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How Many Online Courses are Available?

25th November 20

Online courses are an alternative way to get qualified without rearranging your schedule. There are hundreds of online courses available that offer knowledge at various levels of depth.

Whether you want to learn more about a topic of interest or get qualifications to support a university application. It can all be done online. You can even enrol on university courses online too.

Online learning has come a long way from where it originated through constant technological advancements. They’re now able to offer a range of training programmes in a variety of subjects.

However, because there is so much out there it can be confusing deciding where and what to enrol on. Understanding what to look out for will ensure you choose a course that’s worth your time.

Whatever your academic or professional ambitions you can reach them through online courses.

Are Online Courses Any Good?

LD | How Many Online Courses are Available | are online courses any good?

Regulated online courses are held to the same standard as physical colleges. This is typically in regards to accredited courses such as A Levels, GCSEs or Access to HE Diplomas.

A Levels and GCSEs must be regulated by Ofqual no matter who provides them. Access to HE Diplomas are regulated by QAA. This ensures that the quality of the training is maintained regardless of who provides it.

So you can enrol on your online course confident in knowing you’re able to achieve the same results. It won’t make a difference to employers or universities how you achieved your qualification. Just so long as you have it.

If an online learning provider fails to mention those awarding bodies for supposedly accredited courses, chances are it’s a scam. Some courses may not be accredited at all, that’s ok if you’re receiving the knowledge you need.

Often teachers take Continuous Professional Development (CPD) courses, this doesn’t give you an accredited qualification. However, it develops their skillset, so they can better perform at their jobs.

Different Types of Online Courses

Just like bricks and mortar colleges, there are hundreds of courses available to suit almost all needs. In fact, there’s usually an even bigger range of options out there than what’s available at your local college.

This is because online courses are a lot less expensive to run. Once the course has been created it can pretty much be available indefinitely.

Physical colleges need to pay bills, teachers, and for textbooks so if there isn’t enough interest, the course isn’t worth running.

Online courses allow you to find niche courses that interest you from anywhere in the world. As long as you have a stable internet connection and a laptop, you’re good to go.

Online learning providers offer:

Which means you’re more than likely to find a course that suits your needs. So you can enrol and begin learning from the comfort of your own home.

If your course has exams such as A Levels or GCSEs then you can even complete them from home. You’ll need a webcam so the invigilator can see you throughout the exam. Alternatively, you can find the nearest exam centre to you and attend in person.  

Who Should Study Online Courses?

LD | How Many Online Courses are Available | who should study online courses?

Online courses are a great way to get back into education without impacting on your other commitments. So if you’re time-poor or your free time doesn’t match up with classes then online learning is a solid choice.

Online learning providers enable you to have the flexibility to engage with your studies whenever suits you best. Whether that’s weekends, in your lunch break or after the school-run it’s completely up to you.

You’re also able to set the pace and work through the modules as slowly, or quickly, as you’d like. Between this and studying from the comfort of your own home, you’re able to relax and enjoy your learning.

You don’t need to worry about completing homework, the teacher moving too fast or commuting to an evening class. Simply log in and begin learning whenever the time is right.

Keep in mind that if you’re taking GCSEs or A Levels you will have exams in May/June. So make sure you give yourself enough time to revise.

Despite online learning being a more independent learning experience, you’ll still be supported throughout. Reputable online learning providers will have dedicated tutors to guide your learning.

Usually, you’ll be able to contact your tutor by email so they can assist where needed. They’ll also mark your assignments and make sure you’re on the right track to reach the grade you’re aiming for.

Once You’re Qualified

Once you’ve completed your online course you’ll receive a certificate as proof you’re qualified. Even if your qualification isn’t regulated you’ll still receive a certificate to prove you’ve completed the course.

Often the course you’ve completed can lead you down many different paths. You could study further at university or beyond, seek employment or even start your own business.

Make sure you’ve researched what type of qualifications you need to achieve your goal before you enrol. That way you can be sure that you’re making the right decision. You wouldn’t want to complete your studies to find out it hasn’t helped you progress with your journey.  

So, check job role vacancies to see what kind of qualifications employers are looking for. Or contact universities to speak to their admission offices to make sure they accept the qualification you’re considering.

That way there’s no doubt once you’ve completed your course you can take the next step to reach your goals.


Whatever your goals for the future, an online course can help you realise those ambitions.

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