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Why Not Study A Spooky Course with learndirect this Halloween?

26th October 21

Halloween is the ideal time for anyone who loves to be spooked to celebrate all things that go bump in the night. Ghosts, ghouls and monsters are just some of the phenomena that are yet to be given credible existence by modern science, but that’s not to say there isn’t truth to their frightening tale. 

If your interest in all things mythical, mystical and supernatural extends past the Autumnal months, you can explore the origins of these urban myths through an online course with learndirect.  

No matter if you want to learn how to predict the future by reading cards, analyse your nightmares or explore the UFOs and Aliens that have been reported and recorded throughout history, we have a course to suit! 

Find out how you can indulge your spooky interests below, with our range of courses that are out of this (natural) world! 

Tarot and Cartomancy 

Why not learn how to foretell the future with playing cards? The practices of Tarot and Cartomancy both use a deck of cards as a means of predicting the future.  

Tarot cards for the most part focus on providing insight into relationships and the approaches the person having their cards read can take to overcome problems that arise. A person trained in Cartomancy, on the other hand, uses a regular deck of playing cards to provide the person having their cards read with more definitive answers about their future as a whole.  

With learndirect’s Tarot and Cartomancy course, you will learn about both systems of divination, the responsibilities of a reader and how to develop your own psychic intuition.   


tarot card reading


Dream Analysis 

Everyone dreams, however only some of us will remember the odd fragment of our dreams or nothing at all, whereas others will have vivid, lifelike dreams that stay with us, and sometimes haunt us long after we have re-awakened.  

Whether you have a good or bad dream or even recurring nightmares, people are often confused by what we see in our minds when we are asleep. By studying Dream Analysis with learndirect, you can dive into the human mind to better understand what these visions mean. 

Among many things, you will study why dreams are part of human existence, as well as how they are often mistaken for reality and examine the various theories regarding the psychological aspect of dreams. 


Imagine being able to foresee the length of someone’s life or the quality of it simply by looking at their hand. Palmistry is an ancient practice that examines the lines of the hand to not only determine these things, but also the characteristics and future of the person whose hand is being read.  

By studying Palmistry with learndirect, you will cover the various forms of palmistry including Chiromancy and Chirognomy. You will learn what the lines and mounts of the hand signify, as well as how to judge someone's character by assessing the shape and appearance of their hand. All of this will help the person better understand themselves, and make informed decisions about their lives.   

Psychic Counsellor 

A psychic counsellor looks at each client as a complete individual, which includes their individual experiences of reality. They also not only take into account their clients in their physical state, but all the dimensions of self they can exist within, therefore supporting them in their spiritual experiences as well as those that happen within this realm.  

If you want to learn how to support people in all states of consciousness, you can study a course with learndirect to equip you with the skills of a Psychic Counsellor.   

Rune Divination 

Runes have been in use as far back as Viking times when a runic alphabet was adopted as their way of writing from the 2nd century. However, they felt runes were more than just a way of writing, instead, they thought they were more of a sacred script with magical properties.  

Odin echoed this notion and shared with others how to use runes to practice magic. From this point, runes were used for divination, and for protection on armour and weapons so they would be victorious in battle.  

Since there have been many ways people have read the runes for divination. To find out more you can study a Rune Divination course with learndirect that will teach you all about the origins, houses and meanings of runes. As well as the responsibilities that come with your position as a rune counsellor.  


crystal ball reading



When you think of a Clairvoyant, you tend to think of a mystical person who is able to tell you your future without knowing anything about you previously. The thing that is wrong with this idea is Clairvoyancy isn’t just about predicting the future.  

Clairvoyants are also known to see the past, or even the world from a remote view, witnessing things as they unfold outside of the natural realms of perception. In many cases, people who witness Clairvoyants in action who have some belief in the practice tend to feel they have seen a miracle. 

You can explore the miraculous notion of extrasensory perception in learndirect’s Clairvoyancy course. During your studies, you will cover many insightful modules including the Mantic Arts, Phrenology and Numerology.  


If you’re obsessed with everything from horror movies to prophecies, UFOs, Vampires and Witches, this course in Parapsychology is for you. Parapsychology is the study of that which cannot be explained by natural law or modern science. Covering everything from the explanation of Orbs to The Moon Landing and the revival of the dead.  

So, if everything about the paranormal has you intrigued, you can indulge this interest by studying Parapsychology. This course will not only have you completely spellbound, but it will help you expand your knowledge of alternate realms. 

As a Level 2 Certificate, it is the most thorough course of the paranormal and psychic world offered by learndirect. In addition to exploring the previously mentioned topics, you will also cover Clairvoyancy, Palmistry and other subjects that are covered in the above courses.  


ghost hunting


Explore Your Interests  

No matter if you’re captivated by the paranormal or you want to discover your inner psychic, learndirect can help you explore these interests in an online course.  

Studying from home means your learning experience doesn’t have to affect your everyday life. So, if you have childcare or work commitments, you can comfortably study a spooky course with learndirect in your free time.  

Find out more about these courses by speaking with our Course Executives today, they can run through the modules of each in detail and help you get enrolled.  

Call them on 01202 006 464, contact them directly online.


Study Parapsychology with learndirect


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