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What Is It Like to Be A Dog Groomer?

Posted on 23/12/2020
What Is It Like to Be A Dog Groomer?

Becoming a dog groomer is an extremely rewarding career for dog-lovers. In fact, most dog groomers are highly satisfied with their work. Which makes sense when you think they’re spending the day with adorable pooches.

But more than that, dog groomers actually play a very important role in dog care. They help maintain the dog’s overall hygiene and decrease the chances of health problems.

You’ll check dogs for cuts, bruises and parasites. As well as educate pet owners on how to take care of their dog between grooms.

Starting a dog grooming business allows you to be in control of your earning whilst doing something you’re passionate about. And you know what they say, “if you do something you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

So, if you want to be a cut above the rest, pun intended, then read on to learn what it’s like to be a dog groomer.  

What Does a Dog Groomer Do?

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A dog groomer’s role is to keep dogs clean and tidy which helps maintain their health and happiness. They’ll work on the dog’s ears, fur and nails brushing out any mattes and checking for parasites along the way.

Before you start working on the dog you’ll talk with the pet-owner about how they want their dog groomed. Once you understand the client’s vision they’ll bring the dog onto the table to inspect more closely.

You’ll use a variety of tools and techniques to groom the dog depending on their size and breed.

Firstly you’ll start by brushing the fur, cleaning the ears and clipping the nails before moving on to a bath. Dogs may get nervous or skittish at this stage so it’s your job to keep them calm.

Every dog is unique, so you need to be prepared for different behaviours and understand how to deal with them.

Once the dog is properly rinsed you’ll blow-dry the hair and begin cutting the fur. This requires a lot of precision and patience to ensure that you and the dog are both safe. Especially in sensitive areas such as the paws or ears.

Grooming dogs is a messy process. After you’re finished you’ll need to make sure the space is tidy and ready for the next client.

Key Qualities of a Dog Groomer

Being an excellent dog groomer requires in-depth knowledge, practical skill and precision. However, being a successful dog groomer falls on more than just your ability to groom.

As a dog groomer, you’ll need a range of skills and attributes on top of your knowledge and expertise.

Ability to handle all dogs

Not all the dogs you’ll encounter will be well-behaved. It’s your job as a dog groomer to be able to handle these situations.

Whether they’re anxious or short-tempered you need be able to identify their behaviours and react accordingly. Some dogs may be prone to unexpected nipping whilst others may grow restless after grooming for long periods.

Understanding dog behaviours and having the skill set to deal with them is essential for any groomer. You must be able to differentiate from when a dog is scared, in pain or about to misbehave.

Not only will this guarantee your safety but also the safety of the dogs you’re grooming. Which then ensures the overall grooming experience is better for you, the dog and the pet-owner.  


Starting out as a dog groomer can be challenging, as it is with any new business venture. You need to have the patience it takes to build up a client-base, especially early on.

Depending on the number of other dog grooming businesses in your area this could take a while.  

However, if you’re a great groomer who has a good rapport with clients then your business will grow with time. So, you need to have the resilience to persevere in the initial stages even if it’s slow.

Believe in your ability as a groomer and an entrepreneur to know that you can make this your career.

Excellent Customer Service Skills

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Any client-based business owner needs to have excellent customer service skills. Although you will spend most of your time around dogs you still need to communicate with pet-owners.

You’ll need to speak to each owner to determine exactly what type of cut they want. And then be able to deliver the results.

But more than that you have to make each customer feel appreciated every time they visit you. As well as come across responsible and professional so they feel safe leaving their dogs in your hands.

By looking after your customers you are helping your business grow. Happy customers are most likely to return and they’re likely to leave positive reviews that will attract new clients.

Getting Qualified

No previous experience or qualifications are needed to become a dog groomer. You could find a job in a salon and work as an apprentice until you gain experience. Although your pay would reflect that.

If you’re looking at changing careers or starting your own business it’s a much better idea to get qualified. Enrolling onto a dog grooming course online or through physical college can help you develop your skills.

Dog grooming courses will often cover:

  • Dog Behaviours
  • Parasites
  • Dentistry
  • Dealing with puppies
  • Dealing with ageing dogs
  • Cutting for specific breeds such as poodles, bichon frise and schnauzers.

Online courses are particularly useful as they give you the flexibility to learn in your own time. You won’t have to worry about rearranging your schedule to progress with your learning. Just log in and study when it suits.

Of course, it helps if you have willing participants to practice on. Whether that’s a friend’s dog or a dog of your own.


If you’re ready to become a qualified dog groomer then learndirect can help you reach your goals. As one of the UK’s leading online learning providers, you’re able to study to become a dog groomer from home.  

Our courses have flexible payment options and tutor support to help you throughout your learning experience. They’ll provide constructive feedback and any extra assistance where needed.

To learn more about how to prepare for your online learning experience visit our blog here.

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