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Study Free Life Skills Courses Online

For social and career progression, we all need to develop a range of life skills. Having a solid grasp of English and Maths will help you tackle challenges in your professional life as well as your day-to-day routines.

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With the help of learndirect, you can gain free life skills by studying our free English course and our free Maths course, both of which are delivered online.

From the comfort of your own home, you can learn essential techniques that will help you carve out the career you want as well as tackle the various challenges that life brings.


How Can You Benefit from Our Free Online Courses?

As the UK’s leading online learning provider, learndirect has helped more than 4 million individuals gain qualifications that have guided them towards their professional potential. You can add yourself to this growing list of achievers by enrolling on our free English and free Maths courses.

If you want to expand your skillset and boost your confidence in using these essential skills, then our free online courses are the ideal first step. Even if you have a busy lifestyle and commitments, such as childcare, you can still take advantage of our free English and free Maths courses. This is because we offer the following:

  • Online learning – Our free English and free Maths courses are taught online, so you just need access to a stable internet connection and a computer or laptop to make your way through the online lessons
  • No traditional restrictions – Classrooms and term times have restrictions, ones that you won’t have to deal with when you study our free English course and free Maths course. Instead, you can choose when and where you learn! Everything can be done at your own pace
  • Industry-leading platform – Our student portal comes equipped with every online lesson and all the course materials you need to complete our free online courses
  • 100% free – The best thing of all is that you don’t have to pay for these courses! Simply enrol and start enjoying your free education!

Study Free Life Skills Courses Online

What’s Included in the Courses?

Below, we have outlined the units that make up our free online courses:

Free English Course

  • Introduction to Level 1 English Fundamentals
  • Level 1 Reading Fundamentals
  • Level 1 Writing Fundamentals
  • Level 1 Speaking, Listening and Communicating Fundamentals

Free Maths Course

  • Introduction to Level 1 Maths Fundamentals
  • Level 1 Number Fundamentals
  • Level 1 Measure, Shape and Space Fundamentals
  • Level 1 Handling Data Fundamentals

Key Features:

  • Written by industry professionals – You can trust the course content of our free English and free Maths courses as they have been written by experienced industry experts
  • Online lessons – The lessons you study in each course will be delivered online, giving you optimum convenience and flexibility

Life Skills English and Maths Online Courses learndirect

Get Ready for Functional Skills

As well as provide you with essential life skills, our free English course and free Maths course will provide a stepping stone towards Functional Skills Level 2 qualifications. In fact, our free online courses will get you ready for Functional Skills English Level 2 and Functional Skills Maths Level 2.

These qualifications are regarded as equivalents to GCSEs, which means that you can use these qualifications to embark on the following paths: 

  • University – Almost every university will want applicants to have Level 2 qualifications in English and Maths. Functional Skills are accepted by many establishments, but make sure you check beforehand
  • Employment – Having a good standard of English and Maths is crucial for most employers, and if you have Functional Skills qualifications, you have a better chance of securing the job over individuals without these qualifications

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There’s nothing holding you back now that you know these online courses are entirely free! Take full advantage of our free English online course and free Maths online course by enrolling today. Get started by speaking to one of our Course Executives on 01202 025 431. or contact us online. Alternatively, click below to learn more about our course options.

Life Skills Free online courses learndirect

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