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learndirect Fraud Statement

learndirect Fraud Statement

Fraud Statement 

 ‘At learndirect we are committed to conducting our business with the highest standards of honesty and integrity in a responsible and transparent way.  This means we will not tolerate fraud or any other behaviour that results in either misreporting the service we have delivered or the performance we have achieved or claiming or receiving funds to which we are not entitled.  If ever we discover an inaccuracy or error in reporting or in claiming funding we will notify the funding body of the error and immediately repay any monies to which we are not entitled.

We foster a culture of openness and accountability as key to prevention, working hand in hand with our policies and procedures which are shared with all employees and supply chain partners.  However, we recognise that no system of internal control can be foolproof. We know things can go wrong from time to time in organisations, and when this happens, we act swiftly and decisively.

This is what we have in place:

  • A comprehensive framework of anti-fraud policies and procedures to prevent, detect and investigate suspicions of fraud across our business, including our supply chain partners.
  • A whistleblowing policy to provide/encourage learners, employees and supply chain partners with routes to raise a concern without fear of reprisal
  • An independently hosted hotline for employees and supply chain partners
  • A dedicated independent investigations team

This is what we do:

  • Take all allegations of fraud or irregularity seriously taking appropriate action
  • Investigate all allegations of fraud and irregularity in accordance with defined processes and legislation
  • Take appropriate action, including disciplinary action and/or dismissal for our own staff, contract termination and referral to police and other agencies  e.g. SFA, Home office or Awarding bodies
  • Work closely with our supply chain partners and other contracting bodies to promote a culture of openness for the identification of malpractice including fraud

This is what we encourage:

  • A culture of openness and accountability, without fear of reprisal or subsequent discrimination, victimisation or detriment
  • Our staff to let us know straight away when they observe something which looks suspicious
  • Our staff and suppliers and their staff to act with honesty and integrity, and co-operate when we need to investigate allegations of fraud

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