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What Careers Can I Pursue with an Advertising Qualification?

30th September 21

Do you want a job that is stimulating, provides ample opportunities for progression, gives you the chance to put your creative ideas into play and one that pays you well for all of your efforts? If so, you should absolutely consider the many career options in advertising.  

Advertising at its core is the study of people, their needs and desires. You need to know what they want and why, and how their needs evolve in line with societal changes. Then, by studying advertising courses, you learn how to monetise this through effective advertising strategies.  

You’ll learn how to capture their attention, arouse their interest, make them want what you’re offering and get them to act on that desire. These skills are undoubtedly essential in any business, but what exactly can you do career-wise with advertising qualifications? 


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Different Advertising Careers  

By understanding advertising and marketing principles, the legal, ethical and social responsibilities of advertisers and how to create and manage media campaigns, you can pursue a vast array of related careers.  

You could become an: 

Advertising Account Executive 

Working agency side, you would manage a portfolio of the agencies clients and concoct creative ideas for their advertising campaigns. You will take responsibility for the coordination of these advertising campaigns, seeing them through from conception to completion. You will also make sure each person involved is up to speed with what they need to do to make the campaign a success.  

Advertising Account Planner 

In a more strategic role, this advertising career requires you to think ahead and map out the communication strategy for your client's advertising campaigns. You will liaise with them to identify what business goals they are trying to achieve.  

Then, you will perform research that will inform advertising strategies, analyse demographics, socioeconomics and other data that will help you develop ideas and present them to the client. Once decided, you will oversee the implementation of the strategy with the required personnel.  

Advertising Art Director 

As an Advertising Art Director, you focus your attention on the visual elements of advertising campaigns. Depending on the type of work you produce, this could be anything from television ads to digital marketing graphics or billboard posters. You’ll determine the client’s needs, pitch ideas, produce storyboards or rough examples of the suggested work before going ahead and working on the final design. 

Advertising Copywriter 

Often working alongside the Art Director, in this role, you would handle the copy that accompanies the visual elements in advertising campaigns. In this instance, you will need excellent writing skills and a natural way with words. With these, you can create anything from standout headlines to catchphrases, leaflet copy or scripts. 

Creative Director 

If you’re proficient across the advertising spectrum, you could work your way into a Creative Director position. This advertising career sees you managing the entire team of professionals involved in the creation of advertising campaigns. You will need to be a proven leader to obtain this status, and take full responsibility for the planning, development and delivery of projects.    

Digital Marketer 

As a digital marketer, you take your knowledge of advertising and channel it into a variety of digital marketing activities. This would be any form of communication or promotion that utilises the internet and mobile technology, like social media, SEO, PPC, mobile and affiliate marketing. 

PPC Specialist 

Pay Per Click (PPC) is widely regarded as one of the most successful forms of online advertising. This is because it can provide quick results, reliable returns and can help businesses become far more visible in the online world. As a PPC specialist, you would focus your advertising skills on maximising the results of PPC campaigns. This includes writing engaging copy, performing keyword research, analysing trends and making data-driven decisions. 


What Careers Can I Pursue with an Advertising Qualification? (Career%20in%20advertising.jpg)


How to Make a Career in Advertising 

If you’re wondering how to start a career in advertising, it is possible to break into the industry without any qualifications. However, you would need to start at a low level position and work your way up the ranks gradually as you learn on the job and gain experience.  

Undoubtedly, the best way to reach your advertising career goals quickly is by studying targeted courses that will equip you for the industry. This not only helps you hit the ground running once employed, it also proves your skills and dedication to this career path to employers.  

A course in advertising, like this one offered by learndirect, puts you in an excellent starting position for any advertising career. It takes you through the many important factors you need to be aware of when entering an advertising role, giving you the valuable understanding that employers are looking for.  

You will examine the costs of advertising and the platforms which are available to you, as well as the importance and the functions of agencies, public relations and advertising for the small business.  

With this knowledge, you will be able to make an informed decision over your future in advertising and which career path you would like to pursue. Should you need higher level qualifications to reach your advertising career goals, you will have strong foundation knowledge that you can build on in your degree.  

Get Started Today 

By choosing to study advertising online with learndirect, you can work towards a career in the advertising and marketing roles without impacting your lifestyle. Being able to study any time of day or night puts your education in your hands, so you can work your way to a rewarding career on your terms. 

Our advertising course helps you to get the skills to enter the industry and hit the ground running, aligning you to roles with higher wages and levels of responsibilities than you would be able to pursue otherwise.  

The course is delivered through a blend of engaging online learning materials, which are available to complete once you enrol. You are also free to work through the course at your pace, so you can finish as soon as you’re ready. Helping you access your new advertising career as fast as possible.   

Find out more by talking with our Course Executives today. They can run through all your questions and help you get started with your learning.  

Call them on 01202 006 464, contact them online or click the link to view the course below.  


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