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Is it Worth it to become an Event Planner?

27th January 21

When we think of events, images of well-dressed beautiful people, incredible venues and exotic locations immediately spring to mind.

There is certainly ample glitz and glamour involved. Though much of what you see on the outside isn’t reflected behind the scenes. Instead, you’ll find a well-oiled machine of event organisers, juggling an endless list of tasks to deliver a seamless spectacle.

At the heart of this spectacle is the Event Planner. The person who conjures up the concept of the event and finds ways to turn it into reality. It’s a coveted role, since it’s often one people associate with after-parties, meeting VIPS and eccentric privileges.

While these perks do take place, the reality of being an Event Planner is harder than most people expect. It is a unique and exciting career, but it’s also incredibly demanding, challenging and fast-paced.

Event Planners must deal with clients and manage their expectations. Bringing their vision to life but keeping them in line with budgets and immovable deadlines. Making sure each party involved is happy, on the same page and logistically organised. Handling multiple elements at once, putting out fires when problems arise and creating calm amidst the chaos.

It’s no wonder it’s often considered a stressful career. But it’s also considered one of the most satisfying. Despite its challenges, it can be incredibly stimulating and rewarding.

Find out more about why it is worth it to become an Event Planner.

learndirect - Is it Worth it to become an Event Planner?

No two days are the same

Even if you plan the same type of event, each one is different. You’ll work with various clients wanting different themes, styles and suppliers. So, you’ll constantly be meeting new people and sourcing alternate services.

If you happen to work on planning a diverse range of events, then this varied experience is amplified. You could go from working at a corporate conference in a ski resort to a wedding on a tropical island. Covering all manner in-between from charity balls, fundraisers, sporting events and fashion shows.

What’s more is the pace of the work changes constantly too. It’ll start out slow as you meet with clients, brainstorm ideas and put plans in place. But things will get more intense as you get closer to the date. So, you’ll experience both periods of calm and intense adrenalin fuelled highs.   

Explore your creative side and collaborate with other talented creatives

There’s no end to the amazing and talented people you’ll meet, work with and learn from as an Event Planner. From lighting designers, chefs, set designers, web developers, graphic designers, fashion designers, artists, interior designers and performers. The list goes on.

You’ll be exposed to and learning new things all the time. Together you’ll come up with innovative ways to deliver on the brief that will wow the audience.

Your own creativity will be challenged too as you explore ways to effectively transform event spaces in line with themes. Often this can involve you researching and immersing yourself in various cultures. Perhaps even periods in history, pieces of literature, films, technology or artistic movements.

learndirect - How is it Worth it to become an Event Planner?

Experience ‘pinch me’ moments

While Event Planners are still in work mode during events, they don’t miss out on all the fun. There are many wonderful things you can experience as an Event Planner. Whether it’s overseas travel, sampling fine wines and food, crossing paths with celebrities or gaining access to exclusive venues. You’ll get the opportunity to experience things you’d likely never see otherwise in this role.

It might not always happen, but a lot of Event Planners get opportunities to stay on at locations afterwards. Indulging in a little travel and tourism, staying in beautiful hotels and in some cases being treated to luxury experiences.

Develop a unique bond with your work family

Event Planners are away from home for long hours and days at a time in the run up to events. This could be a lonely time but, in most cases, it encourages a stronger bond with your co-workers.

Most Event Planners become incredibly close with their team, as orchestrating successful events really is a group effort. Everyone pulls together to make it happen, despite all the challenges you might be faced with. Picking each other up and motivating each other onwards while having lots of fun with it along the way.

There aren’t many jobs where you strive towards the same goal and see it unfold before you in a live environment. Each of you will contribute in some way, connecting you as you pull off exceptional experiences for many to enjoy.

learndirect - create a bond with your work family

Career prospects

Businesses continue to recognise the value of professional events as they provide an effective way to directly reach clients. This is coupled with the rise in demand for wedding and other private event planners.

As a result, career opportunities for Event Planners remain positive. Currently, the events sector is worth £42.3 billion to the UK economy with over 25,000 businesses operating within it. It sustains around 570,000 full-time equivalent jobs and has ample progression opportunities available.

While entry-level Event Planners can expect to start on around £20,000, those with more experience can earn up to £43,000. You can work your way into senior positions like Special Events Manager, Corporate Event Planner or Fundraising Manager with experience. Perhaps making your way to a Senior Directors of Events who can take home over £100,000 each year.

It’s also a profession where you can set up your own operation with relative ease. Becoming your own boss and setting your own prices.


While there are many well-paid careers on offer, you’ll find most Event Planners aren’t in it solely for the money. They’re passionate about the theatre they create, planning everything to the smallest detail, meeting people and enjoying new experiences.

Passion is essential in event planning. If you think you have the drive and ambition for it, we can help you with the rest.

Whether you want to specialise in weddings, other events or both, you can get the skills you need online.

Getting qualified in event management will set you apart from the others applying for these sought-after roles. Putting you ahead of the pack and equipping you with much needed industry insight.

It will make your entry into the industry smoother and better prepare you for the inevitable challenges you’ll face.

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