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Supply chain fee policy

Supply chain fee policy

To ensure a wide geographic footprint and to meet particular local needs learndirect sub-contracts some of its provision. The contracting of the supply chain takes place on an annual basis with delivery performance, quality and audit robustness assessed continuously throughout the year.

The specific details of the services provided by each party are agreed at the start of each contract year. This depends on the individual supplier’s needs, specialism and capabilities and the type of learndirect provision to be delivered. Fees are calculated taking into consideration both the specific services the supplier provides and those services provided by learndirect centrally. The payment terms, rates and payment triggers are set out in detail in each contract. Payment terms are 30 days following production of a self-billing invoice.

Suppliers provide online and blended learndirect learning in centres across England. They provide learner engagement, face to face support and testing for learners.

Central services:

  • Suppliers have access to centre branding, customisable marketing materials and national/regional marketing campaigns
  • The learning materials include access to online diagnostic courses to assess a learner’s current attainment level together with learndirect online course material for the learner tailored to the learner’s needs. The course material is regularly refreshed and provides state of the art learning combining exercises and videos to guide the learner through their studies including mini online tests at the completion of each section to test knowledge gained
  • learndirect online learning is delivered on a robust learning platform which includes learner tracking and tutor monitoring function, together with the capture of all ILR data required for funding
  • All learners are provided with induction/welcome information and receive additional support through a Learner Services Helpline operated centrally
  • Suppliers have access to learner data and a full suite of MI reports refreshed weekly
  • Online learner satisfaction surveys are run continuously and suppliers receive monthly analysed reports to support improvements.
  • Suppliers receive regular weekly information updates and regular training on all aspects of delivery including new curriculum developments and policy changes.
  • Suppliers have access to a portal of information to help, support and manage learners.

These services account for c15-20 per cent of funding.

learndirect quality delivery is underpinned by a full performance management function, ensuring all learners have a high quality experience and all government funds are assured. This is delivered through the following central services:

  • Supply chain management
  • Allocation and performance monitoring of funding allocations
  • Support for and aggregation of quality self-assessment and development plans
  • Moderation of teaching and learning observations
  • An internal assurance programme for funding and quality

These performance management functions account for c15-20 per cent of funding.

All these services are available for other ESFA-funded delivery such as Apprenticeships. In many cases sub-contractors deliver these qualifications using their own approach and their own brand. In these instances learndirect undertakes the in-depth performance management function, outlined in part 2 above, which accounts for c15-20 per cent of funding.

This policy will be communicated to current subcontractors via the Provider Portal and a website link. All potential subcontractors will be made aware of the policy as part of the Procurement and Due Diligence process

This policy is subject to annual review and is available on our website. It is referenced within our contracts with each service provider for the contract year ending July 2018.

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