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Career Spotlight: Nursing Jobs in London

1st April 22

It’s safe to say the UK is an incredible place. From scenery to history, culture and opportunities, it really does have it all in abundance. This is why it’s no surprise the UK has been voted as one of the best countries to live in for a good quality of life.  

These benefits largely extend to work opportunities too, with the UK being home to some of the most valued and advanced business operations in the world. One such operation is the healthcare sector, and the UK’s is considered to be one of the finest there is.  

Nurses are crucial members of this healthcare team, and despite the UK’s healthcare system being top-rated, Nurses and other healthcare professionals are still very much in demand throughout the country.  

If you want to become a Nurse, you have more than likely investigated the job opportunities that await you. If you haven’t, you may be surprised to hear that nursing job packages tend to be the most desirable in London. 

Should you aspire to start a nursing career, but you’ve not settled on a location just yet, let us explain the many reasons why nursing in London is so popular.  

Why is London So Good for Nursing Jobs? 

We all know London is where it’s at for many things. From gigs to West End shows, Michelin Star restaurants to quirky and elusive speakeasy bars, the entertainment and dining scene is up there with the best.  

Should you like a slower pace of life, there are plenty of green and tranquil spaces to visit. If you’re more into culture, you can indulge this interest in one of the many art galleries and museums around the city. 

So, that’s the social aspect confirmed, but how exactly will working as a Nurse in London benefit your career?

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It Has the Latest Nursing Technology

Not only is London the capital city of the UK, but it’s also the hub of our business activity. The best of the best want to have offices or their headquarters in London, with Amazon and Facebook being some of the most recognisable names. 

As such, these powerhouses demand the very best in digital solutions, which means London is the place you will likely find the most cutting-edge technology. For this reason, the hospitals and healthcare facilities in London are typically home to the most advanced medical tech.  

The Great Ormond Street Hospital is a great example, with their new conceptual and physical unit DRIVE using artificial intelligence to elevate their service. As a direct health Nurse in London, you will no doubt get to grips with innovative digital Nursing solutions, before your peers in other UK locations.

You Will Learn From the Best 

With the biggest and best companies typically being located in London, the greatest minds are naturally drawn to it too. This is because, not only do London companies want the best people working for them, it’s also a place for the latest discoveries and novel ideas to gain traction.  

That’s why being a Nurse in London generally means you will get the opportunity to work with and learn from some of the best in the nursing and medical field.  

The Wages Are Higher

It’s well known that the many benefits of living in London come at a cost, and that is a substantially higher cost of living. However, before you do a U-turn on nursing jobs London, you will be pleased to know the salaries are much higher to more than compensate for these expenses.  

This is why you will see a significant difference between wages advertised on nursing jobs elsewhere, compared to the Nurse salary London jobs offer

There’s No Need to Drive 

If you’re still wondering why would one want to be a Nurse in London, another huge benefit is you don’t have to drive or pay for a car!  

The thought of rush hour and navigating the busy streets of London day-in-day-out isn’t appealing to anyone. Luckily, with the public transport system in London being one of the most efficient in the world, you won’t have to. 

So, no matter if you become one of the Harley Street Nurses London, or work as a Nurse in St George’s Hospital, you can get from A to B very quickly.  

Career Spotlight: Nursing Jobs in London (Become%20a%20Nurse%20in%20London.jpg)

You Have Plenty of Jobs to Choose From

It’s no secret that Nurses are one of the many healthcare professionals the UK private and public healthcare sector is crying out for. With this, there are almost Nurse career opportunities everywhere you look, with the most advertised in the capital city.  

At the time of writing, more than 7,000 Nursing jobs were advertised in London alone. 

Opportunities for Progression are in Abundance 

As with graduate Nursing jobs, there is an abundance of Nurse career progression opportunities in London too. Simply put, there are more healthcare facilities and medical clinics that require Nurses in this location. That coupled with the need for Nursing professionals means there are plenty of senior Nurse and specialist Nurse positions to fill.  

Working as a Nurse in London prepares you perfectly for more challenging Nurse roles. As the UK’s most densely populated area, you will deal with patients with all manner of health concerns from a myriad of backgrounds and walks of life.  

This wealth of experience, coupled with your ability to operate the latest technology and the fact you may have worked with some of the most revered nursing professionals in the industry, will do wonders for your application for senior nursing roles. 

How Much Do Nurses Earn in London?

If you want to know ‘How much do Nurses make in London exactly?’, prior to making your decision to become a Nurse in London, the NHS provides high cost supplements that help you see what you could earn on top of their set pay bands.  

As such, you can expect your nursing salary London to increase by: 

  • Inner London - 20% of basic salary – the minimum payment being £4,608 and the maximum payment being £7,097 
  • Outer London - 15% of basic salary – the minimum payment being £3,898 and the maximum payment being £4,967 
  • Fringe - 5% of basic salary - the minimum payment being £1,066 and the maximum payment being £1,845 

Private nursing jobs, London-based, will also pay you a premium, but these wages aren’t regulated like NHS Nurse jobs. To find out more about the Private Nurse salary, UK learners, browse the many jobs ads that are available.  

Career Spotlight: Nursing Jobs in London (London%20Nursing%20Careers.jpg)

How to Become a Nurse in London 

If you like the sound of these career perks, the next step is to figure out how to be a Nurse in London. Like all nursing careers, nursing jobs, London residents, require you to be degree level qualified before you can kick-start your career.  

As such, the qualifications needed to be a Nurse include a nursing degree that is approved by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). You can complete these nursing diplomas at universities throughout the UK. However, completing this nursing course London will help you adjust to life in the big city and make valuable industry connections.  

Where to Study Nursing in London 

There are a large number of nursing universities in London, some of which offer more nursing degrees than others and those in different learning capacities.  

Some of the best nursing universities in London include: 



The courses to become a Nurse that you decide on will depend on your preferences in terms of the type of Nurse you want to be, the qualifications you already hold and the location of the universities offering nursing in London.  

Career Spotlight: Nursing Jobs in London (Nursing%20Jobs%20in%20London.jpg)

How to Secure Nursing Jobs London 

Once you have completed your Nurse course, UK learners, you will need to secure employment as a Nurse in London. Naturally, searching job sites like indeed will be your first port of call, but there are other ways you can secure nursing positions. Whether you aspire to get into Mental Health Nurse jobs London, or otherwise.  

To help boost your chances of getting Nurse jobs London, you could: 

  • Apply for agency Nurse jobs – London-based nursing agencies are an excellent way to get your foot in the door by helping healthcare facilities out when they are short-staffed 
  • Complete nursing work experience – London healthcare facilities are often flat out busy, with waiting lists of patients to get through. This often means many facilities are keen to take on student Nurses in a supporting role, perhaps as a Nursing Associate, to help fully qualified Nurses manage the workload 
  • Undertake nursing apprenticeships – London-based universities also offer the option to complete your nursing degree in a hands-on apprenticeship, which provides a perfect opportunity to impress hiring managers where you complete your training 
  • Go to the nursing and midwifery job fair – London is one of the cities that host this type of job fair, which will have employers from all around the city looking to recruit the best graduate Nurses  

How to Meet University Entry Requirements 

If you don’t have the A Levels for an approved nursing degree, you need to find another way to tick the Level 3 qualification box for the entry requirements. Thankfully, the Access to Higher Education Nursing Diploma, UK learners is a direct equivalent of 3 A Levels. 

This means you don’t have to study two or more courses to meet the requirements, and you don’t have to learn in a classroom environment! So, if you’re juggling your course for Nurses around an existing job or childcare, you won’t have any issues. Just log onto your Access to Nursing online course when you have some free time to study.  

Studying these Access to Nursing courses online is the quickest way to get onto degree-level mental health nursing courses, or courses in adult, child or learning disability nursing.  

Find out more about this online diploma in nursing and how it can help you become a Nurse in London by speaking with our Course Executives now on 01202 006 464 or by contacting us online.  

Alternatively, click below to view our Access to Higher Education Diploma (Nursing) in more detail.

Career Spotlight: Nursing Jobs in London (Access%20to%20HE%20Nursing%20CTA%20Canva.jpg)

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