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How to Become a Gel Nail Technician

Do you have ambitions of working in the beauty industry? Would you like to master the art of nail application and design? If so, we can help you navigate your way through the learning and training process. Whether you want to become a mobile Nail Technician or work in a dedicated salon, there are various skills that you need to provide stellar services to customers. 

Many nail artists and beauticians choose to specialise in a specific application. So, if your desire is to become a Gel Nail Technician, you can achieve this goal through Nail Technician training that focuses on gel application.  

Continue reading to learn about the roles and responsibilities of a Nail Technician and how you can get prepared for your career by studying online Nail Technician courses. UK learners will enhance their knowledge and skillset, giving them a platform to become an employed or mobile Nail Technician. 


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What is a Nail Technician? 

A Nail Technician is a professional within the beauty industry, providing a range of services that involve grooming and caring for the fingernails and toenails of customers. There are a range of treatments that Nail Technicians offer, including: 

  • Manicures 
  • Pedicures 
  • Cuticle grooming 
  • Polish application 
  • Nail application 
  • Nail shaping 
  • Callus removal 

There are many techniques that a professional learns during their Nail Technician training, and if you want to thrive in this sector, then you should master them. From cleaning and trimming nails to moisturising hands and feet, there are an array of services that can be offered by nail professionals, either as a mobile Nail Technician or as part of a salon. 

Many customers seek the services of nail technicians for acrylic, gel, or silk wrap nails. Professionals are trained to apply these nails, and some learn how to create stunning and eye-catching designs. Nail art is a fantastic skill that can be developed with relevant Nail Technician training. 


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What You Need to Be a Nail Technician 

Many professions require you to have formal qualifications to work in the role, but that is not the case in this instance. You can become a salon-based Nail Technician or a mobile Nail Technician without formal qualifications, but you will require some form of Nail Technician training.  

According to the National Careers Service website, there are three ways to become a nail technician in the UK:

  • Take a college course in nail technology, nail treatments, or nail art
  • Take a Nail Services Technician Level 2 Intermediate Apprenticeship
  • Get a job as a trainee with a nail salon or beauty spa and learn on the job

Here at learndirect, we deliver a range of online nail courses, so you will have the freedom to study our gel nail courses at your own pace and in your own time.  

Below, we will identify specific courses that you can enrol on, but you can explore our range by accessing our Nail Faculty


Can You Study to Become a Gel Nail Technician? 

Whether you are already a qualified Nail Technician and want to specialise in gel nails, or you have zero experience and are starting your new career from scratch, then our Nail Technician Professional – Gel online course is ideal. It will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to progress your career in the beauty industry. 

As distance learning providers, we specialise in providing online courses that will get you as prepared as possible for your career path. If you are keen to perfect the art of applying gel nails, then you should know how they are applied and what they are formed of. 

Gel nails are similar to acrylic nails, but they are much more flexible in nature, and they closely resemble a natural nail. Just like acrylic nails, gel nails can be decorated and painted in various colours, designs, and shades. Most salons and mobile nail technicians will use UV light to apply gel nails. 

While studying our online gel nail courses, UK learners will gain a solid grasp of the process and techniques needed to apply gel nails. Once done, the gel nails will last around 3-4 weeks before maintenance and infills are needed to be done. This means that the nails will continue to look fresh and natural, as well as clean. 

As part of your gel Nail Technician training, you will explore a range of modules, including: 

  • Nail Enhancement Systems and Health and Safety 
  • Becoming a Nail Technician 
  • Anatomy and Physiology 
  • Nail Disorders and Shapes 
  • Manicure 
  • Starting on Tips 
  • Application of Gel 
  • Gel Infills and Maintenance 
  • Troubleshooting with Gel 

There are no exams required to achieve your nail tech course certificate of achievement, all you have to do is complete a series of question papers based on the modules you study. Once you have gained your gel nail tech certificate, you can work towards gaining the practical experience required to secure the insurance you need to operate. This could be through a training scheme in a nail salon or by studying more advanced nail courses that meet the insurance requirment

How Long Does it Take to Train as a Nail Technician? 

The time it takes to complete Nail Technician training is dependent on the course that you study. Our online Nail Technician courses, UK learners, can take as long or as little as you please as it is dependent on the pace in which you work. 

Do Nail Techs Make Good Money? 

The salary of a Nail Technician differs depending on the salon you work for or the prices you set as a self-employed mobile Nail Technician. Generally, though, the average starting salary in the UK is around £15,500 per year, and once you have gained more experience, you could earn an annual salary of around £25,000 as a nail tech. 


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Other Nail Courses You Can Study 

If you want to specialise in gel application, then the Nail Technician Professional – Gel course is ideal. However, your options are not restricted when it comes to our learning distance courses. You may want to consider the below online Nail Technician courses, UK learners. 

Nail Technician Professional – Complete 

This Nail Technician course will give you a vast overview of the profession, getting you prepared for a role in this area of the beauty sector. From infills and manicures to nail shapes and applications, you will gain the knowledge you need to work professionally as a nail tech. This is our most popular nail tech course as it contains all the elements you require to study from home in order to become a fully qualified Nail Technician and to secure professional insurance with the Associated Beauty Therapists (ABT) to practise professionally either from home, as a mobile service, or in a nail bar or salon.

Nail Art and Design 

If you want to channel your creativity into a Nail Technician role, then learn how to create beautiful and stylish looks with a Nail Art and Design course. During your studies, you will learn how to place a design on to an uncured gel colour coating. Once you have completed the course, you will be confident in creating intricate and detailed designs. 

Manicure and Pedicure 

A manicure is treatment and grooming focused on fingernails, while a pedicure tailors to the feet. If you want to specialise in both of these areas, then this Nail Technician course is ideal. You will delve into both practices, giving you the knowledge you need to perform them professionally. 


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Start Learning Today! 

If you are keen to work professionally as a Nail Technician in a salon or you want to create your own business and work as a mobile Nail Technician, then getting relevant training will help you achieve your goal. Here at learndirect, we are the UK’s leading online learning provider, helping individuals gain the knowledge they need to transform their careers. 

If you are interested in working as a Nail Technician in the beauty industry, then check out our range of online Nail Technician courses. UK learners can find out more information about our training options by calling one of our Course Executives on 01202 006 464. Alternatively, you can reach out by contacting us online. Don’t waste another minute, take control of your career today!

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