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Why are Online Courses so Popular?

20th January 21

Distance learning providers have been around long before the internet brought us online courses. People received their material through the post, allowing them to work through paper-based courses or follow along with a DVD.

As technology advanced the evolution of distance learning soon followed. Online education providers quickly adapted and designed courses to fit their new landscape. The information was laid out across various mediums to create interactive and engaging course materials.

Nowadays, even more developments have been made and regulations put in place to protect the learner. So you’re able to confidently enrol onto accredited courses knowing you’ll receive the same qualifications you would in physical colleges.

This allows thousands of people who would otherwise be unable to get back into education a chance to learn. No matter where you’re at in life or whatever your learning objectives are, an online course could help. Read on for the key reasons people are enrolling onto an online course.   

Learn from wherever suits you

LD | Why are Online Courses so Popular? | Learn whenever suits you

Enrolling in a physical college means you must attend classes to progress with your learning. Often that can be challenging and conflict with already existing schedules. Especially if the campus is particularly far then you’d have to allow even more time before and after class.

If you’re worried about getting back into education as an adult learner then classrooms might be a source of anxiety. Putting you off enrolling completely.

Enrolling with a distance learning provider removes this concern. So you’re able to learn wherever works best for you. Whether that’s your home, a café or the library, it doesn’t matter. You have the freedom to decide the right option.

Being able to study wherever you feel most comfortable means you can relax and enjoy your learning. By having a positive experience you’re more likely to do better in your course overall.  

Set your own pace

Physical colleges tend to follow a strict timetable. Often you’ll have to wait for the academic term to begin before progressing with your learning. As well as following along with the pace set by the teacher. Which may not be to your liking.

Enrolling onto an online course gives you the flexibility to learn as quickly, or as slowly, as you like. You don’t have to wait for students to grasp concepts you’re familiar with or feel awkward asking teachers to backtrack.

What’s more, you don’t have to wait for term-time to begin either. As soon as you enrol onto an online course you’ll be able to log in and begin learning. So you don’t waste any time reaching your goals.

Being so flexible, students often reach their goals much faster with online courses. For example, if you’re getting qualified to go to university. The sooner you meet the criteria by completing your course, the sooner you’re able to apply and enrol. If you miss the deadline then you’ll need to wait an extra year before applying, which is less than ideal.

More variety

LD | Why are Online Courses so Popular? | More Variety

There are many variables to factor in when designing a course for a physical college. They need to hire teachers, find a venue, maintain utilities and supply various textbooks. All these things cost a hefty sum which means if there isn’t enough interest in the course it won’t run.

Once online learning providers design a course it doesn’t cost nearly as much to maintain. This allows them to provide a wider variety of courses to potential students.

Whether that’s an IT skills or leadership and management course to enhance your performance in your current job role. Or a bookkeeping course so you can more effectively manage your own business. You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to finding a course online.

That being said, ensure that the course you enrol onto fits the criteria required. Some courses may only provide a certificate of achievement rather an accredited qualification. That isn’t a bad thing as you’re still getting the knowledge you requested but always double-check beforehand to be sure.

Tutor support

Sometimes people worry that without a teacher they won’t get the support they need. This isn’t the case. Reputable online learning providers have dedicated tutors available for their students.

Your online tutor will be an expert in their respected field. Providing constructive feedback on your assignments so you know exactly what your strengths and weaknesses are. Allowing you to adjust your learning to prepare for any future assignments or exams.

They’re also available to contact if you’re ever struggling to grasp a certain part of the topic you’re studying. So you won’t have to worry about getting stuck without any solution.

However, they won’t set you homework or make sure you stay on top of your workload. That’s down to you. If you have the determination to succeed and the motivation to keep moving forward then that shouldn’t be a problem. Although, if that is something you struggle with, you can read our tips for staying motivated.


Whatever you’re professional or personal ambitions for getting back into education are, learndirect can help you achieve them. learndirect is one of the UK’s leading online learning providers offering a range of courses. From GCSEs to A Levels, Access to HE Diplomas and more. 

All our courses have flexible payment options and expert tutor support to guide you. They’ll be just an email away if you ever need extra support.

To learn more on how to prepare for your online learning journey visit our blog here.

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