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Since it was launched in 2000 learndirect has helped over 4.5 million people get the skills they need for work and to progress in their careers and is one of the largest integrated providers of courses and qualifications, training and employment services in the UK.  learndirect was one of the first providers to build their own learning platform and develop a range of e-learning materials, particularly specialising in basic and core skills. learndirect has a large team of curriculum specialists, pedagogical experts, instructional designers and content developers and prides itself in producing great quality e-learning for those seeking to improve their basic skills.

learndirect have built ground breaking English and maths assessments, diagnostics and e-learning content which take learners from entry level 3 to Level 2 which have resulted in 700,000 learners achieving maths and English test passes.  In addition, learndirect have specialised in the build of exemplary employability e-learning, helping learners write CV’s, apply for jobs and be successful at interview.  They have produced a huge wealth of e-learning for employers and employed learners looking to improve their skills in areas such as business, customer services and health and safety.  learndirect also offer a range of e-learning in life skills, helping learners develop money management skills and improve their health and well-being.   

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