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Why is Distance Learning Better Than a Regular Course?

27th May 20

Many of us considering a return to education can be uncomfortable at the thought of going into a classroom environment again. Meaning the thought of education is put far to the back of our minds, however, learning doesn’t always require a classroom.

You may worry that it is too late to start studying or that your lifestyle and commitments will be impacted.

Traditional education works but is rigid. You are expected to conform to their timetable and their way of teaching.

Depending on your personal circumstances, that can be a real challenge. Distance learning doesn’t have any such restrictions. You can start your learning whenever you want.

With no homework, concrete lesson timings or the requirement to change any of your other commitments, distance learning can work for anyone.

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You can choose when and where

Distance learning enables you to complete your studies anywhere. Work from the comfort of your own home, a local coffee shop or even whilst you travel. Wherever is best for you.

Rather than having to dedicate time to go to a college or learning annexe, you can choose where and when you want to study. This flexibility allows you to work around any commitments and still obtain the same qualification as a traditional course.

A class timetable just can’t work for everyone. You may have children, a full-time job or other commitments that make traditional study impossible.

Moreover, the pace of evening courses can be tough, especially if you miss a class. The urge to give up can prove overwhelming while you’re trying to juggle so much.  

Choosing when you can study will reduce the pressure and you can complete your course when it is convenient for you.  

Regular courses involve attending a class, meaning you may find a course that you want to study but it is not available near you.

Distance learning offers a wide scope of courses and you can complete them without having to travel anywhere.

With flexibility being a key benefit of distance learning, it can encourage people to take a course at any stage in their life and regardless of their background. It’s never too late to start studying!

Learndirect | Why is distance learning better than a regular course | Learn at Your Own Pace

Learn at your own pace

Everyone learns at different speeds and some of us can struggle to keep up with the work in a classroom setting. In addition, we each use different techniques when trying to learn something, whether it be through memory, shadowing or your own unique method. Distance learning puts you at ease and allows you to decide and implement your preferred technique.

Completing a course at your discretion means that you can be confident in what you are learning, without worrying about others.

Quite often, people don’t want to ask questions for fear of embarrassment or what others may think about them. Throughout your distance learning course, you will have ongoing support and be able to ask any questions that arise.

Personal tutor support

It can sometimes be difficult with regular courses to receive one-to-one assistance, as the tutor must divide their attention.

Distance learning does not mean solo learning, so you don’t have to complete a course alone.

You will be allocated your own personal tutor who is an expert in your chosen area of study. Your personal tutor will offer support to fulfil your learning needs and be able to answer any of your questions. This personal approach enables your tutor to provide feedback and help your learning journey progress.

Costing options

The assumption that all online courses are expensive is false as some may not even cost a penny. In some cases, courses can be free and accessed through distance learning.

Here at learndirect, we offer several complimentary courses including, English, Maths, Life Skills and Employability Skills. These will support you in gaining qualifications and expertise that you can apply to everyday situations.

Typically, online courses can be more cost-effective than going to a physical location to receive education. Unlike a college or learning facility, the price of your course will not need to factor in any additional costs for the maintenance and bills of a building. As a result, you pay purely for the course you are taking, often working out as a cheaper alternative.

There will be numerous methods to fund your distance learning course without the need to pay it all upfront. At learndirect, we offer flexible payment options to suit your circumstances and ensure that you can focus on your studies without worrying about the purse strings.

Are distance learning courses recognised?

Distance learning is just a route of education. You will be assessed in the same way as a traditional course and achieve the same qualification. So yes, distance learning courses are widely recognised and can help with starting or moving along your career path.

Virtual learning is becoming a popular way of studying and employers and universities recognise this. Providing you have your qualification; your next steps can be the same as if you attended a traditional learning institution.

What do I need for distance learning?

As mentioned previously, unlike regular courses, you don’t attend a formal class. Therefore, this route of education will require you to be self-motivated and organised when studying.

Distance learning can enhance numerous qualities in people, which you may not have even been aware of having beforehand.

Prior to completing a course, you may not have been able to manage your time efficiently or maybe you lacked confidence.

Balancing your studies with other commitments will strengthen your time management skills, improve organisation, and allow you to gain confidence in your area of study.

These are just a fraction of the skills that you can develop from studying a distance learning course.

What happens after you’ve completed your distance learning course?

You’ve got to the end of your course and received your qualification, but what happens next?

The next step is dependent on which career you would like to pursue. Assuming you want to pursue a career, after all there’s nothing wrong with just learning for the sake of it.

You may wish to go to university and continue your studies or implement your learning in a work environment.

Distance learning is available at many stages of education whether that be GCSEs, A-levels, or higher education.

For example, if you have completed the Higher Education Diploma (Nursing), you can take up nursing studies at university level.

The distance learning course can open you up to employment opportunities such as working for the NHS. Alternatively, if you would like to go on and achieve a master’s degree, you could become an advanced nurse practitioner.


Distance learning can work for anyone and is a great way to kick-start your career!

Here at learndirect, we offer a diverse selection of distance learning courses. If you are considering a course or would like to discuss your options, get in touch with a member of the team.

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