business, customer services and health and safety.  learndirect also offer a range of e-learning in life skills, helping learners develop money management skills and improve their health and well-being.   

Me Learning

Me Learning have been providing high quality e-learning content to the Health and Social Care sector for 10 years. They work with 110 Local Authority customers who implement a range of different products and services that they offer, across areas such as Safeguarding, Health and Safety and Information Governance. Over 200,000 registered users have now benefited from one or more of their eLearning courses.

Their courses are CPD Certified and are developed in a way that encourages interaction and engagement with case studies, examples and quizzes.

NS Professionals

NSProfessionals Ltd are specialists in training and consultancy, providing bespoke courses and leadership in safeguarding children, young people and adults at risk.

NSProfessionals Ltd has been trading for over ten years and has developed a reputation based on professionalism and high quality work. They have a proven track record of success in helping organisations to reach the standards required to ensure that their clients are as safe as they possibly can be.

NSProfessionals Ltd is led by Naomi Smith RGN RSCN RHV BA(Hons), who has worked in safeguarding and protection for the past 20 years. Naomi has worked within the NHS, the independent and the voluntary sector, leading services and ensuring that they are appropriate and led by the needs of the clients. She has worked at practitioner and strategic level in safeguarding and has delivered many well-evaluated and effective training programmes over the past 15 years.


PEARL is an innovative and engaging virtual learning environment with media rich, responsive e-learning content.  The system is device agnostic and available 24/7 which allows learners to learn at times and places that suit their lifestyles.   PEARL is using incredibly innovative, technology enabled learning strategies and e-assessments to overcome traditional barriers to distance learning.  These include:

  • the ability to customise learning materials and giving learners the choice of who they access their learning - either through
    • "Classic" content delivery where learning is delivered via rich media including text, images, quizzes, interactive games, video, and audio accessible via smartphone, tablet or computer.
    • “Socially Interactive Content” where learners can choose to view learning content annotated and added to by peers.  They can highlight "teach points" of interest, add hyperlinks, comments, additional resources or footnotes to learning materials. These notes are then viewable by other learners on the same course - thereby ensuring that content is enriched in a collaborative manner.
  • The ability to add additional course content whereby learners are engaged and encouraged to create additional resources, to share with fellow learners, on a community basis.
  • Unique online technology assisted e-assessments which enable assessments for both competency and knowledge based assessment criteria to be achieved entirely online, and remotely, without the need for an assessor to go to the learner's workplace
  • Open Badges. Learners who achieve via PEARL will also be awarded with an Open Badge for their qualification which will allow qualifications/Open Badges to be shareable, interoperable, and portable.
  • Learners have a digital "Qualifications Backpack" called The Qualification Register (QR), where their Open Badges are stored, enabling them to share qualification information with potential employers and/or other education institutions.

PEARL's unique features mean that it is able to provide a supported VLE which engages learners and supports their studies throughout their learning journey.


Sage is the market leader for integrated accounting, payroll, and payment systems, supporting the ambition of the world’s entrepreneurs.

Like many of the businesses they serve, Sage began as a small business and has grown beyond what seemed imaginable. Today over 13,000 colleagues now support millions of entrepreneurs across 23 countries as they power the global economy.

They help drive today’s business builders with a new generation of solutions to manage everything from money to people.

Sage e-learning courses provide the official and definitive training for Sage accounting and bookkeeping software, and also provide the background knowledge for Sage certification in these subjects.

Stonebridge College

Stonebridge College are one of the UK’s leading providers of recognised distance learning qualifications, with over 50,000 students learning and over 700 accredited distance learning courses on offer.  Stonebridge Colleges are huge advocates of the distinct benefits of distance learning – with the flexibility it offers learners on how and when they learn, the reduced cost and greater affordability of learning from home and the wider choice of qualifications on offer through this route.  Their unique offering is fully supported, each learner receives rich interactive course materials, online support from their personal assessors, a personal tutor committed to helping them succeed and further support from the wider learner and learning community.  The online content is accessible 24/7 with all study materials and guides available to learners.  Learners work through the content at their own pace and submit question papers to their tutors, who mark their work and provide results and detailed individual feedback. 

Training Bytesize - Project Management

Training ByteSize is a family run and owned Accredited Training Provider, and one of the largest specialist providers of Programme and Project Management training.

Accredited by the Association of Project Management (APM), APMG International, BCS & Peoplecert, their courses meet and exceed the standards set and offer an interactive way to learn. With over 20 years of experience, they create high quality multimedia courses which are used by over 5,000 companies worldwide.

They constantly look for the next thing in Project Management and develop the latest courses. We also have also developed PRINCE2 in 5 languages!

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