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Top 5 Short Courses to Study

18th November 21

When we think of education, it’s not uncommon to immediately turn our attention to the big-ticket courses that provide us with nationally recognised qualifications. Courses like this are pivotal in the transition into many careers and can really help us find our feet when it comes to the path we want to follow in life. 

That, however, does not take away from the value of short courses. Rather than spend years studying, short courses can help you gain new knowledge quickly and efficiently.  

This is ideal for anyone who is already within a career and wants to gain new skills for a promotion, meet their CPD requirements, or wrap their head around the latest industry regulations.  

Short courses are also a great way to boost your confidence if you want to test the waters in a new area of learning. What’s more, if you study online short courses, you can reap all these benefits from home! 

If you’re asking yourself ‘what are the best short courses to do?’, keep reading. We will run you through the best types of short courses online, offered by learndirect.  

1. Compliance Courses 

As the world around us becomes more digitalised, the need for improved data protection and cybersecurity systems is becoming increasingly prominent. Data breaches are unfortunately a common occurrence, so the need to operate online systems in line with best practices is essential to get people on board with digital services.  

By studying compliance short courses, you can learn the latest digital regulations that will keep online information protected. Not only keeping your clients happy but making sure your business is operating in line with the law. 

With learndirect you can study: 


2. Health and Safety Courses 

Every business, organisation and education institution needs to make sure the people operating within them or visiting them, remain safe and well. This is often something we take for granted, however, learning how to keep these places hazard-free can be a minefield in itself.  

No matter where you work, having the skills to keep it a safe space is incredibly important. Especially in light of the rapidly evolving business operations that see more people working remotely and in ways outside of the traditional norm.  

Health and safety short courses online will help you foresee and plan for the potential problems that could occur. So you can draw up safety measures that keep everyone safe from harm.  

Health and safety short courses offered with learndirect include: 

  • Asbestos Awareness 
  • COSHH 
  • Display Screen Equipment 
  • Electrical Safety 
  • First Aid 
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 
  • Stress at Work, and more 


Study a short course online


3. Equality and Diversity Courses 

As our world becomes more of a melting pot of people from all manner of fascinating cultures, religions and beliefs, the need for equality and diversity acceptance has never been more obvious.  

Everyone in society should be given the same opportunities and level of treatment, though many people still fail to give people equal opportunities. Unfortunately, this can lead to social isolation, exclusion and the feeling of being undervalued.  

This, in many cases, stems from a lack of understanding or unconscious bias, as opposed to malicious intent. You can better advocate for equal opportunities by studying equality and diversity short courses online with learndirect.

You can choose from: 

  • Equality and Diversity 
  • Unconscious Bias


4. Food Safety Courses 

Food is something we all love and enjoy, but if improperly handled, it can cause illness and even death in severe cases. Even if you don’t work around food, learning how to properly handle, store and prepare it can help keep you and others safe and well.  

You can learn more about food safety and hygiene practices by studying food safety short courses online with learndirect

You can study: 


Online short courses


5. Hospitality Courses 

As one of the largest employers in the UK, it’s no wonder there are numerous hospitality short courses you can study online. The hospitality industry is vast and exciting, you could work in anything from events to fast food, work as a waiter or in a guest house or hotel.  

The main thing you need to remember is service is key. You want people to come away with a great memory of the experience they had so they will tell people they know to spend their money with you.  

If you’re a hospitality professional, or you want to break into this illustrious industry, you can study online short courses, UK, specifically for hospitality skills.  

learndirect offer courses in:  

Study Short Courses with learndirect 

If you want to gain new skills quickly, or you have to learn cutting-edge processes by a certain deadline, short courses are a sure-fire way to help you reach your goal swiftly.  

learndirect offer a dynamic range of short courses in a plethora of subjects. No matter what you are looking to achieve, you will likely be able to work towards it with short courses online.  

Who knows, you may develop a new skillset that will help you secure a promotion or discover a new area you want to work in entirely.  

Also, when you become a student with learndirect, even on a short course, you will benefit from flexible payments and access to professional tutor support. So what are you waiting for? Enrol on one of our online short courses today and take your knowledge to the next level! 

Find out more by speaking with our Course Executives, you can discuss your interests and what you would like to learn and they can help you find the course to suit your needs.  

They are available to talk over the phone or via our website. Call them now on 01202 006 464, contact them online or click below to view our range of short courses in more detail.  


Top 5 short courses


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