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Does Distance Learning have Value?

8th January 21

Absolutely, distance learning is just as valuable as on-campus education and in some respects arguably more so. There are many reasons students see value in online education.

Aside from the fact that regulated qualifications provided on and offline are the same, its flexibility is the real appeal.

Traditional campus education is restrained by its rigid structure and expense. By operating online, distance learning providers aren’t bound by so many variables. They have more freedom to deliver a diverse and dynamic service. One that is in line with the needs of the student as opposed to the school.

Though the exact value of distance learning is ultimately determined by the student. You’re the only one who can say how well it meets your needs and helps you achieve your goals.

Read on for the main reasons students place value on distance learning.

learndirect - Does Distance Learning have Value?

You Learn in a Comfortable Environment

Everyone has different memories of their time at school. Some look back on it fondly as more enjoyable and less stressful years. Others perhaps didn’t relish the experience for one reason or another. Either way, there are challenges that are often associated with classroom learning.

It could be the fear of questioning a topic in front of classmates. Or the panic that ensues when you fall behind the pace of the class. These are all common reasons for avoiding learning alongside others.

Distance learning doesn’t require you to be physically present to receive your education. You could be anywhere in the world. So long as you have access to the internet, you’re good to go.

This lets you log in from wherever you feel most comfortable. If you feel you’ll be more productive at home, in the local library or your favourite coffee shop, that’s fine.

You needn’t worry about what people think or compare your progress to others on the course. It’s just you and the learning materials, plus your tutor should you need a hand with anything. By removing these anxieties, students can relax and stop focusing on their concerns. Instead giving their complete attention to the course and enjoying the learning experience.

learndirect - Learn in a comfortable environment with distance learning

There are More Courses to choose from

Traditional education institutions take a lot of manpower and resources to run. Not to mention the expense they incur for the cost of the large buildings they operate from.

These overheads all add up and must be covered by the money generated from the courses offered. So, if a course doesn’t get enough interest, it won’t be worthwhile.

This leaves students with fewer options. Which can result in them opting for a less than ideal course. Or abandoning their pursuit of education entirely if nothing suitable is available.

Distance learning providers don’t require teachers to deliver lessons or a physical premise to operate. As such, they incur less expense which is often reflected in lower course prices.

Once the course provider has bought a course and set it up for online use, there is little maintenance required. By not having steep overheads, online courses could have 1 or 1,000 students enrol. They don’t have to have a minimum number to cover expenses since they’ve already been paid.

As a result, you have far more to choose from in an online college. With courses catering to almost every niche, there’s no need for students to compromise on their education.

learndirect - More course variety through distance learning providers

You can Fit your Studies around your Life

One of the main reasons people refrain from going back into full-time education is the inability to attend set classes. For those with jobs or family responsibilities, it isn’t feasible to adhere to a typical school timetable. While evening classes are available, these too aren’t always convenient.

Distance learning completely removes this barrier as there is no set structure. Once you enrol, all the learning materials are immediately available in an online portal.

In the absence of classes or timetables, you have complete freedom to decide when you learn. Allowing you to put yours and your family’s needs first and fitting your education comfortably around them.

This has opened the floodgates to those who otherwise would have been unable to go back into education. Now everyone has the chance to continue learning whether it be for personal or professional gain. Leading to more people re-qualifying for new careers, upskilling to progress in their current profession and exploring new hobbies.

learndirect - Easily juggle life and your studies

You can Reach your Goal Quicker

Another benefit reaped from the flexibility of distance learning is having the power to set your own end date.

In campus education your lessons would be spaced out. With the course materials drip-fed to you as you moved through the syllabus. This would dictate the rate of your progression and the completion time of the course.

With distance learning, all of these restrictions are removed. You have the freedom to move through the course materials as quickly as you like. Which often means students complete their course in far less time than is allowed.

So, you can reach your end goal much quicker. Securing that new job, promotion or place in university sooner than you could if you’d gone back to school.

learndirect - distance learning makes it possible to qualify and reach your goal quicker

Consider if Distance Learning is right for you

There are a whole host of reasons why people see value in distance learning. But there are many reasons why others find campus education valuable too.

You might flourish in an active learning environment where you can bounce ideas of others and learn as a group. In this instance, you might be better suited to the classroom.

Otherwise, you may like the sound of taking the reigns on your education. Having a wider catalogue of courses and the ability to progress at your own pace. If so, then you should absolutely investigate the option of studying online.

There are so many courses available to help you work toward achieving your ambitions. Be it a skills course to help you at work or an Access to HE Diploma to progress to university.

Take the time to consider your options and you’ll find the distance learning course with the most value for you.

learndirect is a leading UK distance learning provider. With a helpful team on hand should you need to discuss your online learning ambitions.

Contact us today for assistance or click below to start browsing our extensive range of online courses.  

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