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Is there an Online Course for the Study of Elephants?

The animal kingdom is made up of an array of species from all corners of the Earth. The beauty of this diversity is that each animal group contributes to the world in a different way. Elephants are imposing and majestic creatures, and it is no surprise that these animals are favourites among people all over the world.

While they may originate in Africa and Asia, elephants have a global presence such is their importance to the animal kingdom. If you have a passion for these wonderful creatures, then you can learn more about their attributes by taking a course that focuses on the study of elephants. Continue reading to learn more about how you can gain a well-rounded knowledge of these fascinating animals.

Why Study Elephants?

There is no doubt that an elephant is an impressive being to look at, and while there are many things we know about them, such as their intelligence and memory, there are many more things about them that you may not have known. One of the first things you will learn through the study of elephants is that they are a keystone species that helps to maintain the biodiversity of an ecosystem.

An ecosystem is defined as an area that contains a community of organisms that interact with each other and the environment around them. An elephant researcher will know that elephants help to maintain all the various types of life, including animals, plants, fungi, which is known as biodiversity.

Elephants could easily be known as nature’s engineers such is their influence. During your study of elephants, you will learn that these magnificent creatures can create pathways for animals to pass through in dense forested areas.

Not only that, but their large footprints act as areas for microecosystems to form. These smaller systems of multiple species can develop in the footprint of an elephant. In addition to this, elephants also provide the below.


In dry environments, elephants dig for water by using their tusks, and as a result, water becomes available for other animals in the area.

Plant Growth

When elephants eat vegetation, due to their large size they end up leaving big gaps, which not only creates a pathway for animals to go through, but also for new plants to grow.


Elephant Studies


Culturally Admired

Across Africa and Asia, elephants have earned great respect due to their high level of intelligence, and as a result they have become a big part of the culture. Elephants are admired far and wide, attracting global interest, which in turn attracts funding for conservation.

If you already have an interest in these animals, then the study of elephants will allow you to learn the intricate details about this important species. By learning more about elephants, you will be able to contribute to the efforts to maintain their existence.

What is the Study of Elephants Called?

There is no specific term attributed to the study of elephants as there are many professions that delve into the attributes, features, and behaviours of these animals. For example, an Elephant Researcher will be responsible for learning about elephants and their environments.

How to Study Elephants Online

Traditionally, if you wanted to get a qualification in elephant behaviour studies or a related course, you would have to do in-person learning at an educational establishment. Now, with the help of learndirect, you can achieve accredited qualifications solely online.

The Elephant Studies Level 3 Award (RQF) provides you with a wealth of crucial knowledge needed to give you an overall understanding of the evolutional, biological, ecological, and behavioural developments of elephants. From the comfort of your own home, you can obtain a nationally recognised qualification.

As soon as you enrol with learndirect, you will be given 24/7 access to all of the online materials you need to embark on your study of elephants. Rather than having to wait for term times, you can begin learning your new course instantly. Your study will break down into to units, which comprise of the following topics:

Unit 1: Elephant Evolution, Biology, Ecology and Behaviour

  • You will begin your learning journey by studying the key principles of elephant biology and how they have evolved over the years
  • To gain a more in-depth understanding of the important role that elephants play within the ecosystem, you will learn the intricacies of elephant ecology
  • Elephants have patterns of behaviour, like other animals, and this part of your study will allow you to explore this behaviours

Unit 2: Elephants in Captivity and Conservation

  • When an elephant is in captivity, they need to be cared for properly, and in this part of your course you will learn about these key principles;
  • Health problems can sometimes transpire when elephants are in captivity, and this unit will outline the ones to be aware of
  • Behavioural problems will also be covered in this section of your study of elephants
  • To potentially help with future conservation efforts, you will need to learn about the existing work and the key principles of providing a sustainable future for elephants

Once you have completed both units successfully, you will be awarded with an Elephant Studies Level 3 Award (RQF), which is nationally recognised. To pass, you will need to complete internal online assessments, which will be assigned for the end of each unit. After our qualified animal tutors assess the assignments, they will provide feedback to help you progress.

You do not require any prior qualifications to enrol on this course, but you must be aged 16 or older. One of the many great things about studying an online course with learndirect is that you have freedom over your study schedule. You have two years to complete it, but most learners achieve their qualifications in around 9-12 months.

Full support from a personal tutor will be provided and you will have contact details for our Student Support Officers. Studying online is a revolutionary way to experience academic progression, and best of all, you can work around your existing commitments. This makes it perfect for full-time workers, those with young children, or anyone that has other priorities they need to focus on.


Online learning


Exciting Job Roles

Once you have completed your study of elephants, you can use the accredited qualification to progress in your career. Having this level of knowledge will make you an attractive candidate to prospective employers, and some of the roles you may want to consider include:

  • Zookeeper
  • Wildlife Biologist
  • Conservation Officer
  • Elephant Researcher

It is important to be mindful of the fact that you may require additional qualifications to secure your desired job role. Indeed, if you simply want to expand your knowledge of elephants to satisfy your personal interest, this Level 3 Award is ideal. If you have a passion for wildlife in general, then you can go on to study the following courses:


Enrol Today!


If you want to embark on the study of elephants because you have a personal interest in wildlife, or you want to pursue a relatable career, enrol on our accredited course today! You can find out more information by speaking to one of our Course Executives on 01202 006 464 or you can contact us via our support centre.

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