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Why Study Advertising Courses?

If you consider yourself to be a creative thinker and love seeing your ideas come to life, you’d likely be well suited to a career in advertising. This isn’t often the first type of job you think of when you want to utilise a person’s creative abilities, but advertising is an especially creative career, particularly in a rapidly evolving and competitive market.  

Many people who ask ‘why choose advertising as a career?’, aren’t aware of just how innovative and forward-thinking the industry is. You have to get deep into the minds of your target audience to find what makes them tick. Identify a need they want filled and come up with an enticing, original way of getting what you’re advertising in front of them. That way, they remember that product or service ahead of the many others competing in the space.  

So, if you understand what people want, and have some exciting ideas about how to get their attention, there are a number of career paths that you can pursue with these traits. In many cases, starting a career in advertising is possible without qualifications, but if you want to climb the ladder swiftly, you’re better off getting qualified.  

What is Advertising Course? 

Careers in advertising industry require you to be knowledgeable about current advertising methods, and there’s no better way of getting that information than through a highly targeted course.  

Advertising courses aim to teach learners the principles of advertising and marketing, so you know the ‘why’ as well as the ‘how’. You will also delve into the legal, ethical and social responsibilities of advertisers, so you act responsibly towards the needs of your customers. 

Once you have a solid grasp on this theoretical aspect, you will then move on to explore different ways to engage and communicate with target audiences and existing customers. This is in addition to learning how to create and manage media campaigns. 


Advertising Courses Online


Study Advertising University Courses 

Careers with advertising degrees often pay more and have a higher level of responsibility. If you’re looking to climb the ladder, getting an advertising degree is a great way of reaching your professional goals.  

By studying advertising design courses, you can get a taste of the industry and make sure this line of work is for you. You will also get a foundation of knowledge that will help you decide on the degree you want to study and the advertising career path you want to follow.  

When you come to apply to university, you could study: 

  • Advertising 
  • Graphic Design (Advertising and Branding) 
  • Advertising and Marketing 
  • Creative Advertising 
  • Advertising, Public Relations and Branding  
  • Media, Communications and Advertising 
  • Fashion Communication and Promotion 
  • Advertising Design, and many more 

Please note, each degree will have its own entry requirements. 

Pursue Exciting Advertising Careers 

There are many career options after advertising courses are completed. Advertising is an ever-growing field. The addition of online methods, for instance, changed the face of this industry forever. This means there is a constant stream of new job and research-based opportunities coming available for you to take advantage of. 

By studying advertising courses, you will gain a number of highly desirable skills that employers will be looking for. These include: 

  • Campaign planning and development 
  • Critical thinking 
  • Digital communication 
  • Evaluating campaign success 
  • Persuasion and motivation 
  • Researching 
  • Strategising 

With these skills, there are many opportunities you could explore, these include: 

  • Advertising Account Executive 
  • Advertising Account Planner 
  • Advertising Art Director 
  • Advertising Copywriter 
  • Creative Director 
  • Digital Marketer 
  • PPC Specialist 
  • Sales Promotion Account Executive 

Careers in advertising, UK learners, pay relatively high wages too – around £47,500 a year on average – so you can expect to have a comfortable lifestyle as an advertising professional. You could also work in a range of capacities, perhaps embarking on a career in advertising agency, working for yourself or working in house for an individual business.  

Advertising Course Details 

There are a whole host of courses you can study in advertising depending on whether you’re looking to gain specific skills, or you want to understand the subject in its entirety.  

A great way to get started is with a course that covers all grounds to give you a foundation knowledge that you can build upon. learndirect provide an online certificate in advertising which will help you get to grips with what the advertising world is all about.  

learndirect’s advertising course description:  

In this course, you will cover a range of industry essential topics 

  • Introduction to Advertising - Examine factors to consider when entering the advertising business 
  • Advertising for the Small Business – Discuss how to plan and create an advertisement and the importance of product objectives 
  • Media – Evaluate the various media available to an advertiser 
  • Costs – Analyse who pays for advertising and examine the principle of budgeting and costing 
  • Putting the Advertisement Together – Examine what needs to be taken into consideration when creating an advertisement 
  • The Agency – Discuss the function of an advertising agency 
  • Types of Advertising – Evaluate different ways in which a small advertiser can promote his product or service 
  • Public Relations – Introduce Public Relations and explain how it can present a distinct corporate identity 
  • Controls – Explain what provisions are made for controls on advertising and define the importance of Trademarks and Registration 

Courses such as those in business marketing and marketing communications also explore advertising in their modules, and would give you a great starting point in learning about this branch of the marketing mix. 


Study Advertising with learndirect


Why Study Online Advertising Courses? 

There are many online advertising courses with certificates, but unless you are familiar with the benefits of online study, you may not see the appeal of opting for this type of course. 

Online courses like the ones provided by learndirect, make education flexible so that the ability to learn and improve is accessible for everyone. If you need to juggle your studies with your job and other commitments, it’s completely doable when you can study around them. 

You won’t have to leave the office early or arrange for someone else to collect the kids from school, just log on when it’s convenient. Online courses are also generally less expensive and there is more variety in the subjects you can study.  

One of the main draws of online advertising courses is they remove the anxieties associated with classroom learning. You won’t have to study in a group, and you won’t have the stress of exams. What’s more, as the materials can be worked through at your pace, you can complete your course much faster than would be possible in classroom education.  

The best advertising courses for you will depend on how you prefer to learn and how much time you have available to commit to study. If you need to fit your studies around your lifestyle, you should consider online courses.  

Enrol Online Today 

If you’re ready to put your imagination to the test in a challenging, rewarding and ultimately well-paid career, you can enrol on learndirect’s online advertising course today.  

With dedicated tutor support, you can get professional guidance and advice throughout the duration of your studies. You will also be able to spread the cost of your course across a manageable timeframe, so your education is more affordable.  

Find out more by talking to our Course Executives today. They can help you understand what to expect from your course, give study advice and help you set up a flexible payment plan.  

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