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Is Online Education as Good as Bricks and Mortar?

4th May 20

Traditional educational institutions such as schools and colleges provide children with the knowledge they need in order to succeed.

Pupils are given the opportunity to learn and make friends under the pastoral care of a team of qualified educators.

Within the context of a child moving through the educational system, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the traditional approach to education.

But what if you are returning to education?

Whether you didn’t do so well the first time round or you want to learn something new, is returning to that traditional setting the best approach? Because it’s most certainly not the only option.

Distance learning and online learning colleges are far from a new concept. Moreover, they help tens of thousands of people gain qualifications each year.

Through providing courses written and supported by qualified experts, students from any background can gain qualifications.

So, what does online education offer that bricks and mortar institutions can’t?

A Second Chance

Whether you’re returning to education because you want to retrain or simply gain qualifications you missed the first-time round, online learning gives you that chance.

The range of courses on offer allows you to get the qualifications you need to take your career in the direction you want. Be that retraining or getting the foundational knowledge ahead of higher education.

Learndirect | Is Online Education as Good as Bricks and Mortar? | A Second ChanceBecause everything is online you don’t have to worry about being the oldest person in the class. You are a class of one. The only apple you need to bring is for you. You are in charge of your learning.

By the same token, many of the courses offered through online education are tailored for an older audience. The approach, wording and assignments speak to you at your level. Not to that of a 16-year-old.

Notably, Access to Higher Education Diplomas are intended specifically for anyone who wishes to go to university.

The universities collaborate on the course material, so you get the benefit of the most up-to-date knowledge. The universities, on the other hand, get students who are fully prepared for their degree.

Flexible Learning

Traditional learning imposes a great deal of structure on its students. It has to, considering the number of students it ushers through its doors each day.

Without timetables and term dates, running a school or a college would be nigh on impossible.

Crucially, it helps provide a time limit within which to deliver the course materials.

The problem for anyone wanting to return to education is that those timetables may be difficult to work around, especially if you have a job to do and a family to care for.

This can make attending classes incredibly difficult and requires lots of organising, favour begging and other upheavals.

Arguably, this is worth it if it gets you the qualification you need to progress your academic and professional goals.

However, it turns what should be a positive experience into potentially a very stressful one. Trying to balance work, family and everything else can be difficult. More so when you add in a course with prescribed dates to attend classes and hand in assignments.

Online education allows you to study at home. So, no classes and no elaborate juggling act of life and education. You can fit your studies around your existing commitments.

Learndirect | Is Online Education as Good as Bricks and Mortar? | Flexible LearningYou won’t be rushed off your feet and you don’t need to feel guilty that you’re ditching the kids with a childminder so you can attend class.

You can plan your studies around all the important things in your life, rather than forcing them to take a back seat.

Because all the course materials are online, you can also study at a pace that works for you. You can complete your course when you want to rather than keeping pace with a college’s timetable.

You’ll never need to worry about catching up because the course stops when you do. This is especially handy if workload increases or a situation at home demands more of your attention.

There are also no term dates either so you can start studying when you want, rather than waiting until September.

This is especially useful if you’re trying to achieve your required qualification in time to enrol on to a university course.

Choose Your Path

Depending on where you plan your studies to take you, online education offers a lot of choice.

Online educators can provide a wider range of courses than traditional, bricks and mortar institutions. Largely because they don’t have the associated costs of maintaining the bricks and the mortar.

This allows you to study whichever course or courses you feel will help get you where you need to go.

Learndirect | Is Online Education as Good as Bricks and Mortar? | Choose Your PathBecause online educators can offer A Levels as well as Access to Higher Education Diplomas, you also have more than one route into university. This allows you to choose the right approach for you.

Especially if you want to complete your studies in a specific area and/or inside of 12 months.

The other advantage of online courses is they often have the involvement of universities in terms of what it covers. Especially for the Access to Higher Education Diplomas.

This is to ensure that the material is as relevant as possible, and students are fully prepared for the step-up into higher education.

Of course, you’re not alone during your studies. When you enrol on your course you will be assigned a dedicated tutor. An expert in their field, they will mark your assignments and provide you with feedback.

They are also available to answer questions and provide support. So, if you really get stuck on something, they are there to help you.

With such a huge range of courses now available through distance learning providers, the opportunity to learn something new is huge.

Whether you want to learn a hobby, start a business or go to university, all you need to do is sign up and do the work.


Distance learning, as with any undertaking is only worth it if you see the value in the result. If the qualification you achieve could make a meaningful impact on your life then it is, quite simply, worth it.

learndirect offers a wide range of Access to Higher Education Diplomas in order to help you realise your ambitions.

Check out our diplomas or contact a member of our sales team today to learn more and enrol.

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