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If you have a passion for teaching, our education, teaching and coaching courses cover everything to do with the learning experience. There is plenty on offer with courses available at all levels, from early years education programmes and specialist training qualifications to assessor and instructor courses. We are dedicated to helping aspiring teachers, teaching assistants and other education support staff to achieve their educational career goals.

Besides the new skills and knowledge that stimulates career progression, many of our students opt to continue their training to become teachers.

For teaching assistants, our three most popular home study courses are listed on the Ofqual Register and they all benefit from the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) accreditation, a well-recognised endorsement nationwide. RQF qualifications are accepted by schools as proof of knowledge and competence, they often require a work placement period within a relevant educational environment which enables the building of practical skills.

We also offer ‘Lifestyle’ courses, and diplomas which can both help introduce a subject, so you can see if this is right for you, and provide top-up, specialist knowledge for those looking to develop their careers.

With learndirect online courses, you will not need to put your career on hold. You have access to all the learning materials, as well as tutor support and feedback from the comfort of your own home. Whether you need educational support, administrative assistance or a bit of motivation, we are here to help you attain the success you deserve.

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The Regulated Qualifications Framework is an Ofqual initiated scheme, a nationwide recognized accreditation. The RQF scheme was put in place by the government to encompass and replace the more traditional training standards such as the NVQs, and later QCFs. By choosing to study an RQF you will have a qualification that carries meaning and recognition to future employers.

Most of our lifestyle courses are ABC accredited. ABC Awards is a leading national awarding body, offering Ofqual-regulated qualifications. With a comprehensive portfolio of qualifications in topics ranging from animal care to yoga teaching, you can be sure to find one that suits your interest.