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Have you ever despaired of learning by repeating apparently meaningless phrases parrot-fashion? So have we! In order to transfer the information you're taking in from your short-term to your long-term memory, the content has to mean something to you. Repetition alone is rarely enough.

It's like going to a new place for the first time when someone else is driving. You're far less likely to remember the route if you aren't behind the wheel because you're not 'involved' in the same way. But, if you're the driver - and particularly if you're asked to take the same journey again shortly after the first trip - your memory will be greatly improved.

This is because new experiences, which form part of our short-term memory, are transferred to our long-term memory by the acts of involvement and repetition and this is why EuroTalk eLearning tests you on what you've learned with quizzes. These help you understand the context and practical meaning of your new language and, by repeatedly asking you to recall what you've learnt, strengthen your long term memory.

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