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Dog Grooming Qualifications and Training Courses

7th January 21

Dog grooming is a profession that allows you to be both hands-on and creative. It also positions you to play an active part in maintaining the health and welfare of canine pets. Something which all dog lovers are passionate about.

Aspiring dog groomers have several routes they can choose from to access this thoroughly enjoyable career. Since there are no specified requirements, you can get into the role through apprenticeships or on the job training.

Dog grooming qualifications and training courses are also a popular option since they evidence your knowledge of grooming processes. Many people don’t realise how complex dog grooming is, or the level of learning required for a truly professional service. It certainly extends further than a quick wash and dry.

This is why courses are so beneficial. Not only do they equip you to become a dog groomer, they can help you build on an existing career.

With courses catering to entry-level and experienced groomers, you can learn all there is to know about hygienic canine care.

learndirect - dog grooming qualifications and training courses

Dog Grooming Professional

This Level 3 Dog Grooming Professional course has been endorsed under the ABC Awards and Certa Awards Quality Licence Scheme. Meaning it has undergone an external quality check to ensure it meets defined quality criteria.

It’s perfect for those looking to enter the profession but provides detailed knowledge that will benefit active grooming professionals too. 

Over 12 modules you’ll learn everything required to groom dogs effectively and professionally. From canine anatomy to how to assess a variety of health conditions and different treatment techniques.

The course also includes information on your safety and how to keep dogs safe. As well as the fundamentals for starting a grooming business. Upon successful completion, you’ll be fully prepared to go it alone in the industry. Be it in a premise or mobile facility.  

learndirect - dog grooming courses and qualifications

Dog Grooming Professional Advanced

This Advanced Dog Grooming course teaches you about the finer, advanced aspects of the subject. Going into more detail about the skin conditions, diseases and parasites that can be contracted. As well as canine dental anatomy and how to appropriately treat puppies and ageing dogs.

It also explains the different needs and requirements when grooming certain breeds such as Schnauzers and Bichon Frise. Allowing you to care for dogs of all shapes and sizes in a responsible, safe and conscious way.

The course comprises of 13 modules. It is a great lead on for those having studied the Dog Grooming Professional course or those with grooming experience.

This course has been benchmarked at Level 4 against level descriptors published by Ofqual. Indicating the level of study, demand and complexity involved. It has also been endorsed by the ABC Awards and Certa Awards Quality Licence Scheme.

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Pet Grooming Advanced

If you’re looking to maximise the offering of your grooming business, consider expanding your services to all pets. Should this appeal to you, a Pet Grooming Advanced course would be the ideal choice.

This course teaches you grooming techniques for dogs, cats and small pets. Leaving no stone unturned on your path to becoming a professional groomer.

Over 13 modules you will examine the elements of advanced care covered in the Dog Grooming Professional Advanced course. As well as looking in detail at the requirements for cats and small animal grooming.

For cats, this includes identifying the different types of coat on long-haired cats. Why and when cats need to be groomed. How to bathe, groom and lion clip properly and safely. Plus, the different cat grooming services that can be offered.

In the instance of small animals, you’ll learn why small pets need to be groomed. The correct and safe way of bathing, grooming and trimming small pets. How important it is to handle them correctly. Ways to identify the different breeds of long-haired guinea pigs and rabbits. What fly strike is, how to treat and prevent it. As well as how to clean small pets’ scent glands.

This course is ideal for anyone looking to offer a complete, professional pet grooming service. You’ll be in an excellent position to treat pets and advise owners on how to care for their beloved animals. And should you prefer to seek employment over starting your own business, you’ll be highly desirable to employers.

This qualification is also benchmarked at Level 4 and endorsed by the ABC Awards and Certa Awards Quality Licence Scheme.

None of the above courses require any previous qualifications or experience. Allowing you to make an immediate start towards your professional dog or pet grooming career.

learndirect - learn to groom dogs, cats and small pets online

Where you can take your Career

Once you complete your dog grooming qualification or training course, you have to decide how you’d prefer to work. The benefit of a dog or pet grooming career is that, when self-employed, you decide the hours you work. Giving you the freedom to work around family or whenever you have time available.

Some of the routes you can take your career are listed below:

Work from Home

Many groomers choose to run their business from home to save on expenses and reduce travel. This is a great option if you have the space and your clients don’t mind coming to you.

Go Mobile

Setting up a mobile facility is another way to start a business without the costs of a fixed location. You still get to choose when you work and can broaden your services to a wider net of customers. It also allows you to separate work from home life and keep your home free from pet hair.

Set up a Salon

Having a salon is a great way to cement your services in the community and gain exposure. It might be more expensive, but you have the freedom to extend your services should you wish to. Giving you more flexibility to alter your offering based on market needs and generate more money to cover overheads.  

Seek Employment

You can also become a professional dog groomer without the added responsibility of setting up a business. There are many established independent groomers and larger chain pet stores offering employment opportunities.

Each have their own opportunities for progression. Or they can provide you with the experience and confidence to go it alone at a later date.  

With experience, you could also put your skills and knowledge into training other aspiring groomers.


There are many dog grooming qualifications and training courses you can take to reach your career goal. The ones listed above are all available to study online. Meaning you can learn and train outside of your current job or around existing commitments.

learndirect is a leading UK distance learning provider. With many animal care, health and welfare-related courses available to study.

Make your ambitions a reality and train online to become a professional dog or pet groomer. Click below to view our courses in more detail.  

You can also keep track of all animal awareness days and events with our FREE calendar! Download it here.

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