Technical help

How can I check my computer is set up to run eCourses?

You can do this by using Update My PC. If there’s anything that needs updating, it’ll do it for you with just a few clicks! It takes a few minutes to run and then up to 15 minutes to update your computer.

Can I access my courses on my smartphone or mobile device like an iPad?

No. Our languages courses won’t load properly on a Mac, smartphone or an iPad. Please access your courses on a PC.

Standard Hardware Requirements

The “standard” hardware requirements are shown below. Please check the course description for any product-specific requirements.

Computer: Pentium-class PC or equivalent
Operating System: Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
Internet Browsers:
MS Internet Explorer 9 / IE10 (desktop)
Firefox: (not supported on all courses)
Chrome: (not supported on all courses)
Browser Settings: JavaScript Enabled
Monitor: 1024×768 resolution
Colours: 16-bit (65536) colours
RAM: 1GB memory
Hard Disk Drive: 2GB free space
Processor Speed: 2.5GHz
Video Card: 64MB of RAM and a 16 bit or greater sound card
Connection Speed: 256kbps+ per user

Currently our eCourses are designed for access via a PC and cannot be guaranteed to function properly on a Mac or tablet device. Please access your course on a PC.

How do I check the technical specification of a course?

To check that your PC is right for one of our eCourses, just select the course you’re interested in from the catalogue and choose to view “technical requirements” or “try before you buy” (which is available for a selection of courses).

“Technical requirements” lets you know about the hardware and software you need to run the eCourse. This includes any plug-ins you might need – like Flash or Quicktime.

If you’re still feeling a bit unsure about the technical requirements, feel free to contact us where we’ll be happy to help.

What plug-in will I need and how can I get it?

You may find that to run your eCourse you’ll need to download a plug-in. This will be mentioned in the “technical requirements” of your course. If your course requires a specific plug-in be installed on your PC then you can download it by clicking on the link that applies to your course below. Then just follow the onscreen instructions*.

*When downloading the plug-in you may be automatically asked to install the Google toolbar. If you don’t want the Google toolbar, just un-tick this option.

How do I clear Internet Explorer cache?

To do this select ‘tools’ from the Internet Explorer toolbar menu. Then, from the dropdown menu, click on ‘Delete Browsing History’. This will open up a new window.

For IE8, make sure there is a tick in the boxes for ‘Temporary Internet files’ and ‘Cookies’ and then click on ‘Delete’.

To close select ‘ok’.

How do I enable JavaScript?

Select ‘Tools’ from the toolbar menu.
Click on ‘Internet Options’.
From the ‘Security’ tab click ‘Custom Level’.
Scroll down to the section called ‘Scripting’ and enable ‘Active scripting’.
Click ‘OK’ and select ‘Yes’ to confirm that you want to change these settings.
Click ‘OK’ in order to close the remaining window.
Close Internet Explorer and open it up again.

Pop up blocker. What can I do?

Pop-up blockers need to be disabled for the courses to run correctly.

Before you launch your course, check here to see if you have a pop-up blocker installed. Click on ‘Start Tests’ & then work through the screens.

If your pop-up blocker is configured to block the site you’ll need to click on the bar that notifies you a pop up has been blocked and select ‘always allow pop-ups from the site’. Alternatively, if you are not using Internet Explorer, please select one of the other suggestions for unblocking pop-ups.

Or, you can check to see if you have a pop-up blocker installed by using the ‘try before you buy’ option from a few courses in the catalogue.

General Technical Questions

Will my course remember where I left off when I return to it?
All of the courses have a progress indicator, which will tell you which modules you have started, not yet started and completed. It is good practise to regularly ‘clear your internet explorer cache’ to support this function.

Why can’t I launch download files within my course?
Firewalls protect your computer against malicious attacks over the internet such as viruses and also help to prevent unauthorised access to your computer or network. However, a firewall might prevent you from accessing some of our courses. If you’re having problems with accessing a course you might want to disable your firewall for a short while, or check with an IT support department if you’re at work.

Will my firewall affect course access?
Firewalls protect your computer against malicious attacks over the internet such as ‘Virus’ and help prevent unauthorised access to your computer and network. It may be that you have a software firewall installed on your computer, or in a larger organisation all traffic may pass through a centralised firewall. Either way, a firewall may prevent some courses, or content from being accessible and if you have problems with accessing content then ensure that your firewall is not rejecting content. Your system administrator or IT support department may be able to help you.

Why doesn’t the audio work on my course?
If you’re having problems with your audio, double check that your speakers and headphones are definitely connected to the right sockets in your PC.