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Innovative Education Package Announced To Tackle School No-Shows

6th September 22

With evidence showing that pupils with higher school attendance get better GCSE and A-Level grades, the Department for Education is putting measures in place to maximise time spent in the classroom.

In a recent announcement, UK schools were encouraged to work with councils as they roll out a new package that aims to provide the support pupils need to turn up to learn.

Realising that there can be a number of reasons pupils fail to show, the innovative measures will unearth the causes of classroom absence in individuals and spot trends in groups, like children on free school meals for instance.

The proposed package includes:

  • Targeted family support including home visits for those with barriers to attending school
  • Enhanced data tools to quickly identify and solve consistent issues
  • A three-year 1-2-1 attendance mentoring pilot to provide tailored support to more than 1,600 persistently and severely absent pupils by tackling factors like bullying or mental health issues
  • A new interactive national attendance dashboard and reported fortnightly attendance data to highlight daily, weekly and termly trends

Launching in Middlesborough in its initial phase, the package will be rolled out into other areas next year.

Improve The Classroom Experience For Your Pupils

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